the turkey swiss on rye incident

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this is like a book

This always makes me thing of Eliot and Hardison.

This should be Swanfired. Picture Neal as the sandwich thief. I can’t quite decide who he is thieving from but Emma should totally be HR who is highly amused by the whole thing. So Neal goes to see her thinking that he’s about to be fired, and Emma says that she never filed an official report or anything.

Either the owner of the sandwich also found it a bit funny, or Emma will tell them that he got a reprimand in his file so ‘justice was done’ and the matter is closed. Emma teases him about ‘no more sandwich stealing’ and somehow through flirting they agree to go on a date.

Dashing Knight by All Caps
AU!WishWorld Emma and Baelfire Song…

Born the daughter of noble birthright
She’s wrapped in pearls and dressed in white
Seventeen, soon to be married to her knight
Whose wrapped in armor and dressed to fight








Merry Christmas to me.




Who wants to write the one where Bae returns to the EF and falls in love with a princess and has no idea that her parents secretly captured his father the DO thirty years prior?

I really wanted an explanation for how Neal got back to the Enchanted Forest especially considering Rumple was apparently imprisoned the entire time so it couldn’t have been his doing.

Maybe he never left? There was no portal, he just ran away and did some deed that got him made a squire and eventually a knight?

The problem with that is the timeline. There’s a couple of hundred years between Rumple becoming the Dark One/stuff going down with Bae, and then Emma and present day people. So Bae would have had to chill somewhere else for a while – land of untold stories perhaps? I mean that would be a good place to run. Maybe rather than a bean, the blue fairy gave him a key?


I just want you to be happy, even if it isn’t with me.

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#the true meaning of love#wanting happiness for the person you love no matter what#that’s true love


Main reason why Neal was too precious to be killed off.

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Love isn’t selfish. The old cliche, if you love someone then let them go. Neal wanted what was best for Emma, not what was best for him.

I love this quote. It’s true love in a single sentence.

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I didn’t want to reblog again and spam up that gifset with talking about a WIP which is best case scenario still months away from being written. However, your “do it!” made me wonder if you had read my tags that I put on the gifset. Something like that is on my list.

It’s part of a Rumbelle fic, working title Rule Number Three (after the NCIS Gibbs rule – don’t believe what you are told, double check). Basically Belle prompts Rumple to check that Bae is in the land without magic, and discovers he’s in Neverland. He rescues him from there, and then obviously doesn’t need the dark curse anymore – so it never gets cast. Everything changes from then.

It’s incredibly angsty for Swanfire because Snow and Charming are very disapproving. Bae is the son of the dark one, for all that Rumple is supposedly reformed and the consort of the Queen of Avonlea. After twenty years ruling a kingdom, they want a more appropriate match for the daughter. It’s like no matter how much you try and avoid your fate, it still finds you. Henry is born, Regina helps raise him (after she is woken from the sleeping curse, she placed herself under, because she couldn’t get her revenge on Snow) etc.

I have the whole thing planned out, I just need to find time to write it. Although it is quite funny. I realized when I was looking through my Rumbelle WIP plans, that in every single fic Rumbelle share true loves kiss. In this fic, they aren’t the only ones, there’s possibly two other true loves kisses as well. I’m a sucker for happy endings.


Enchanted Forest AU: After returning from Neverland, Bae meets the princess in his secret hideaway that he has made in the forest to keep his father from finding him. Over the years, they fall in love in hidden, secret places and vow to find a way to be together without the cover of the trees and the night sky to shield them. 

#a fic that I would like to write one day#I actually have this in Rule Number Three#only it’s incredibly angsty for swanfire#Snow and Charming are very disapproving



I rewatched The Princess Diaries 2 tonight and it made me wonder something. Has anyone ever read a fic where there is an arranged marriage and a suitor but the people who were arranged fall in love instead?

I don’t know it just seemed like turning the trope on it’s head. Go into an arranged marriage for ‘reasons’ and think love is impossible, love supposedly comes along but then find out it was under nose entire time.

