It’s a day ending in Y and so I am having Helen Magnus and HG Wells feels.

Just looked at that scene in the episode Stand where HG sacrifices herself and the Warehouse blows up. Flashes me back to Old City Sanctuary blowing up and that agent dude going “hell of an exit” because yes our badass Victorian ladies out of time do that thing haha.

Oh man I love them.

Ahhhhhh I did not see that coming

I’ve been looking for an appropriate gif but I can’t find one. It’s a long the lines of “oh no you didn’t” and “I tip my hat to you, that was well played, you won this round” and a big dollop of “I wanna know WHY”

Anyway I’m sorry I’ll stop this pseudo-liveblog, I’m just *jaw drop* agog at how awesomely amazing HG Wells is.

Is it wrong that I love her even more now she’s confirmed she’s a grey maybe-villain/definitely on her own side/can’t exactly be trusted but damn she’s good kind of person?

I love characters who have their own agendas and do things that make me scream GAH NO even though we then have to go through the whole “I knew she couldn’t be trusted” “I can’t trust her” thing all over again.

Fascinating. Tell me more.

Oh Merlin she’s now dressed like Lara Croft.

I checked, this is what fashionable British archaeologists are wearing these days.”

No it’s what American filmmakers think they are wearing.”

Oh. It’s very comfy”

Did I mention that I love her? Because I love her.

With her “dead languages are a hobby” and how my heart breaks for her Cristina 🙁 brilliant, badass and beautiful.