6 days until Ahsoka. 6 days!!

I am now thinking about Jacen Syndulla. Why is his hair not green? I’ve a feeling I have made this post before but ehhh this is my ramble place and I can repeat myself if I want.

I mean he’s half Kanan and half Hera. So being human in features, with pointed ears as twi’leks have like a triangular bump for ears (so like the previously established half-human/half twi’lek children in clone wars), with Kanan’s blue eyes, and then green hair because that’s Hera’s colouring. I also thought maybe he had a slightly green pallor. A bit like how Spock is kinda human but has green Vulcan blood.

Anyway mix of both parents. But if they take away his green hair, he loses the feature that marked him the strongest as being half Hera’s.

They seemed to hint with “and we know what his father was like” that Jacen has the force. I want that for him (even while I am scared as we know what happened to Luke’s academy and Jacen isn’t seen in the sequels). But while kids can be mini-versions of one parent, and having a little Kanan around would be so bittersweet for Hera given Kanan’s loss, I don’t know I was just really partial to the green hair. I think with being brown hair it is just so normal, strips some of the half-alien away. Let Jacen be who he is, all his heritage.

I get that Ahsoka already has a non-human lead (yay!) and I also get that humans are easier (less make-up, special effects etc.) but it’s a diverse galaxy, not everything has to be so human.

6 days!!!

What if Jacen Syndulla was the third member of the trio?

Don’t get me wrong I love Poe Dameron. Seriously I don’t want to imagine Star Wars without him but I was up early, 7am sunday morning doing the ironing, and into my head popped “that’s one hell of a pilot!” and suddenly it hit me.

In my Rise of Skywalker review I said I wish that the movies would make good use of existing canon rather than just inventing new stuff all the time.

Now I’m not talking about changing the plot/story arc of any of the movies even though there are some things I don’t like. I’m just talking about tweaking little details. It would have been a huge screaming moment for fans of the expanded canon and it wouldn’t have been any different really for more casual fans of the movies.

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