Faith of the Heart (Chapter Five)



Synopsis: Following directly on from The War Within. Rumplestiltskin and Belle have a lot to talk about. True loves kiss might have woken Belle from the sleeping curse but their marriage won’t be fixed over night. They have a little less than nine months to sort themselves out as a couple – then they’ll become a family. It’s time for them to reconcile properly, and to finally have the courtship that circumstances originally denied them.

Note: I think this chapter should have a warning notice for extreme fluff. Also, part of this chapter was inspired by a prompt fic I did ages ago. It fit this story nicely, and I probably wouldn’t have written it otherwise. There will be one more chapter after this one. Enjoy! 🙂

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Three Months Later…

was content. It was an odd feeling for him, but one he was fast becoming more
familiar with. Just over three months ago, and he would argue over thirty years
in the making, he and Belle had finally shared true loves kiss. It had woken
Belle from her sleeping curse, and had been the start of their reconciliation.
In the weeks that had followed, they had talked a lot, finally putting all
their issues on the table. However, no amount of talking could fix their
marriage, only time could do that.

There had been
arguments, and he had despaired on occasion whether their marriage could be
fixed. They had rehashed the same conversations, and slowly over time the trust
that had been shattered between them had mended. The night that Belle had taken
him by the hand, and asked him to come to bed, was the magic moment when he had
known that everything would work out. Up until then, they had been living in
the house separately. After that night, they were truly back together as a couple
and sharing everything.

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Hearing Rumpel recite the history of their ‘courtship’ sure is depressing, isn’t it? Man, this show. *shakes head* It’s too bad that they named Ashley’s kid Alexandra, because I would have liked Alexander for a boy, with Zander as his nickname, because it’s a bit more unusual, as befitting the son of Rumpelstiltskin. 

Yeah Alexander is a good strong name, with a lot of variations for shortening and for being a bit ‘different’ but yup unfortunately taken. Their relationship has certainly been a bumpy ride but in this fic at least, they are getting some happy peaceful time now 🙂

Faith of the Heart (Chapter Four)



Synopsis: Following directly on from The War Within. Rumplestiltskin and Belle have a lot to talk about. True loves kiss might have woken Belle from the sleeping curse but their marriage won’t be fixed over night. They have a little less than nine months to sort themselves out as a couple – then they’ll become a family. It’s time for them to reconcile properly, and to finally have the courtship that circumstances originally denied them.

Note: I was worried that I would lose my drive to write this after the premiere aired but no worries. Apparently my brain considers it different enough that it’s not a problem. Anyway, this is the last of what I call the ‘reconciliation’ chapters. It ties up some loose ends and I might have taken a prompt from a comment I got on AO3, probably not supposed to do that but ooops 🙂 The next chapter will probably be excessively fluffy. I hope you enjoy!

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It was dinner
at Granny’s again. They had the table by the window and Emma sat at the back,
taking a moment from her family before she would lean forward and join them
again. For a change Emma wasn’t sitting next to Hook, she had pulled Henry down
next to her before he could claim his customary seat to her left. Hook had
given her an odd look but said nothing.

The truth was
Emma needed time to think. She loved Hook, she was certain about that, but
things couldn’t continue how they had been going. At first it had just been
infatuation, he had pursued her and she had clung to him because it was easy.
Now, she chose to love him because love could be a choice. Privately she
admitted that probably meant that they weren’t actually true love, but that
didn’t matter.

True love was
something from a fairy tale, and despite being the ‘daughter of Snow White and
Prince Charming’ her life had never been a fairy tale. To be honest she wasn’t
sure what she would do with that kind of life. The kind of love that was hard
work, where the love wasn’t always easy but she chose it, that felt more like
her reality.

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A weekly movie or games night at the Gold house sounds good! And exactly what you said, let’s have just some quiet ordinary life for a while; Henry needs to chill and simply be a kid!

Yup I think some peace and quiet would help everyone, not just Henry. I referenced the regular movie nights in He’s Behind You, so this is where they started 🙂

Anyway, I think they all need some time, particularly Emma, but the others as well. Plus, if there’s several mostly peaceful months, I can write all the Rumbelle fluff I like 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed it!

More Than a Feeling



Synopsis: Set not long after the events of Faith of the Heart. Belle reads a book and gets an idea, she wants to tease her husband from a distance. While she doesn’t have have the technology the book described, thankfully there are two voodoo dolls in the back of the pawnshop that will work just as well.

