Just listened to No Man’s Land again…


Oh man, oh man. The feels I get from it. So good that I only listen alone because I do the autistic flapping, and the ahhhhh whisper screams, and the punching the air and the grinning like a lunatic.

It is healing. It is a tonic. It is, hard to freaking breathe because OMG it exists. Like I listened to that with my own two ears.

Not gonna lie I want to illustrate the hell out of it. I don’t have the spoons but maybe one day it will make for some good comics practice. The hard part will be not doing the whole thing 😍

Just perfection.


purlturtle said:  Sounds like i need to seek that out!

galactic-pirates said:  @purlturtle it is so shippy! The first time I listened to it my eyes were on stalks. Hell they kinda are now because how can something canon be that shippy? But beyond that. The background it gives the Fenris Rangers is amazing. The Ranger mission providing the plot is cool. I really would watch 10 seasons and a movie about the Rangers saving the galaxy one lost soul at a time. There is just so much heart, and the musing on life and loss. Immortality and love. It all intertwines beautifully. 

purlturtle said:  @galactic-pirates Wow! Now I *will* seek it out! 

I may have to make a Saffi playlist 🤔

I am so deep in my feels today. Are they cliche choices? Probably. Do I have epic feels anyway? Yes, yes I do.

The oneshot for Seven is now first in a connected series 🙄 calling the series “scars of acceptance, finally enough” rather than just the fic.

Current title for the oneshot is “somewhere to belong” but that could change by dinner time which is when I was thinking of posting. It’s changed 3x already this morning.

My thinking at the moment is calling Raffi’s oneshot “another second chance” but it was called something else this morning so who knows 🤷‍♂️

Anyway me and my cliche musical feels march on.

My weakness is

That I care too much

And our scars remind us

That the past is real

I tear my heart open

Just to feel

I’ve never been the kind of person you can trust

But if you can give me half a chance I’ll show

How much I can fix myself for you

And I’ll try, to never disappoint you

I’ll try, until I get it right

I will always hold you close

But I will learn to let you go

I promise I’ll do better

I will rearrange the stars

Pull ‘em down to where you are

I promise I’ll do better

When you’re lost in the dark

When you’re out in the cold

When you’re looking for something

That resembles your soul

When the wind blows your house of cards

I’ll be a home to your homeless heart


I just feel the need to say that they just…could have not said that Seven and Raffi broke up? Like it would not have changed the plot at all if they were just still together

#so unfortunately true#which makes it even more WTF and a crying shame because just why???#really just feels like a big fuck you to Saffi fans tbh#I’m so tired

No Man’s Land!!!


Ahem 😳 sorry I am a terrible audio listener. I have to be stuck in some kind of manual labour before I can even begin to hope to process. I was putting this off as I thought audiobook = 9 hours or so.

I can probably listen to this most Sundays when I do the ironing. I could have listened to this weeks ago 😭

Ok ok I’m gonna go listen now. I am prepared for the feeeeeeels 🥰

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Speculation regarding how Seven would be addressed in StarFleet.

How about Captain Musiker?

I mean obviously StarFleet is cool with no last name I mean it was just Commander Data, Commander Worf etc. but I would not be opposed to picture the scene.

Some new ensign is being taken to meet the Captain. They are nervous but reassured that while Captain Musiker has a reputation it’s all going to be fine. We’re thinking “Raffi is the Captain? Not what was expecting but sweet!” and then it pans to the bridge and Seven turns around. Hey if paperwork demands it, might as well just take the wife’s name 😉

Cue banter on the bridge about how they call her Captain Seven anyway maybe to avoid any confusion re: the Commander I don’t know.

Seven’s all “If I have to surrender myself to the inanities of StarFleet protocol then I will tick all their boxes to ensure we remain together”

And then a little smirk like “done running remember”

Ok so I was just maybe screen recording some of episode 9 for… reasons and I got to the part where Picard asks after her and Seven goes “I am myself” and Raffi does this little head shake thing.

And just it’s so subtle and so perfect. Seven is hiding her feelings because she doesn’t want to be vulnerable to people, but she’s already talked to Raffi a bit – already! And they’ll probably talk more later.

Like I’m not explaining this well but with Raffi in Seven’s confidence, they are a team, and the others are on the outside a bit. Idk I just like the intimacy of the trust and the emotional sharing.