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Fic author never have I ever – have you done “there was only one bed” yet?

Oh! We should go through the romance trope brackets lol. “Mistaken identity” my beloved. How about that one?


I don’t think I’ve done either!

“Only one bed” for Bering and Wells – I can see Myka being all gentle-womanly (for want of a better term) about it, offering it to Helena because that is what one does. And I can see Helena simply taking Myka up on the offer, all “thank you, so kind”, while Myka full-on goggles, because she was *not* prepared for that. I can see Helena doing so both because I think she can be a bit selfish at times (and maybe she’s really really tired and really wants to sleep in the bed), and also as a way to show Myka that this kind of communication isn’t universal, that when you offer something to someone, there *is* always that chance that the other person will take you up on your offer, so you better had made your offer sincerely, you know what I mean?

And then Helena gets ready for bed and shuffles to one side and is all like “bed’s big enough, come on in, I slept in the same bed with peol all the time when I was young” and Myka chokes on air again; yet another difference between them, and again Helena is probably doing that with some kind of agenda (and not just the “getting Myka into bed with her” agenda). Kind of “please don’t make a big deal of it but also please don’t forget that I’m not from here”, you know? Like, no matter how much Helena usually fits in, and maybe wants to fit in, she is also very different, has experiences that nobody else has, and sometimes you want to forget them and sometimes you want to cling to them, kind of style.

I don’t know if I could do “Mistaken Identity” justice. I am a very straightforward, what-you-see-is-what-you-get person, and I don’t write well things that are so far outside of my way of being, if that makes sense? Miscommunication, mistaken identity – I always want to clear that up ASAP, and drawing it out for the sake of the story… I’m not sure I could do that well. How would you go about it?

(Thank you for asking, and sorry for answering this late; it’s been a busy few days)

Oh I love this! Especially Helena’s “don’t offer if not sincere” thing. As an autistic who takes everything literally this is a big pet peeve of mine that there are these unspoken rules about what people ‘really mean’. Like just say it and then everyone knows.

Anyway, ahem.

For Mistaken Identity… oh man there are so many options but sticking very close to canon, off the top of my head say they went a bit longer than they did in Episode 1 before Myka knew Helena was HG?

Like they are hunting for HG Wells (who Myka thought was Charles until Artie called) and they find Helena getting into the secret compartment where the Impercepter Vest was. She said that she was sent to secure the artifact and they’d just been introduced to the whole concept of regents and they think she’s an agent. Which of course Helena rolls with and she can talk the talk (I mean she was an agent!)

So Helena is helping them with their search for HG Wells 🤣 and obviously talking to Myka, and showing off her brilliance a bit. And Myka likes her, thinks they work well together, wonders why she isn’t an agent agent at the Warehouse. Helena doesn’t lie but is specifically careful about the truth. Like “I used to work there but then my daughter died. I hope to work there again one day” (more in character phrasing than that but you get the idea).

I’m not too sure how this scenario could last more than a day or so at best, before Artie says HG Wells is a woman and Myka realises. But by then it’s too late. She has seen “Helena, fellow agent” and can’t just see her as “HG Wells, bronzed (presumed) bad guy”. Myka wonders what the truth is. How much of what Helena told her was a lie? How much was the truth? And Helena’s answer would probably be “rather more than I expected. You have a way of making me want to be honest” or something like that. Like Helena was more herself pretending to be a regent agent, than she was with her villain ‘mask’.

Now a scenario that’s a little more AU would be easier to play out over a longer time, and delve more deeply into the masks and yearning for acceptance and to be seen/loved for who they really are, which is what draws me so strongly to the trope. But going a little more AU means the sky is the limit and there’s too many options for me to conjure something without another kind of prompt to get my brain chewing.



i kno it’s 2016 but bering & wells was the greatest love story of all time and they never even kissed

on screen.***

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#*sighs*#I am still mystified how they aren’t actually canon#I mean they declared their love far more strongly than marriage vows with what happened like Yellowstone#perhaps they are canon the show just stopped filming before that point but then I’d have to admit season 5 existed and no hahaha#definitely the greatest damn love story of all time 110% agreed

You know what guys I’m going to waffle, I feel like waffling and I’m not even sorry.

Bering and Wells!

I just rewatched all their season 2 episodes as I’m still shook after the season 3 finale and haven’t summoned up enough courage to watch season 4 yet.

I just love them! Sorry, not sorry, because look at them ^^ come on just look and tell me they aren’t extremely shippable. I rewatched this very episode last night, Buried and ahhhhhh zomg it just made me want all the AU’s all of them!

Like not even just archaeologists Bering and Wells going around like that ^^ but but like bodyguard!AU’s where Myka is hired to guard CEO HG or timetravel!AU’s (can you imagine Myka at Warehouse 12?!?) or just go crazy with all the fanfic cliches like coffeeshop!AU with Myka as the waitress and HG who looks like a put-together businesswoman but is actually a chaotic mess. Arranged marriage!AU? HG is too intelligent, always running around doing things, so her dad decides she needs a husband to control her, enter soldier!Myka who did a Mulan to get into the army.

Or or fake dating! Myka is much too busy to date and panics when her parents come to town so she grabs her friend and colleague HG and says they are together, HG seamlessly picks up the lie which leads to all the awesome tropes and them realising that hey maybe we were dating all along because the line between friends and friendlier can get real blurry.

