I love how vehement Myka was that no way she would ever have slept with Pete.

So gay. (*cough* belongs with HG Wells). Not into guys. Just saying.

Like is this even subtext anymore? I don’t think so.

Monstrare, Monere (A Warehouse 13 fic)

Synopsis: Monster, deriving from Latin, meaning ‘to demonstrate’ or ‘to warn’. They reveal, make evident, often uncomfortably so and thus was the case with Helena George Wells.

Notes: Look I finally wrote a thing for fanfic fridays! *dance* not anything on the list but hey words are words right? 🙂

So after watching the season 2 finale I was driven to put pen to paper before starting season 3. I’m spoiler free so I have no idea how accurate this is, I just had to write it down. Anyway, enjoy! 🙂

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End Note: I may do another because Myka talking Helena down the way she did *slow whistle* I may have to ship them. Could that have screamed lovers anymore than it did? Made me look back and think “hmm is that one of Myka’s shirts HG is wearing?” Or “that smirk means something” but I digress. I really can’t wait to find out what happens next. The one thing I ‘do’ know is that HG returns as I googled screaming as I didn’t want to say goodbye. I love her.