I don’t know whether to be sad or pleased :/

I have a terrible time finding exercise shorts. I like them to sit on the waist and be knee length with deep pockets – gold dust! The best pair I ever got mum found for me when I needed shorts for PE at school. I’ve had them 20 years. They are now rather loose in the waist and slipping 🙁

It is a bit mind melting to think I must have a smaller waist now than I did at 13. I mean I knew I was a chubby kid but seriously?

Clothes shopping is the absolute worst. Do not want.

@rumbellefitnessclub is anybody still doing this?

I got badly out of routine towards the end of last year and I’ve still not properly got back into it. It’s the same with writing really or indeed my entire life. However, today I discovered I can set up my dance mat on my PS2 in my room, I didn’t think there was enough space, so if I have the willpower I now have an option to exercise without dragging myself to the gym of a morning.

At least I’m assuming it makes for exercise. Anything that makes me sweat that much, can’t be bad for me and it’s better than nothing. That’s my theory anyway. I made up a few CD’s *cough* eight? years ago, merlin I’m old, and I’ve rediscovered which was the hardest disc. Note to self don’t attempt Mix Two if I’m tired yikes.

Bodies are weird things. The scales say I’ve only lost a stone since Christmas, well that kinda happened in January and hasn’t budged in ages. The moment I started cooking for myself, those few pounds just went no effort required. However, no matter what I do now food-wise, the scales are stuck, and I’m still 3 stone overweight according to BMI – being short sucks. My problem has never been food really, it’s always been laziness. Hence my side-eyeing exercise again.

Anyway I’m saying it’s weird because I don’t have to unbutton my trousers anymore and I had to get a belt. You’d think it wouldn’t really make that much of a difference. Mind you I’ve always found finding clothes to fit near impossible because my waist is completely out of proportion with my butt/thighs. Everything is always far too big on the waist if it fits elsewhere. Sorry, for that minor moan but it’s an ongoing frustration.

Anyway, I’m going to shut up now. I just wondered if any of you guys were still battling the demon monster of exercise. I’d like to hear how you guys are getting on and do cheering for you or sympathizing, whichever is needed 🙂

First run of 2017



Also my first run in a month (stupid chest infection).  I still have a little pain left over from coughing so much, but it went much better than I thought it would. Managed just over 3.5 miles.  Okay, it was a slow 3.5 miles, but still more than I’ve managed since I came down with this virus last month, so it’s all good.  Felt good to get out again and run in the rain.

Because of the chest infection and subsequent lazing around feeling sorry for myself, and then Christmas/New Year, I was pretty much back where I started by the end of December.  Got on the scales and shouted for a bit before telling myself it was my own stupid fault.  Still, I’m almost completely better now, and I’ve signed up for two half marathon’s and two 10ks in 2017 so far, so I have to get fit or I won’t finish them.  Which would be embarrassing 🙂

As far as the rest of my fitness goals are going, I haven’t had a drink since New Year’s Eve, so I’m pleased about that.  Haven’t really missed it, except on Wednesday when I had a crappy day at work.  I haven’t changed my eating all that much, except for keeping a food diary and cutting way back on bread, but my diet was always pretty healthy anyway (*whispers* booze was always my downfall).  Aiming for more veggies, though.

Bring on week two!  How’s everyone else’s year going so far?

– Sprite –

I’ve been doing much better with my yoga over the past month or so. I can actually do about 3 pushups thanks to some planking and down-dog work. I can already see a difference in my chronic pain issues and mood. If anyone is interested, I hardily recommend the 30 day Yoga challenge with Adrienne on the youtubes. She’s great. 

Ooooh that sounds good, always nice to see a difference! I admire people that do yoga so much. My balance is far too appalling for that. Go you! 🙂

Sprite I got to say, I’m beyond impressed. 3.5 miles?!?!? after a month off, seriously hats off to you. Also, that’s some impressive commitment with those runs. I’m rooting for you!

As for me? Real life kinda kicked me in the teeth end of last year. I didn’t really go to the gym much at all, for various reasons from about mid-October. Thankfully real life seemed to be straightening out and then brand new year, my plans were to throw myself back in and try harder. I have the cold of doom though, so it’s going to be a week or two. I need to kick the cold, and then recover from the asthma flare-up I always get.

I’m definitely planning on going back once I stop feeling like I’m about to keel over, and I can breathe again. I’ll almost certainly be right back where I started fitness-wise yet again, but I’ll just have to try harder 🙂


Note to self: do not set off on a 10k run when you were stuffing yourself full of chips and red wine the day before.

At least don’t do it and expect to do a good run!

