No Man’s Land!!!


Ahem 😳 sorry I am a terrible audio listener. I have to be stuck in some kind of manual labour before I can even begin to hope to process. I was putting this off as I thought audiobook = 9 hours or so.

I can probably listen to this most Sundays when I do the ironing. I could have listened to this weeks ago 😭

Ok ok I’m gonna go listen now. I am prepared for the feeeeeeels 🥰

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I haven’t seen season 1 since it aired so I thought I would skip watch it. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before but I don’t have 8 hours or however long the season is to spare at the moment.

Anyway I got to the bit where that guy says “call Riker, call Worf” etc. and Picard says “no they would do it out of loyalty to me” and the guy says “so you need someone who hates you and who has nothing to lose” and Picard says “I already made the call”

And I’m just like Raffi? You are talking about Raffi! 1) how could you ever mistake her for anything but loyal underneath all the layers of pain? 2) even if it was a case of “nothing left to lose” why would a ‘good guy’ take advantage of that?

He clearly knew just what to say to push her buttons too :/ to manipulate her into doing what he wanted.

I find it interesting that Raffi gave Rios the money for La Sirena. I wonder if that was more of her self hatred. 🤔 I mean she describes her home as a “hovel” and talks about Picard living large with heirloom furniture at the chateau. If she could have afforded something better but gave Rios the money instead, maybe that’s because she felt she didn’t deserve anything better.

How could anyone not appreciate Raffi? I didn’t know Seven was showing up in season 1 of Picard but Raffi was there and I was like “yup my fave I am sorted, I love her, give me all the Raffi story” and then Seven showed up so Raffi had to share fave status a bit haha, but still Raffi, too awesome.

And omg her outfit this season with those finger less gloves 🤩 I just loved how badass she looked (and was!)