Last Rites – Live Blog

I wrote my comments down while watching. The episode was about what I expected but it still stung.


I nearly killed myself laughing – Zelena is going to tell people not to worry, Hades has changed and is no longer a villain. Zelena! Erm when did she become trustworthy?

Wait when did Arthur get arrested? Those looked like handcuffs. I kinda don’t remember how that ended and what happened to him. It got forgotten with – Hook is a dark one. I’m confused.

Oh maybe Arthur’s arrest happened off screen. That makes sense but still they should show that kind of thing or at least explain it. I’m relatively good at remembering everything and forming a consistent timeline of events in my mind. The average viewer not so much. I used to watch this with mum and she quit as she got too confused.

How come kids have unfinished business? That’s kinda sad. I mean I get they didn’t get to grow up but kids should be innocent enough not to have regrets.

Wait when did Zelena fall for Hades so hard? I mean one minute she’s saying she can’t trust him, she’s not sure whether she can believe in their love and boom now she’s a sycophant. I don’t get it.

Oh yes! Robin finally confronting Regina about this ridiculous Zelena insta-redemption. Oh no Regina 🙁 she looks shocked and a bit offended at his words. Don’t be like that Robin is right.

The Rumple scene. I confess I had seen a lot of gifs of this and there was obviously one made up gif. “I have good news and bad news. Belles pregnant and I’m the father” “what’s the good news?” I thought that was real but the actual scene was epic anyway. I loved Rumple going “and why should I help you? It’s your fault.” because it so is and about time the so called heroes get called on their hypocrisy.

At least everyone now seems to be realising how unstable Emma is.

Wait so Zelena has given up all plans? She just wants a house with a picket fence, her kid and her man.

Oh eeek Rumple and Hades phone convo! I freaking love how badass Rumple is right now.

Wait? What? Zelena is owed another chance? But then I suppose as much as I love Regina she was the evil queen and did Zelena really do anything much worse than what Regina did in the past? I guess we have to be even handed about this redemption thing but I haven’t seen Zelena even apologise or do anything really to warrant redemption. Regina had season two and three as a journey back to the light.

Seriously Hook you hesitated? There was no reason to at the time, it didn’t seem like the book was in danger.

Why is Zelena suddenly adverse to fighting for what she wants?

Seriously Hades didn’t look behind him? They were just against the wall.

Ok why didn’t Regina try and blast Hades with magic or something. They just stood there but oh wow Robin, he saved her, he jumped in front of it. He died for her that is just wow. What a guy. That was heartbreaking.

Regina’s glare at Hades reminds me of when Cora fell and she looks up at Snow. “You did this.” – Evil Queen activated.

That shard is a terrible prop. It looks like the plastic mold it is.

Regina’s speech on love. That was actually very good. Now why can’t the writers read their own words and realise CaptainSwan doesn’t have that, not anymore at least, if they ever did. Their love is toxic, poisoning everything it touches just like Zelena and Hades. Love is Rumbelle, is Snowing and hell though I’ve never shipped it before I think I’ve come round to OutlawQueen.

Wait I thought Zeus was Hades ‘older brother’. Also did I blink and I miss it? How was Hook responsible for what happened? Regina and Robin confronted Hades, Hades used the crystal on Robin, Zelena then chose to kill Hades and not Regina. The interlude with Emma outside, and the pages, told Zelena nothing that she didn’t already think – that the ‘heroes’ wanted to kill Hades. Really if anything it made it less likely that Zelena would side with Regina. The fact that she did has everything to do with Regina and nothing to do with Emma. Nothing Hook did had any effect on the outcome.

Awww the funeral. They are putting arrows on his coffin 🙁 I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Ugh they named her Robin. There are no words as to how wrong that is. Even if we are to accept Zelena’s ‘redemption’. Some things can’t be undone and pretending like it was something it wasn’t. No for true redemption you need to own your crimes.

Ok and the prize for the biggest lie goes to – Snow! You know that is the second time she has come out with a whopper like that. First time was saying everyone chose to make the trip to the underworld (conveniently forgetting about blackmailing Rumple) and now this. “I know what you are thinking and it’s not your fault” – well who’s fault is it then? There is a direct causal link between Emma’s actions and Robin’s death. I know Emma is your daughter Snow but taking responsibility for her actions is something you should teach her to do, not shield her from!

I do love how they get the same actors back. Little John for example.

They are literally making out at Robin’s grave. There are again no words.

It’s ok everyone crisis averted. Rumple’s sheer awesomeness coming straight after took my mind off the travesty to human decency. No wait I’m still pissed. Hook did nothing to help and gets rewarded by being returned to life? One of my biggest complaints about the underworld arc was “why should Hook get special treatment?”

Everyone has lost someone. Why is Hook worthy of being brought back? Why not Daniel (you know Regina’s first love that she spent years trying to find a way to bring back), or Belle’s mum, or Charming’s mum, either of Snow’s parents, Neal for crying out loud – but “magic can do much but not that. Dead is dead.” – at least right up until it’s Hook.

I would have thought Neal’s act was far more helpful and heroic than Hook’s.

Seriously writers I get the real life reasons. You want to keep Hook on the show – then it was really not a good plan to kill him off! Seriously who thought that was a good plan?You want to keep Zelena on the show and not in jail hence the personality transplant, instant redemption nonsense. The actress who plays Belle needed maternity leave hence the sleeping curse. You wanted to write Robin out hence his heartbreaking pointless death. I understand why but there are other ways, it all could have been handled differently and so much better.


That’s the live blog done. You know it wasn’t the worst episode of the season by a long stretch. Rumple was epic, Robin was heartbreaking and said some sensible stuff.

Double bill finale next week. I’ve seen the promo pics 🙂 I’m trying not to get my hopes up but Regina and Rumple! On screen together! Not fighting! Please let them be teaming up. Now that would be a finale worth watching.