So Star Wars: Outlaws huh?

Not gonna lie I thought that would be my Day One purchase this year. Usually I wait and pick games up on sale (and/or get them for birthday/christmas) but sometimes a game comes along I don’t wish to wait for. Last year that was Jedi: Survivor and AC: Mirage.

But HOW MUCH?!?!

Fucking Ubisoft I swear. I think I have worked out how they are going to get gamers to “be comfortable not owning games” by jacking the price up to absolutely insane levels.

True the standard edition is normal price but to get the Jabba mission/future proof it’s ridiculous. That’s like paying for 2 games just for some DLC – crazy! And it puts me off wanting to pay at all. It gives me a bad taste in my mouth.

I haven’t seen the story trailer yet (going to watch it in a minute) and I am sure I will get the game. But it will be a “wait for a sale” and maybe wait for Christmas. That is smarter anyway to give them time to fix all the inevitable bugs. It’s what I try to do with most games as I said.

If they pull the same price shit with codename AC: Red I will be sad 🙁

This is probably very old news but I only recently read an announcement about Sony wanting to make a portable PlayStation type thing to rival the Switch. Details were light but what I understood said that it would stream games FROM the PlayStation.

Erm, what?

I think the Steam handheld thing works the same way. The pictures I have seen are configured like the Switch with the screen and the controllers either side for the hands to hold. But just a glorified monitor and controller is NOT the same as the Switch.

Now either I am misunderstanding in which case these companies need better marketing OR they completely misunderstand what makes the Switch so great.

I had to go into hospital a couple of weeks ago. There was Wi-Fi but I could not get it to work. I was just stuck in this endless loop of putting in the details and then getting asked to do it again. Obviously there isn’t any Wi-Fi in cars etc. The Switch is awesome because it doesn’t need the internet. It runs on its own. I put the game in/have it onboard or on an SD card and I am off to the races. It was a great distraction in the endless hours sitting in waiting rooms until I got taken to surgery.

We had a power cut last night. No internet. No TV. No PlayStation. But the Switch had full battery. I could have played that for hours if I had wanted. Internet isn’t always available and definitely isn’t always strong/fast enough. I had a SteamLink back in the day and that was too slow within the same house. I just can’t see how “stream your game over the internet” is actually viable to begin with. But even if I suspend disbelief and say ok, it still misses the brilliance of the portability of the Switch that isn’t dependant on that.

Ok as an FYI follow-up I have played a couple of hours of the Prodigy video game now.

It is repetitive but fun. I like that it’s a simple game to be honest because variety in games is cool. If everything was hardcore all the time it would be too stressful. This is something chill and not taxing. (I have been playing Jedi Survivor on PS otherwise and that is much harder in contrast). I mean it’s clear that this Prodigy game was designed for a younger audience and I don’t mind that. I thought it would go well on the Switch and I was right. It is a perfect game for that platform. I played some while I was in waiting rooms at the hospital. It is low stress but quite absorbing.

Idk if it is the switch version or if just generally the game looks low fidelity but it looks better on the smaller screen than my big TV to be honest.

My main annoyance is I have just learned (or rediscovered idk) that the Switch doesn’t do achievements. I am a trophy nut (completionist) and I can see they exist in like the PlayStation version, so it’s annoying they aren’t on the switch.

Voice acting is pretty cool. I like how they kept the banter between the characters. I have noticed that the subtitles aren’t always accurate to what is spoken (the meaning is correct but it’s not word for word) which bugs me a little bit. Like if they improv on the script then fix the script you know?

Anyway if you want a game you can duck in and out of with zero stress would recommend.

Guess what I got today 😁

Star Trek Prodigy: Supernova!!! For the Switch.

Idk if it will be any good. But it’s Trek as a game. My obsession likes that. Immersing myself in the verse.

I have been playing some of Legacy on Apple Arcade but my free trial month is up on Thursday and it’s not worth paying for. Only Voyager Seven and no Raffi. There is Elnor which was a surprise and Soji but no Rios or Agnes etc. There is Pike and Una and SNW Spock but no Ortegas or SNW Uhura or La’an or well any other SNW. So hit and miss.

Apparently they got all the cast (not sure if Janeway as well?) to voice this game. So that will be fun if nothing else.

While I’ve been feeling so crappy I have been playing a bit more PS5. I started with the Guardians of the Galaxy game and it was very good, surprisingly so actually. I was wary about it and didn’t buy it until the reviews came in as the Avengers game by the same company sucked but I digress. Anyway I stopped with Guardians because I remembered Uncharted.

I saw a trailer for it. I’m a sucker for archaeological adventures and I thought it would be fun. This is despite the fact that I didn’t really get into the Tomb Raider game when I played it.

So because I’m a perfectly normal person I got the Nathan Drake collection for Christmas. I got quite a few games for Christmas and hadn’t got round to playing it by the time my birthday came. So obviously the logical thing to do was ask for the Legacy of Thieves collection. Because obtaining all 5 games before even trying them makes perfect sense.

Honestly I don’t know why I’m like this. I sort of did the same with Assassin’s Creed. I played a few hours of Origin at least but then thanks to the Steam sale obtained the rest. I have zero chill.

