Just rewatched The Bear King. Couldn’t resist, all the talk of BraveWarrior and RedWarrior made me want to and man it was just as brilliant as the first time.

Only problem is I now have 10x the urge to fic it!

Like what if there was no stupid third dark curse, and Ruby and Mulan went with Merida on her quest for justice against Arthur?

How about a modern day AU with Mulan and Ruby as bodyguards for the CEO of Dunbroch International? Or how about Mulan teaches a self-defense class and Merida takes it, then maybe there’s a tournament where they are going to fight as a duo, that takes coordination so they take Ruby’s dance class. I don’t know, my brain is just like fic these three! Doesn’t have to be OT3.

Could go back to when Mulan was teaching Merida to fight. A oneshot from those days, perhaps of that cliche ‘I knocked you over and now you’re on top of me and oh man your lips are so close and I accidentally kissed you’. Or AU with Mulan and Ruby, perhaps backpacking and they go travelling together, and then perhaps there’s a hotel with only one room – brain stop it!

RedWarrior, BraveWarrior … BraveRedWarrior.

Now I want to watch the episode again heh. They needed to be in more episodes! I need more source material! Can we have like a BraveRedWarrior spin-off or something? That would be cool!