Say something good about Star Wars: Rebels

OMG do you want an essay? Ok I’ll try and be brief.

1) found family off the charts. They don’t even deny it to themselves. Ghost crew = family.

2) it’s supposed to be a ‘kids show’ but it makes me cry. I’ve seen it lots of times and it still hits hard enough every time. There’s so much emotion and so much depth.

3) the characters are all given their “time in the sun” so to speak. They have backstories, strengths and weaknesses. Everybody gets a hero moment. It’s not the Jedi and their helpers – everybody knows Hera is in charge! And this balance really brings life to the rebellion. It puts a face to it (which is probably why certain episodes hurt so badly).

4) the Ghost (their ship) is as much a character as the Falcon and I would argue even more so because we really see it as their home. The Ghost is my favourite Star Wars ship hands down. Watching it fly is just… I have feelings ok

5) I love how it ties in lots of lore. It never felt like bringing in Clone Wars characters overshadowed the regulars. It felt more like it really just all fit together. Like there could be no Star Wars universe without the Rebels crew playing their part. So we get to see Ahsoka, Rex, Maul, pre-Rogue One Leia, Lando etc. and it just works.

6) I really love what they did with the Inquisitors. Without Rebels there would have been no Jedi Fallen Order, or Obi-Wan show.

7) I don’t know I should shut up now but this show is my favourite piece of Star Wars media hands down. I have seen all the movies, all the TV shows and love most of them. For me this is the best. The characters are everything. I never tire of rewatching. I am as captivated each time as the first. There’s probably loads more I could say (this is just off the top of my head and doesn’t come close to doing this show justice).

Watch Rebels! Seriously you won’t regret it.

Me: Actually legit crying watching Rebels.

Ok then I guess I better watch another one until I feel better.

Leia appears on screen with all her sass and charm.

That will do it.

Thank merlin whomever wrote these episodes knew something lighter was necessary after Legacy.

When fleet ships get destroyed (and I know everyone onboard is dead) that always puts a lump in my throat. But hearing about how Ezra’s parents were so proud of him and then how they died like full on breath hitching, tears falling, one step from sobbing crying. I just had some big feelings ok. Too much in one episode.

“You need to steal my ships.” – perfect.

So a Rebels appreciation week has happened while I have been computer-less. I might have contributed if I had been allowed but alas.

I have now liked soooooo many posts ready to reblog as soon as I can get on the PC and tag. Incoming Rebels spam 🙂

It’s appropriate too as I have been doing a Rebels rewatch lately. I’m mid season two, so Ahsoka has turned up and gosh I love them all so much. Like I know it’s probably sacrilege or something but Ghost crew are my absolute Star Wars faves. Clone Wars era is close second, Original Trilogy third and then the Sequels (Finn, Poe, BB-8!).

I’m a little bitter that my Lego dark ages happened during Rebels run as I missed out on all the sets. The minifigs are extortionate to buy secondhand 🙁 I did at least manage to BrickLink enough pieces to build a Ghost under heavy repair (not everything colour matched).

I painted Chopper (and R2 and BB-8) when I did some painting for my birthday last month. I can’t remember if I shared that on here? It’s on my Instagram. I’ll check when I’m on a PC if I remember.

Ok how can I bombard Disney now that there is more Clone Wars that they really, really, really, really super need to make more Star Wars: Rebels?

I mean The Ghost had a cameo on Scarif and you just know that later on after the rivalry started that Han never let Hera hear the end of how he swooped in and helped Luke destroy the Death Star.

So they could totally do all the Rebel background stuff surrounding the OT.

OR we could get a kinda spinoff with Sabine and Ahsoka hunting down Ezra and Thrawn. I mean there’s still a big mystery there. Sure this would be less Hera which is sad but more Ahsoka which is good.

OR if they want to move things along then please tell me what happened with Spectre 7. Give us an older Hera working with General Leia and Jacen as the Ghost pilot who totally survived Kylo Ren’s tantrum but has turned away from the force (like his father did after Order 66). I didn’t get on with Star Wars: Resistance but that doesn’t mean they can’t try again with a different show surrounding the ST.

I just really super miss my Rebel crew :/

What if Jacen Syndulla was the third member of the trio?

Don’t get me wrong I love Poe Dameron. Seriously I don’t want to imagine Star Wars without him but I was up early, 7am sunday morning doing the ironing, and into my head popped “that’s one hell of a pilot!” and suddenly it hit me.

In my Rise of Skywalker review I said I wish that the movies would make good use of existing canon rather than just inventing new stuff all the time.

Now I’m not talking about changing the plot/story arc of any of the movies even though there are some things I don’t like. I’m just talking about tweaking little details. It would have been a huge screaming moment for fans of the expanded canon and it wouldn’t have been any different really for more casual fans of the movies.

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Just watched Star Wars: Rebels and half my ship got killed off 🙁 🙁 🙁 right after the three big words I love you

Although perhaps it was karma for that truly terrible haircut (I jest!)

Honestly I know anything between Episodes 3 and 4 is probably going to be sad because the rebellion was losing until the Battle of Yavin and A New Hope BUT still there’s only five episodes left of the show I was beginning to think it might work out.

BUT logic does say that given how alone Luke was supposed to be as a Jedi let’s just say Ezra is now on the endangered list.

/sigh I just hope the show can make the five episodes without bumping off Hera or Sabine or I really will cry.

Watching Star Wars: Rebels and I find it interesting that Vader refers to Anakin Skywalker like he’s a separate person. He didn’t say “my apprentice lives” he said “Anakin Skywalker’s old apprentice”.

That is some serious distancing going on. Pushing away any connections to who he used to be like they aren’t connections to him anymore.

I’m still not all that fond of Zeb but I would love him to bang Vader’s helmet like he does with the stormtroopers and have Sabine maybe go “Remember Snips?” Because Anakin did deeply care about Ahsoka once. Perhaps after he eventually managed to twist it so that she had ‘abandoned him’ just like everyone else but that doesn’t change the fact that she is one of the few people still living that he cared about.

I love Ahsoka. I feel like the season 2 premiere was a bit all over the place and didn’t carry on that well from the finale. I was expecting it to pick up immediately I guess with some introduction for the Ghost crew as to who Ahsoka was. I guess maybe the TV people are trying to leave it a mystery for those who don’t know for some kind of reveal later.

Watched the last of The Clone Wars so started on Star Wars: Rebels. It just cemented what I already knew which I love the world of Star Wars more than any particular character (though I adore several characters).

Thus far I’m not keen on Zeb or Ezra. Zeb in particular is annoying me.

I really like Hera though and I like the hints of the relationship with Kanan. The episode I just watched they described the two idiots as “the kids” which was funny. I think Sabine has potential but yeah Hera is my favourite by a mile. Chopper is a cool droid but then droids usually are cool.

Having C3PO, R2D2 and Bail Organa do a cameo in the second episode was pretty heavy handed in terms of trying to grant the new series (like a spin off I guess) some ‘legitimacy’ but as I like them I didn’t mind so much. Along with the line “this is not the Tie you are looking for” 🙂

Anyway I think Ezra is supposed to be the main character but this would hardly be the first time I wasn’t keen on a main character in a series but loved the show anyway (Alias comes to mind).

I wish I could pinpoint what makes the Star Wars universe so captivating but then I guess if I could explain it then I would be rich :p as an author I mean that’s like the holy grail hehe