Note: Written for @a-monthly-rumbelling in September. The prompt was Voodoo Doll and Phantom Touch. This is my first ever smut fic and I’m quite nervous about it. A big thanks to @worryinglyinnocent for being so encouraging and beta reading for me. Enjoy!

Also, there’s a reference to something from Faith of the Heart, which hasn’t actually appeared in that story yet, because I didn’t finish that story like I was supposed to do. It will appear, maybe in the next chapter, maybe the one after. I don’t know because I haven’t written it yet.

Warning: It’s nsfw, rated explicit.

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Rumplestiltskin paused in the doorway to the kitchen, a soft
smile playing across his face. He leaned against the door frame, relishing the
sight before him. Belle was humming along to the radio, some happy sounding
tune blasting from the tinny speakers. He drank in the sight, just a few months
earlier he thought that they would never have this again.

True loves kiss had woken Belle from the sleeping curse, but
that had only been the start of their reconciliation. It had taken months of
talking, but now five months into her pregnancy, they were finally rock solid
as a couple and eagerly awaiting the arrival of their son or daughter. Belle
was radiant, the cliché that pregnant women glowed was definitely true in her

He moved forward almost unconsciously, thinking about their
child always drew him to Belle like a magnet. Rumplestiltskin wrapped his arms
around her from behind, holding her gently and placing one hand on her stomach.
Belle craned her neck and matched his sappy grin with one of her own.

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You’re very welcome hun! I loved the fic and was more than happy to help.

This is very hot, but at the same time very intimate: I love the idea of them using the old library apartment because they can’t wait to go anywhere else!

Awww thanks 🙂 I’m really glad you liked it, it wouldn’t have happened without your support and encouragement. Yup I imagine now they have had that lightbulb moment, the old library apartment might see more use heh, it’s location is rather convenient.


Congratulations on you first explicit fic. I would not have known. It was splendiferous, sweet and seductive. I award you with the Order of the Garter – for services to the Rumbelle Smutdom. Arise Lady Stilly, may your newly found smut-muse bless you with delicious inspiration.

Awwww thanks heh, that’s such a great turn of phrase. Seriously, this entire comment is so cool, thank you very much 🙂

I confess I do have a few ideas of my own already, and then there’s a handful of prompts that I liked, which weren’t picked for the Great Rumbelle Blow-Off. Maybe one day I’ll get round to writing them.



So I don’t really like the way I’ve been feeling about Belle lately…  I would appreciate some fic recs that my fellow rumbellers think portray her in a more positive light than the show has lately!  Don’t be afraid to point me at classics or stories from a few years ago 🙂  I’d love to see a strong Belle fighting for Rumple.

I’ve got some Rumbelle rec lists on my blog, as well as my own fic list. Lots of fluff! If you want a well-done imagined alternative to season 6 (written over the hiatus), try @still-searching47‘s “The War Within”. Much, much better version of what happened to Belle while she was under the sleeping curse, and the realisations that she came to. Written in a way that feels very like episodic canon. 

Thanks for the rec @woodelf68

#I’m so glad you enjoyed it#someone recced my fic wow#that is so kind

Faith of the Heart (Chapter Three)



Synopsis: Following directly on from The War Within. Rumplestiltskin and Belle have a lot to talk about. True loves kiss might have woken Belle from the sleeping curse but their marriage won’t be fixed over night. They have a little less than nine months to sort themselves out as a couple – then they’ll become a family. It’s time for them to reconcile properly, and to finally have the courtship that circumstances originally denied them.

Note: I might be able to sneak another chapter in before tomorrow night. I’ll do my best but no promises. I really wanted to finish this before the premiere and well I certainly tried 🙂 but even if I do manage another chapter, that won’t be the end. My new deadline for finishing this is the end of the month but I don’t know if that’s going to happen either, this story is getting long. Anyway, enjoy!

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The sun was
just starting to set when Rumplestiltskin heard Belle push open the front door
to the Victorian townhouse. He breathed a sigh of relief, as tension he hadn’t
even realized he’d been feeling faded away. Belle had come home. He had been
cooking dinner assuming that she would be here, even while he had a lump in his
throat in case she didn’t.

“Hey,” Belle
greeted softly, pausing in the doorway to the kitchen.

“Did you have a
good day?” Rumplestiltskin asked. His hand shook slightly, as his facade of
casual interest started to slip. He saw Belle’s eyes flicker down, and he knew
she had caught it. “Henry came by the shop,” he continued, focusing on the pot
of simmering stew on the stove. “He might be coming to dinner next week.”

“That’s nice,”
Belle said awkwardly, taking a few steps further into the room. She paused when
she reached the other side of the kitchen island counter. “Look Rumple … I’m
sorry about this morning.”