Accidental marriage! They could get real drunk, or run into an artifact which makes you kinda drunk and blackout (like the one on the show) and Pete/Claudia decide to pull a prank and mock up a marriage certificate expecting them to freak and they do! But just when Pete/Claudia are feeling bad about the lie and going to tell them it’s ok, not really married, Myka and HG accept it hehe.

I could do this all day, like seriously, I love them so damn much.

Anyway, this has been my waffle, sometimes I just feel like spilling some love into the void. Quite often it’s my love for The Librarians (which everyone in the world should watch it’s so damn amazing!!) but today you get my utter love for Bering and Wells.

#in which I ramble a lot about how much I freaking love them

Myka has such faith in HG “she left that locket as a clue”. Can I headcanon that when this is over Myka gives it back to her?

Ahhhhhh evil man made HG shoot at Myka!! That is cruel and unusual. Myka is the one person HG couldn’t hurt 🙁 “now there’s someone in the chair you care about maybe your memory will come back” – Skye’s has their number doesn’t he? Barely threatened Pete for a moment, he went straight for Myka.

“You are going to take a breath and you are going to save my life”

I started this post talking about Myka’s faith in HG and yeah that is some faith. HG is doubting herself but Myka isn’t, or at least not verbally. She is supporting HG, giving her the courage to go on.

“There is always an alternative to killing” – if this doesn’t hammer home how much the Warehouse changed HG nothing will.

“You’re not the bad guy ok. I believed in you and I was right so get off your, your cross and help me figure this out.”
“Old times, Wells and Bering, solving puzzles, saving the day.”
“Bering and Wells”


I’m screaming. The flirting. Their smiles and the banter and now I get the tag. The show gave it us. Oh yes I am proud #bering and wells. I ship it so hard!

*sniggers* they are tied together with rope, feels like one of those ‘ah they were ropemates’ moments hehe.


I was just smirking at how they were all ignoring HG and figuring she was about to save the day and *ugly sobbing* THIS IS NOT OK!

“You should be safe now”
“But you are out there.”

HG’s smile, it’s one of complete acceptance. She chose to sacrifice herself to save Myka. I’m dying here. This hurts too much!!! Myka’s expression, she’s devastated but she manages a grateful accepting smile of her own, to tell HG it’s ok before she closes her eyes while the warehouse burns.

OMG ewww what just happened to Mrs Frederick? Totally did not see that coming though I guess she was tied to the warehouse as the caretaker and she was kinda immortal with it? Certainly didn’t age.

But anyway back to the important bit my heart! Artie said “not yet” and looked at the watch so maybe it can turn back time? If they can save HG … still nothing will erase her sacrifice.

Can this shipper please have the cake and eat it too? That beautiful heartbreaking agonising moment and then the happy ending? Myka and HG belong together ok? I’ll accept nothing less!

(I am spoiler free btw and yes I know that this show was cancelled 4 years ago but I reserve the right to rant at the TV people anyway. My message to them is simple – “Don’t go breaking my heart”. Please let them say “I couldn’t if I tried”. Still I suppose I’ll always have what they have given us so far if nothing else .. and then there’s fanfic)




I am beyond appalled. Not just at what happened, the utter dismantlement of basically a persons soul (their memories, everything that makes them them), stripped away and stored for their own benefit. I am even more appalled that yet again Artie thinks it’s a good idea and that nobody verbally objected.

Can I headcanon that Myka was biting her tongue? That maybe her enthusiasm to get the coin was partly righting the wrong, in addition to protecting HG?


(Yes I might be watching while venting)

“It would be like burning down a library with a friend trapped inside”

OMG let’s unpack that. 1) Myka still thinks of HG as a friend, 2) she respects her and 3) “we don’t trade lives” – the friend thing again, if she truly felt HG was nothing more than a resource at best and an enemy at worst she wouldn’t argue. Instead Myka is willing to risk everything to save her.

“I will not destroy HG Wells”

“There is no discussion”

Ahhhhhhhhh – seriously my shipper heart. “You’ll be gone, you’ll be dead. The price is too high”

“How do you say goodbye to the one person who knows you better than anyone else?”
“I wish I knew”

Seriously I could quote this entire scene. I ship it! I ship it hard! Myka has tears and HG is willing to die to protect the world her bronzing-induced madness nearly made her destroy.

Can I headcanon that the reason the last thing HG wanted to see was the sky, was because if she was looking at Myka her resolve would slip? After all Myka is the only one who can talk her down/change her mind.

OMG poor HG /cries. She flinches when Sykes hands her the water because her last memories were of being a hologram and not able to touch anything – seriously back to the rant THE HUMANE OPTION REALLY??

I am so glad I saved this until after I had done my work because I am emotionally compromised. I have too many feels!

Monstrare, Monere (A Warehouse 13 fic)

Synopsis: Monster, deriving from Latin, meaning ‘to demonstrate’ or ‘to warn’. They reveal, make evident, often uncomfortably so and thus was the case with Helena George Wells.

Notes: Look I finally wrote a thing for fanfic fridays! *dance* not anything on the list but hey words are words right? 🙂

So after watching the season 2 finale I was driven to put pen to paper before starting season 3. I’m spoiler free so I have no idea how accurate this is, I just had to write it down. Anyway, enjoy! 🙂

AO3 Link


End Note: I may do another because Myka talking Helena down the way she did *slow whistle* I may have to ship them. Could that have screamed lovers anymore than it did? Made me look back and think “hmm is that one of Myka’s shirts HG is wearing?” Or “that smirk means something” but I digress. I really can’t wait to find out what happens next. The one thing I ‘do’ know is that HG returns as I googled screaming as I didn’t want to say goodbye. I love her.