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– If I Never See Your Face Again


Captain America was a comic book legend; a super-soldier turned superhero who threw his trusty shield and always stood up for what was right. Mulan had been one of the few who hadn’t laughed when they’d been handpicked for a new elite unit. They were the best of the best; and the government hoped they’d be even better with the new experimental serum.

Mulan was the only survivor of those experiments. The serum made her stronger, and faster, and she shrugged off injuries easier. One soldier doesn’t make a unit so Mulan recruited her own, to make a team of five: Philip Prince, Ruby Lucas, Belle French and Merida Dunbroch. The President hadn’t been thrilled at the ratio of men and women, in his opinion the 4:1 should have been the other way round, but Mulan had picked the best and not even the commander in chief could argue with that.

They had laughed about being a comic book team, the super-soldier and her Howling Commandos. However truthfully Mulan hadn’t expected to have anything in common with Steve Rogers except for the serum. That was until she’d gone into the ice … and survived.

When Mulan was pulled out and revived she was cold inside. It was a chill she just couldn’t shake. People started whispering that the ice had frozen her, and Mulan wasn’t sure she disagreed. She was quieter than normal, had few smiles to share, nothing but darkness in her eyes. She trained, barely slept, ate mechanically and then trained some more. She was technically alive but she’d lost herself out there.

“That’s it!” Merida exclaimed, throwing up her hands dramatically as she strode into the training room. “You and me are out of here.”

“I have to finish training,” Mulan argued.

Merida snorted. “You’ve done enough training for a lifetime. Now, let’s go.”

Mulan felt Merida grab her arm and she tensed for half a second. People had learned not to touch her but this was Merida, and so Mulan relaxed and let herself be dragged along. She still didn’t want to go but Merida was stubborn, she’d hound her night and day until she gave in anyway. Besides it was Merida, her oldest and best friend.

“I thought we were going somewhere,” Mulan said mildly, an hour later after Merida pulled off the road into a small forest clearing.

“We are, here,” Merida answered. “Middle of nowhere. Best place.”

“For what?” Mulan said doubtfully.

“Ach I dinnae want to be overheard. You know what me brothers are like, they’d never let me hear the end of it,” Merida exclaimed. “You were gone for two years! Two!”

“Lucky it wasn’t seventy,” Mulan said dryly.

Merida gave her a dirty look. “Now’s not the time for jokes. We could have lost you! I could have lost you! When I thought I would never see your face again I knew … I knew … oh dammit it all to hell.”

The next thing Mulan knew Merida had grabbed her again, but this time it wasn’t to drag her somewhere, not unless closer together counted. Merida’s lips pressed against hers, and Mulan froze. Then a beat later her arms moved, to wrap around Merida, as she kissed her back. Merida’s hand curled round her neck, lightly scratching her nape. Mulan pulled back, taking a shuddering breath.

For the first time since the ice warmth was flooding through her. It was flowing from her lips, and her neck, and everywhere Merida had touched. Merida was almost literally bringing her back to life.

“Alright?” Merida asked awkwardly.

Mulan gave a genuine smile, another first since the ice. “Kiss me again, it’s working.”


A/N: Should I be sorry for stealing the Rumbelle line? Probably. It’s just it was perfect *hides*

TMI: BraveWarrior!Ficlet – so, who was faster in the end? ;-)

As promised a little ficlet 🙂 Follows on from this ficlet.


They reached the stopping point, where the path ran near the tree under which they had
stretched earlier, and Mulan slowed to a walk. Another circuit of the park for
a cooldown and then they’d stretch. She glanced behind her and smiled. Merida had been forced to eat her words as Mulan had set the faster pace. However, to Mulan’s surprise Merida had kept up and was still only a few steps behind. Merida’s face was red, her curly red hair had partially escaped it’s tie and was plastered to her face. Mulan caught her eye and Merida grinned.

“Not bad,” Merida gasped, increasing her pace for a second so that they were walking side by side. “I can see you’re going to give me a run for my money.”

“I don’t usually set such a fast pace,” Mulan admitted.

She could feel the burn where she’d really pushed herself. It wasn’t something she did that often as it tended to affect the rest of her day. It was Sunday and she had a
lot of chores to do before classes started again the next day, but Merida had laid down a challenge and it had proven irresistible. Before they’d started Mulan had respected Merida’s attitude, but now she respected her a lot more. She was determined, she didn’t
give up and she didn’t complain. It might all come to nothing of course but Mulan thought random chance might have gifted her a new friend, a rather attractive new friend.

“So what do you have planned for the rest of the day?” Merida asked, the moment she got her breath back.

“Laundry, cleaning, preparing meals for the week.” Mulan shrugged. “You?”

Merida pulled a face. “Haven’t unpacked yet, I don’t know where anything is so…”

“I can show you,” Mulan offered impulsively.

“Oh yeah? That would be great.” Merida smiled. Her stomach chose that moment to rumble loudly. Merida rolled her eyes. “How about we start with somewhere for breakfast yeah?”

Mulan nodded. “Sure. There’s a nice coffee shop on campus but they aren’t open Sunday’s, and they don’t serve much in the way of breakfast. They are better for something quick at lunch time. You are welcome to come back with me.”

“Breakfast at Castle Mulan, sounds good,” Merida agreed. “One thing, do you have tea?”

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I DONT even watch OUAT or participate in the fandom but this is awesome. Mulan and Merida belong together.