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Planned and part written before any spoilers came out, so it’s just taken from the first five seasons and doesn’t link up with anything from season 6. This is the second part. The War Within starts the verse off and I’ll be posting chapter four of this later today! Thanks for the rec @woodelf68 I really appreciate it 🙂

I was too tired to write yesterday. I didn’t promise, but I implied there might be a new chapter of Faith of the Heart today. However, there won’t be because I have zero words written on it and I have to work today. While I could write the entire chapter this evening I would rather only write half of it, and write the other half tomorrow and post Tuesday. It’s less stressful that way.

To give me motivation I’m going to make myself finish the chapter tomorrow before I can watch the premiere. I want to watch it so badly, hopefully that will kill the procrastination demon for the evening 🙂

Urk I can’t wait! Netflix better not have been lying about when they were adding the episode.

Faith of the Heart (Chapter Two)



Synopsis: Following directly on from The War Within. Rumplestiltskin and Belle have a lot to talk about. True loves kiss might have woken Belle from the sleeping curse but their marriage won’t be fixed over night. They have a little less than nine months to sort themselves out as a couple – then they’ll become a family. It’s time for them to reconcile properly, and to finally have the courtship that circumstances originally denied them.

Note: This is turning into a proper sequel to The War Within, that wasn’t the intention at all. I had in my notes two oneshots, one for reconciliation and one sweet fluffy fic where they could talk baby names and stuff like that. I really am awful at guesstimating length haha. Anyway, enjoy! 🙂

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Belle lingered
at the foot of the stairs. Just a few feet separated her from the kitchen but
she couldn’t quite bring herself to walk the distance. Yesterday morning, for
the first time ever she’d had an honest conversation with her husband. She
chewed on her lip, thinking about it, and she had to acknowledge that wasn’t
quite accurate. Rumplestiltskin had been honest in the underworld, she just
hadn’t wanted to hear it at the time.

In truth she
wasn’t sure she wanted to hear it now. She wanted more than anything to
reconcile with her husband, and to build the kind of relationship they had
never actually had – a happy one. Even in the early days of their marriage,
when she had been blissfully ignorant of all his lies, there had been a small
voice at the back of her mind which had whispered that things weren’t right.

She had ignored
it, as she had wanted everything to be alright more than she wanted to deal
with the reality. Given her revelation about how she had formed a rose-tinted
picture of their past together, that seemed to be something of a pattern with
her. Anyway, given how badly she wanted to ‘make it work’, she should be eager
to do whatever it took in order for that to happen.

Instead she was
engaging in pointless avoidance and she didn’t really understand why. It wasn’t
like her to be a coward, and shy away from things that were difficult or
painful. ‘Do the brave thing and bravery will
had been her motto all her life. Now when she needed her courage
for what mattered the most, it was deserting her.

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Moe is AWFUL. I can’t believe Belle defended Snow and the others, though!

Exactly what Belle thinks about Snow and the others is developed more in chapter three 🙂 As for Moe, that is briefly mentioned in chapter three, but I’ll probably develop that more in chapter four or a subsequent chapter. I’m glad you are enjoying it! Thanks for commenting 🙂

Ok I’ve written half of the next chapter of Faith of the Heart and the power is flickering badly (I don’t know if we’re about to have a power cut or what, it’s weird) and I’m tired, so I can’t manage anymore today. Which means I won’t be posting tomorrow, but I should have the next chapter done for Thursday.

However, it’s time to face facts, there is no earthly way it’s going to be finished by Sunday. I think even if I did manage a chapter a day (which is technically possible but not much fun), with how long everything is running, that still wouldn’t be enough.

This is actually the same problem I have with Painting Layers of Love. That was an accidental WIP because once I started it, I wanted to do the idea justice. My theory is if I’m going to write a story, then I might as well write it properly (or at least do my best) and therefore if it runs long, then it runs long. It’s just sometimes (like now) that’s very inconvenient.

I do want it finished as soon as possible though and to that end I think I might delay Nightwalkers again. I did want to post the first chapter on the 27th but if I’m writing a couple of thousand words of Faith of the Heart everyday, I’m just not going to have time. Plus I need to do Chapter Five of Painting Layers of Love for the end of the month as well.

How did it get to be this close to the end of the month so fast? I did not give September permission to vanish like this 🙂

The War Within (Chapter Fifteen)



Synopsis: Alternate Season Six. Storybrooke is visibly under threat once more from Hyde and the Evil Queen. However, not all threats are visible as an old forgotten foe has been manipulating events from behind the scenes. The very nature of darkness is revealed as everyone struggles with the most difficult beast of all – acceptance.

