Just listened to No Man’s Land again…


Oh man, oh man. The feels I get from it. So good that I only listen alone because I do the autistic flapping, and the ahhhhh whisper screams, and the punching the air and the grinning like a lunatic.

It is healing. It is a tonic. It is, hard to freaking breathe because OMG it exists. Like I listened to that with my own two ears.

Not gonna lie I want to illustrate the hell out of it. I don’t have the spoons but maybe one day it will make for some good comics practice. The hard part will be not doing the whole thing 😍

Just perfection.


purlturtle said:  Sounds like i need to seek that out!

galactic-pirates said:  @purlturtle it is so shippy! The first time I listened to it my eyes were on stalks. Hell they kinda are now because how can something canon be that shippy? But beyond that. The background it gives the Fenris Rangers is amazing. The Ranger mission providing the plot is cool. I really would watch 10 seasons and a movie about the Rangers saving the galaxy one lost soul at a time. There is just so much heart, and the musing on life and loss. Immortality and love. It all intertwines beautifully. 

purlturtle said:  @galactic-pirates Wow! Now I *will* seek it out!