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7 and 17 for the fandom ask game, for your choice of Myka Bering, Helena Wells, or both!

7) Is there a piece of clothing you think Myka is particularly fond of/that you imagine them wearing a lot or like to draw them in?

I like their Warehouse 2 outfit (combats and t-shirt). It’s a good middle ground between more professional attire (often a t-shirt but tailored slacks) and the mission leather from episode 3 was it? The one with the guillotine. Anyway the combats and t-shirt look comfortable and are practical.

I suppose this is why I like it for them. But I do also think Myka would like it. I think she likes her more ‘traditional’ federal agent outfit as kind of armor? Like she puts it on and she’s at work. The more casual mission outfit doesn’t have that but then the Warehouse is more of a family/place to call home than just a job. I think it fits her personality. Like maybe a callback to some awkward teenage years kind of comfort. I think Myka has grown more comfortable with her femininity as she has got older but I think she still likes to be judged as a person, not on her looks. I don’t know if that makes sense?

17) What’s a book, movie, or show you think Myka would like?

Myka is obviously all about the books. I mean it’s pretty canon that she likes the classics but I also feel like she likes to read widely so she’ll hit up the bestseller lists etc.

That’s a pretty boring answer though. I don’t think she gets a lot of time to watch TV/movies because what time she has, she would usually choose to read a book. However she has to have at least one ‘guilty pleasure’ show. Given that she knew Pete’s redshirt reference and her age, and also the awkwardness I headcanon for her teenage years. I feel like Star Trek is something she wouldn’t admit to watching, but would find comfort in. Like before the warehouse, it was a world that imagined a future where being different was ok. So I guess in some ways why I like Trek 😛

7) Is there a piece of clothing you think Helena is particularly fond of/that you imagine them wearing a lot or like to draw them in?

I think Helena would appreciate a lot of ‘modern fashion’ because of how free it is in comparison to the 19th century. She wore trousers back then but not all the time. I feel like she would like to deliberately do the different thing now. Like wear a suit to a fancy party rather than a dress (you can see this if you look up Hustle photos btw, Jaime wore a tux once and a suit a couple of times). But obviously Helena is very comfortable with her feminine wiles and more than happy to make them work for her, so there tends to be a subtle sexuality to all her outfits it feels.

Anyway I think her favourite might be the painted on jeans, and loose cotton shirt, as she has worn variations of that quite a lot.

17) What’s a book, movie, or show you think Helena would like?

I feel like Helena isn’t much of a media fan. I just can’t see her sitting still long enough to really get into anything. She likes to do. Attention span is short unless she is hyper focused on an invention/case. I think she would definitely want to watch the big cultural heavy hitters – like Star Wars movies and the like. And I think she would be impressed by the special effects. I can see her wanting to have a go herself and maybe making a short 5 minute film or something. (Also maybe she would want to make a lightsaber, and Claudia is definitely not helping).

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Myka Bering, 1, 2, and 3 please!

1) Why do you like or dislike this character?

Well to start with the cliche I love her passion for books. I like how smart she is (and I often feel she should be allowed to show her smarts more often than she is).

Then… you see this is why I struggle with “headcanon vs canon” because it’s my read of the character – I am looking at what is there. So is canon merely what is stated unequivocally? Or can it also be what is implied? At what point does implied become interpretation and therefore potentially not true? I struggle to know where to draw that line.

There’s also the fact that basically I am circling around the word – relatable. How much is me projecting? How much is me seeing a flash of something familiar and then my brain twisting what is implied to be like “yeah I feel that”. But I would be remiss not to say that the way I interpret Myka as demi (I’m ace) and the awkwardness she has socially, doesn’t hit home with me a little bit.

There is more I am sure but I think I have rambled enough 🙂

2) Favorite canon thing about this character?

Her brains. I love how smart she is. A close second is her heart. She is just so genuine.

3) Least favorite canon thing about this character?

The way she calls “Peeeeete” it is just a bit too close to whiny for my ears. And yes I know that’s petty but I guess that’s how much I like Myka – there’s very little to complain about.

Well very little that is her fault. Some of the writing… there are many times that I think Myka should have got the win (but for non logical reasons it went to Pete) and let’s not mention the illogical mess that came in season 4/5.

I love how vehement Myka was that no way she would ever have slept with Pete.

So gay. (*cough* belongs with HG Wells). Not into guys. Just saying.

Like is this even subtext anymore? I don’t think so.

Monstrare, Monere (A Warehouse 13 fic)

Synopsis: Monster, deriving from Latin, meaning ‘to demonstrate’ or ‘to warn’. They reveal, make evident, often uncomfortably so and thus was the case with Helena George Wells.

Notes: Look I finally wrote a thing for fanfic fridays! *dance* not anything on the list but hey words are words right? 🙂

So after watching the season 2 finale I was driven to put pen to paper before starting season 3. I’m spoiler free so I have no idea how accurate this is, I just had to write it down. Anyway, enjoy! 🙂

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End Note: I may do another because Myka talking Helena down the way she did *slow whistle* I may have to ship them. Could that have screamed lovers anymore than it did? Made me look back and think “hmm is that one of Myka’s shirts HG is wearing?” Or “that smirk means something” but I digress. I really can’t wait to find out what happens next. The one thing I ‘do’ know is that HG returns as I googled screaming as I didn’t want to say goodbye. I love her.