Note: It’s the final chapter!! Well, I say final but … there’s going to be at least five oneshots added to this verse. Plus this verse will be open to prompts, want to see something I didn’t cover – prompt 🙂 I’m going to write three of the planned oneshots this month, and post two of them before the premiere on the 25th. This Friday I’ll be posting Chapter Four of Painting Layers of Love. Enjoy!

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Rumplestiltskin stepped through the door, he didn’t know where in Storybrooke
it would have spawned. That it was by the well was unsurprising, that was the
source of magic in this town. That there was an audience to his arrival, which
included two versions of Regina,
was a surprise. He absently waved the wand, closing the doorway before placing
the wand back into his jacket pocket.

“Well, well Regina, you have been
busy,” Rumplestiltskin smirked. “Jekyll gifted you his serum. That’s … a
mistake. If you thought the dark curse left a hole in your heart, that’s
nothing compared to actually splitting yourself. Why did you do it?”

“I wanted a
fresh start,” Regina
told him defensively. She bristled. “I’m surprised you aren’t interested

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Thank goodness you didn’t let Rumpel accept Belle moving out. They’d never fix things living apart. That’s a bad habit of hers, running off. And thank goodness for the ‘no more heroes, no more villains’, and Rumpel’s realisation that magic isn’t inherently good or bad, it’s just how you use it. So simple, that’s probably why David got it first while Emma and Regina were all frowny trying to understand what he was saying, they’d bought into this convoluted dark/light magic stuff.  And yay, you saved Dopey! I’m glad they’ve got Robyn/Ellie back, although what are they going to do with Zelena? Take her back to Oz? I like the idea of recreating Jefferson’s hat, although I thought the rule about same number in as out was a good one, magic should have rules and not be too easy. I’m happy to see Rumpel wanting a relationship with Henry; I hope you show that in one of your planned one-shots.

Heh yeah I’m afraid that’s a bit of a pet theory of mine that I couldn’t resist including. I very much believe that the world isn’t black and white, that nobody is all good or all bad etc. and so I don’t think magic can be carved up that way either. Perhaps it’s because I still tend to view all fantasy from a sci-fi perspective but magic is energy, so how can energy be good or evil? Surely it’s neutral and it’s just shaped by the user.

In my mind, the only reason why there is ‘dark’ or ‘light’ is because of what powers the magic – emotions, and some emotions lend themselves better to certain magic than others. It could also be said that some emotions are more powerful than others in certain people. For instance someone like Cora could do powerful magic with hate, because she could tap into that emotion easily. Her magic would be weaker with say love, because it wasn’t an emotion she was all that familiar with.

Then of course if you are submerging yourself in hate all the time to cast magic – that could twist you evil because stewing in that much negativity, would start to color your view of the world. Hence ‘dark magic’ being ‘evil’.

Erm sorry I think I went on a bit. Yeah I agree magic should have rules and shouldn’t be easy. However, the apprentices wand seems to make portals a doddle and if the hat had rules, nobody would want to use the hat and would be bothering Rumple all the time. I thought Rumple and Belle deserved some time to themselves 🙂

I briefly mentioned in He’s Behind You that Zelena is locked up. Regina goes to visit her because she is family, and Regina hasn’t completely given up hope on Zelena’s redemption one day. Yup there is definitely going to be a oneshot or two dealing with Rumple and Henry bonding and finally talking about Neal.

Thank you so much for all your comments on the chapters, I really appreciate it and I’m glad you enjoyed the fic!

War Within Question To The Heroes: Thoughts on Don Quixtoe? (Crap I hope that’s how you spell it!)

Yup you got it, Don Quixote 🙂

David: He took the ‘hero’ thing to uncomfortable extremes. He didn’t believe he could do any wrong and as we’ve learned lately, that line of thinking is dangerous. However, he did save Storybrooke so misguided though he might have been, he was a hero.

Emma: His sacrifice meant no-one I loved had to die.

Regina: All he wanted was to be a hero, perhaps this was his ‘happy ending’. I think to borrow a phrase from one of Henry’s TV shows, he was a ‘few fries short of a happy meal’ but then I would have once said that about any hero, especially one who sacrificed themselves. Also, he ended a mess I made so I can’t think ill of the man.

Snow: He was a murderer and dangerous, even if he thought his motives were good. I’m grateful that he ended the cauldron attack and I’m sorry he died, but I’m glad he’s not around any longer. He would have hurt more people.