On the bright side I feel much better for going, and have probably worked off the wine, at the very least!

– Sprite –

Congrats for going! Also yay that you feel better for it 🙂 I mean from my perspective 10k is an amazing run anyway you slice it, but I’m guessing you were hoping for a certain time or something? Go you!

I have done no exercise all week, nothing since Wednesday before last because I had a bad cold and now my asthma is going crazy. I have this barking cough. I might go swimming tomorrow if I can, but I don’t think I’ll be running for a while, not until I can breathe properly again.




Hows everyone doing?

I’ve been really, really lacking in focus for the past few weeks, and not looking after myself at all. I think it was stressing over waiting for my exam results. Now that’s all over I had a couple of days when my energy levels were at rock bottom, but I’m feeling better today. Went for a run this morning and it felt great!

– Sprite –

Yay I’m glad you are feeling better and that the run went well! Go you 🙂

In my last post I said I was going to move onto week 4 of the Couch to 5k program. Well, I haven’t quite managed to make the leap. Week 3 is 2x “Jog 1.5 mins, walk 1.5 mins. Jog 3 mins, walk 3 mins.” and Week 4 is 2x “Jog 3 mins, walk 1.5 mins. Jog 5 mins, walk 2.5 mins.”

What I’ve managed to do is “Jog 3 mins, walk 1.5 mins. Jog 3 mins, walk 2.5 mins. Jog 3 mins, walk 1.5 mins” which means my walking time is what it should be, but I haven’t managed to break the 3 min barrier. I’m also missing the last part, as by the time I’ve done 3x “Jog 3 mins”, I just don’t have it in me to go again.

I’m not entirely sure whether to keep going with the 3 mins, and try to do 4x that first. Or whether it would be better to try and increase the 3 mins up to 5 mins first, and worry about doing more repetitions later. I suppose I’ll see what I can manage next week. If I feel like I can push on past 3 mins then I’ll do that, or I’ll try and add on a 4th jogging round at the end even if it’s only for 1.5 mins or something, it’ll still be a tiny bit of progress.

Just me, but if 3 mins is a block for you, I’d say try to push past it.

When it comes to jogging everything is a block for me haha. I am useless at it but yes I will try 🙂 Thanks for the advice!

I suppose back in August when I started this, jogging for just a minute at a time was difficult. So maybe I’ll tell myself I just need to do an extra 30 seconds or something at a time, and see how that goes. It’s a bit like with writing. Just a tiny little bit more doesn’t seem like a big deal but then it adds up.

Another weekend is approaching


How’s everyone doing? I have done appalling at not drinking this week, but I went running yesterday, and I’ve been doing my fitness challenge app.

I also made a decision. Usually Mr Sprite gets up at six a.m. and makes me breakfast, and I lounge around until seven. I’m going to try and get up with him starting Monday. That way I can do my Fitness Challenge first thing before the day pummels me into submission. I’ll let you know my success :p

– Sprite –

Good luck! 🙂 I definitely recommend doing exercise first thing in the morning. That works for me, I wouldn’t do it otherwise. I get up and go to the gym when it opens at 7am, if I didn’t then I would never go because I would start my day and that would be that.

I’m still on week three of the Couch to 5k program. However, I’ve managed to do it several times now, so on Monday I’m going to try out week four and see how far I get. Swimming is going well. I’m doing over half a mile every session now. I don’t have the time to do anymore than that, so if I want to increase the distance there, I’ll need to work on my speed somehow.

I’m starting to notice a difference in the muscle tone on my legs which is nice. I’ve only just started doing a tiny bit of weights on my arms so there’s no change there yet. Man, this is such a game of patience and I am so impatient but you know one day 🙂

Sunday check-in


How’s everyone doing? I took my measurements today and weighed myself (the horror) so this is me checking in with stats

Weight: 141 (down 2lbs)
Bust: 38″ (no change)
Waist: 33″ (down 2″)
Hips: 38.5 (down 0.5″)
Upper arm: 11″ (no change)
Upper thigh: 21.5″ (down 0.5″)

Doesn’t look like much, but I really notice the difference in how my clothes fit. My butt doesn’t sag and my muscles are coming back in my arms and legs. Doing the 30-day Fitness Challenge is really making a difference. My stamina for running is better, although I could have done without the sprained ankle 🙁

– Sprite –


I missed two of the three gym sessions last week due to illness. On Friday I tried the elliptical how @rainydaybatsy suggested and I felt like such an idiot because I didn’t know how to make it work. I sent them an ask when I got home and they made it make sense, so I’m going to try again tomorrow.