YES another shipper! Heh 🙂

I just look at them and how can anyone not ship them really? It just jumps out and screams “ship me!” and so I kinda have to 🙂 I mean I suppose we don’t pick our ships, they pick us and BraveWarrior has definitely chosen me.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment on the ficlet. I’m glad you liked it! I hope to write more BraveWarrior in future 🙂

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Eeeeeek BraveWarrior 🙂 I love you!

20. “It’s 8:30, I have a hangover and you’re
annoying me.”

Mulan ghosted
around the dorm room, a flicker of irritation crossed her face as a floorboard
creaked loudly. She saw Ruby, her roommate, clench her eyes tightly together
and then heard her groan. For the most part they got on well as roommates, Ruby
was out a lot of the time and generally so easy-going it was impossible to
dislike her. Mulan knew that she was quiet and reserved, focusing on her
studies and her fitness clubs. That was the one real incompatibility between
the two of them; Mulan was very much a morning person and Ruby was very much a
night owl.

Ruby cracked
one eye open and grimaced. “It’s 8.30, I have a hangover and you’re annoying
me,” she groaned. “Sorry I know that’s kinda unfair.”

“It’s fine,”
Mulan said, a tiny smile playing on her lips. “I’m just going out anyway.”

She slipped her
jacket on, grabbed her bag and zipped her key inside. She didn’t need to take
much with her, just a water bottle, a breakfast bar and her cellphone. Mulan
headed for the door, the corridor was silent and empty, it was Sunday morning
and most self-respecting students were still asleep. She sighed in satisfaction
the moment she stepped outside, and the crisp morning air hit her lungs.

There was a
small park just down the street from the dorm. A small stream ran through it
and there was a circular winding pathway, which made for a pleasant jog. There
were a few open sun-dappled green spaces, in between the trees, which were good
for stretching and running through her katas. Mulan trotted down the sidewalk,
the train station wasn’t far and on any other morning the street would have
been bustling. She relished the peace, quite often she was the only one in the
park, especially on a Sunday. It was her quiet time.

Mulan slipped
through the park gate and headed for her favorite spot, to warm up and stretch,
the first part of her morning routine. Her pace slowed, and her brow creased
minutely, somebody was in her spot. That had never happened before. It was another
woman, about her age. She was dressed in loose blue exercise clothing, her wild
red curls tied in a sloppy ponytail.

“Ah and here I
was thinking I was the only crazy person up this morning,” the woman opened,
nodding in greeting. “I’m Merida.”

“Mulan,” Mulan
said neutrally, taking up position a few feet away. “You’ve not been here

“First morning,
just transferred in,” Merida
confirmed. Her eyes lit up with interest as Mulan fluidly slid into her katas.
“So you’ll be the one to ask about a good martial arts class?”

“There’s one at
the social center two blocks over,” Mulan told her, hesitating briefly.
“There’s also a fencing class at the old dance studio on the other side of

Merida grinned. “That’s cool. You know, if you
can keep up I could do with a jogging partner.”

“If I can keep
up?” Mulan repeated, regarding Merida
with more interest. Merida
gave her a challenging look and Mulan felt her lips twitch, a genuine smile
forming. “Give me a couple of minutes to stretch and you’re on.”

“Oh so it’s
going to be like that,” Merida

Mulan said
nothing, and just continued with her routine. This had been her quiet time but
she didn’t think she’d mind if that changed. Time would tell.

They are so CUTE. This is so like Sam and Steve too that I’m dying. If Mulan yells on your left I might lose it completely. And now I want a Brave Warrior super hero AU and I don’t even LIKE super hero AUs. WTF, SAM????

Thank you so much for your kind words! I’m so glad you liked it 🙂 Urk that hadn’t even occurred to me but, but, but just picture it – Mulan, legendary samurai, a warrior out of time. Keeps to herself, she works out, she cleans and sharpens her blade, and she goes on missions. Then one morning she meets Merida, who is totally different from her, so vibrant and outspoken and yet has the same core of steel and sense of duty.

Merida makes Mulan laugh for the first time since she came out of the ice, and they form a friendship that builds a life for both of them outside of their respective largely self-imposed duties. Then a little bit of mutually pining dorks as they both start to fall for their best friend, but naturally *roll eyes* think that the other couldn’t possibly feel the same. Then I can’t decide whether something should happen and it’s a dramatic declaration, or if maybe one day they are just working out and one of them says screw it and goes for a kiss. I do like understated.

My plot bunnies are multiplying…

Just rewatched The Bear King. Couldn’t resist, all the talk of BraveWarrior and RedWarrior made me want to and man it was just as brilliant as the first time.

Only problem is I now have 10x the urge to fic it!

Like what if there was no stupid third dark curse, and Ruby and Mulan went with Merida on her quest for justice against Arthur?

How about a modern day AU with Mulan and Ruby as bodyguards for the CEO of Dunbroch International? Or how about Mulan teaches a self-defense class and Merida takes it, then maybe there’s a tournament where they are going to fight as a duo, that takes coordination so they take Ruby’s dance class. I don’t know, my brain is just like fic these three! Doesn’t have to be OT3.

Could go back to when Mulan was teaching Merida to fight. A oneshot from those days, perhaps of that cliche ‘I knocked you over and now you’re on top of me and oh man your lips are so close and I accidentally kissed you’. Or AU with Mulan and Ruby, perhaps backpacking and they go travelling together, and then perhaps there’s a hotel with only one room – brain stop it!

RedWarrior, BraveWarrior … BraveRedWarrior.

Now I want to watch the episode again heh. They needed to be in more episodes! I need more source material! Can we have like a BraveRedWarrior spin-off or something? That would be cool!