Anyway I have played the total campaigns of 1 & 2 (Drake’s Fortune & Among Thieves). Fortunately I did like them very much. I played on Easy and it was not always easy. So seeing Platinum requires a complete run through of all difficulty modes including Crushing that’s not looking likely. Which is a shame because I have been trying to 100% games lately. I guess I did 100% complete the campaign at least.

To be honest given how compelling I have found the games I may give a play through of normal a try at some point. I doubt that will go well but who knows! Perhaps if I play the games more my rubbish skills may level up a little bit.

Oh! And I have been very amused by the fact that Chloe in the game is voiced by Claudia Black (Vala on Stargate). She is awesome. Also I very much want to see the Uncharted movie now. Although I’m torn because on one hand Tom Holland looks too young, and on the other hand an older man would struggle to parkour like Drake does. Perhaps if I see it then I’ll reach an actual conclusion.

So I’m pondering video games and difficulty mode.

I was just looking at the trophy list for the original “Uncharted” and it wants the game fully completed on every single difficulty 🙀 considering I said “this is impossible!” several times while playing on easy mode I’m thinking noooo…. 🤣

I’m wondering if it’s an age thing. The original Uncharted is quite old now (in video game terms). I managed to get Platinum on the Marvel Spiderman game playing on the “friendly neighbourhood mode” (aka the idiot can’t die mode) so perhaps newer games don’t demand a specific difficulty so much?

It’s been nearly a month since my PS5 got here and I resolved to complete games before I buy anymore. How has that gone?

Not bad actually. I have bought 1 game (Fitness Boxing 2) for the Switch, and as that’s an ‘exercise’ game, it doesn’t count. So I have kept my resolve and not bought any new games. I was helped in this endeavour by sending mum my christmas list early. I put them on the list so I can’t get them for myself.

How has completing the games gone? Mixed is the answer.

I completed the free Astro’s Playroom game that came with the PS5. It’s not 100% because I haven’t beaten the time trials. I’m not good with timers so I’m giving myself a pass on that. Otherwise it’s completed, I think it’s showing 92% or something which is close enough.

The next game on the list was Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 on the Switch. That confuses me a bit. There’s some equippable crystals, what’s good? I don’t know. There’s some other advancement trees and I’m not sure what I’m supposed to put the currency into first. Why do they have to make it so complicated? I haven’t quite got to the end of the story, and then I think the idea is you start over at the beginning on a harder difficulty. I’ll go back to it eventually but it does feel like one of those ‘never ending’ things rather than something I can actually complete.

Which brings me to Assassin’s Creed: Origins. I’ve become fairly obsessed with it again over the past week, ever since I discovered I could link my PS5 controllers to my PC and use those instead. All my camera problems, my complete inability to aim a bow and arrow? Gone. Turns out the right controller solves all of that. Today I finished the main campaign but I still have a ton of sidequests, all the DLC and most of the achievements to tackle.

I’ve played Ratchet and Clank a couple of times on the PS5 but I’m not very far into it yet. Now I’ve got to a natural pause point with AC: Origins I should perhaps go back to it. On the other hand I do have about another 9 AC games still to go.

AC: Origins is such a beautiful game though. Visually it is stunning. It’s also easy to understand what I need to do for gear, ability points, quests etc. I’ve had little trials of some of the other AC games and I know I found parts of them confusing. I’m probably easily confused. I read yesterday that they are thinking 2024 before another AC game comes out. Given how much I have to complete I’m relieved. Maybe I’ll be up to date by then.

It’s been three and a half years and I still miss Marvel Heroes.

I loved that game and it got shutdown, went offline and there is zero access. I will never get to play it again. When I bought the game, I bought access for the length it was online. There was nothing permanent about it.

I dislike that. I like to hold onto things and revisit them. The nature of the world with subscriptions rather than owning, means things are transitory. That’s sad.

Because it leads me back to the fact that I miss Marvel Heroes and I can’t do anything about it.

I’m watching Loki and I remember playing Loki in the game, and casting the illusions and teleporting between them. I remember playing Iron Man and my favourite button was the circular move he did at the end of Iron Man 2 which cut everything down. Taskmaster was my favourite to play I think, that had such a good mix of abilities, including a Captain America bouncing shield one. I play a paladin in Warcraft and that has Avengers shield. Clearly that’s my thing.

I’m installing the Assassin’s Creed games again on the new PC. It made me think about the movie I watched recently, and how cool it was that I saw so much I recognised from the games. When I like a TV show/movie, I like to be close to it, crawl inside and become part of it. I suppose that’s part of the attraction of fanfic. I’m creating in the world so I’m imagining it, getting closer to what I love. Not sure that makes sense.

I have a couple of options for Star Wars at the moment. There is Jedi Fallen Order which I own, though the Origin integration does worry me. There’s Swtor which one day will shut down. There are Marvel games but none hit the spot quite like Marvel Heroes did 🙁

OMG I shouldn’t laugh but I can’t stop haha.

I just had a steam notification that a “game on my wishlist was on sale” and I checked and it was Marvel’s Avengers. I’d forgotten I hadn’t taken it off, now I’m glad I haven’t because it’s making me laugh so much.

50% sale. The games only been out a couple of months. I know I’m being super mean here but I can’t help but think that maybe it hasn’t sold as well as they hoped, on account of the game not being that good. I know, that was just my opinion but still such a huge sale seems suggestive to me.

Oh I’m a bad person to laugh. It’s just it’s funny to me I’m sorry.