Oh and by fic I mean Rumbelle fic obviously. I don’t know what the setup would be or why it would happen but Rumple and Belle are arranged to marry, some guy comes along to sweep Belle off her feet (perhaps Will, maybe Gaston) and instead naturally Belle falls in love with Rumple, her intended.

Arranged marriage is a good idea for once.

It could bring the quote “It was an arranged marriage, I was doing you a favour.” Into a whole new context which is always fun with AU’s.

I like!

It was late when I wrote this last night. The essence of the prompt is “surprisingly arranged marriage turns to love” as opposed to “person in arranged marriage has a love affair with someone else.”

However, if we’re getting into specifics I think it might work even better with SwanFire.

King David and Queen Snow arrange a marriage for their daughter Princess Emma, to Lord Baelfire, adopted son of Princess Belle of Avonlea, courtesy of her consort Rumplestiltkins previous marriage. The marriage between Princess Belle and a spinner (a commoner) caused quite the scandal but a kiss of true love blessed the union.

Emma dreams of love and adventure, like her parents courtship but the future of the kingdom needs to be secured. Dowager Queen Cora, Snow’s stepmother is a sinister presence in the background. She contracts a young pirate Killian Jones aka Captain Hook, to romance Princess Emma, to breakup the arranged marriage and cause a scandal. The scandal would pave the way for Cora’s daughter Regina to one day take the crown.

However, the plot doesn’t go Cora’s way because Princess Emma does fall in love – with Baelfire and not Hook. There is a last minute attempt to force a scandal, thwarted by Regina, who reveals what her mother did and says she doesn’t want to be Queen, that her best friend Princess Emma should have the crown. Instead Regina finds love and happiness with Daniel/Robin (I love my happy endings) and yeah that’s it.


Anonymous requested a Swanfire Miss Congeniality AU.

Emma Ruth Nolan is an FBI agent, but her unconventional methods hold her back in the bureau. Emma’s personal life also leaves something to be desired- her dedication to the job doesn’t allow much time for friendships, dating, or an excessive amount of grooming. A bomb threat to the prestigious Miss Fairytale USA changes all that forcing Emma to go undercover as available contestant. With the help of stylist Mr Caine Gold Emma achieves the look the pageant officials demand. Her friend and colleague Neal worries about how the enforced glamour will affect Emma’s comfort and well-being, and nearly blows cover sneaking her grilled cheese sandwiches and donuts. Female friendships and tentative coworker romances develop as Emma and her team try to stop pageant founder Cora Mills from turning the crowning of the new Miss Fairytale USA into an explosion no one will forget.

Oh wow! This a freaking incredible idea!!! Somebody write this please because this has awesome written all over it.

Cora’s assistant “creepy Frank” would that be played by Hook?

Then there is the other pageant girls, presumably just a who’s who list of female characters so Ruby, Ariel, Snow, Ashley etc. Who would be Rhode Island/Sheryl? Snow I guess.

I know AU’s don’t and can’t fit in everyone but I’m sure we could find something for Regina and Belle maybe. Not sure what unless they are just in the pageant. Depends whether you put any twists on the movie plot, add subplots etc.

Eeeeek I love this idea! Somebody please write it, anyone?


Au where Emma and Neal are partners in crime and a couple. Emma’s the scary cop and Neal is the sarcastic one who brings out Emma’s soft side.

“Partners in crime” and “scary cop” sound mutually exclusive.

Unless of course, actually thinking about it now, I think I have heard that phrase used for Castle and Beckett, who work together to solve crimes, so don’t mind me.

I love this though! I’m reblogging it for ease of reference later because I’m going to use this in my Nightwalkers fic. I was wondering how best to bring in Swanfire and now I have it. I love Neal 🙂


I need these for reference too …

That Swanfire gifset earlier made me think about my upcoming WIP’s and whether I could bring in Swanfire as a side pairing. I have never really actively shipped anything but Rumbelle in Once Upon a Time. However, Neal and Emma just looked so right together in that set. It was kinda inspiring, I will have to think about it.