I didn’t feel like the elliptical gave me such a hard workout as the treadmill. However, it also didn’t make me look all scary so maybe that’s a good thing, maybe it will help me build up slower like you suggested. We’ll have to see 🙂

Week Two check in!






How’s everyone doing? Any achievements unlocked? 😉

I’ve been tracking calories in and out via fitbit and myfitnesspal and ended most days at a deficit, so far. Haven’t always hit my 10k steps but I’ve exercised every day except one since last Tuesday.

I think I’d like to incorporate weights more but I feel like I’m still warming up. Really putting focus on cardio and stamina, right now. There are two weight classes at my gym, though. I’m gonna aim to attend both every week!

Love to hear from you if you have success to celebrate or even setbacks to bemoan. Ask box is open!

On my last status post I said I was about to start week 2 on my ‘Couch to 5k’ app and I have now successfully done week 2 three times. That is what it says to do before moving onto week 3. However, I’m not sure that I’m ready to move on.

I mean, isn’t it supposed to feel a bit easier first? Week 3 is quite a jump. I might attempt it when I go next time (tomorrow) and see how far I’ll get, I suppose that’s better than not attempting it at all.

So week three coming up next 🙂

I was doing the c25k app before I sprained my ankle and it seems like a giant leap, but it’s weirdly easy after completing week 2. I would read the description of the next day and it would kind of psych me out, but when I did it, I was surprised at how much easier it was than I was thinking.

Thanks for the encouragement and thanks @rumbellefitnessclub as well 🙂

I tried week three this morning. I knocked my speed down a little. I usually have the treadmill set to 5 for the running part (2.5 for the walking part), which I know is kinda slow but my heartrate is usually 190-200 at that speed so I must be working quite hard. Anyway, I set it to 4.7 for the running instead.

Now week 3 is 2x (1.5 min run, 1.5 min walk and 3 min run, 3 min walk). I did the 1.5 no problem, it was the 3 minutes I was worried about but – I did it the first time round! 🙂

However, the person next to me kinda shouted because I was kinda violently red/purple, and my lips were going white/grey/blue, which apparently is scary looking. I confess I didn’t feel that great but I kept going and did the next 1.5 but then I couldn’t manage 3 minutes again. Instead I did 2x 1.5 instead. Anyway, I’ll try again next time and see what happens.

Running is hard.

Goodness! That does sound terrifying. Definitely listen to your body, but good for you for not getting discouraged. One of the things I really like about the program is it says jog/run so you don’t need to be running as fast as possible, you just need to up the intensity a bit to get the benefits. Don’t focus on how fast your running. Just the fact that you are doing it means you are kicking butt!

Thanks and thanks Sprite 🙂 Yeah get the distance and then the speed, I do know that. It’s just unless I’m going a certain speed, then there’s no rhythm to the jogging but it’s too fast for me to walk. If I’m just walking then it doesn’t feel enough. Plus I confess I have only have two speeds – stop and go. My impatience is legendary and I’m like this with everything, it’s not just exercise.

Where’s that Rumbelle pic of Belle saying “Meet my new friend moderation” and Rumple saying “Your friend and I already don’t get along.” – because it’s kinda like that 🙂 My problem is I just want the results now. I’ve been unable to do anything for about 18 months due to medical issues and it’s only the last 6 weeks I’ve started exercising again. Going from nothing to this, was maybe a little too much.

Anyway, I have promised to take it slower, a resolve that probably won’t last knowing me but I will try. Sorry for scaring everybody.

@rumbellefitnessclub is there anyway we could have like a status post, so we can check on each others progress? I don’t know how that would be possible but I thought it might be nice, sort of encouraging. I want to cheer all you guys on! 🙂

Anyway, I moved on to week 2 this morning!

I’m using the Get Running: Couch to 5k app and I know it’s only week 2, but baby steps. I feel kinda proud of myself. Mind you, the jump isn’t that big from week 1 to week 2. The jumps get bigger after this but I have made it to week 4 in the past. I’m on my way 🙂



Hey all! 

 Thought I’d check in and get an idea of everyone’s goals – if you feel like sharing. I’m gonna list my stats and goals under the cut, feel free to add on. 

I’ve added a Submit box to this blog. So if you don’t want to reblog or if you want to be anon, you can totally use that!

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So this is me …

I’ve just started back at the gym after a year out. My workout is a bit abbreviated at the moment because I still have to do physio everyday. Plus, even though I don’t like to admit it I am asthmatic. I’m aiming to go to the gym 3x a week, circumstances permitting.

Ok so *deep breath* I weigh about 13 stone in British money, which according to google is 182 pounds for the US. I did have to measure myself recently but I’ve kinda lost the bit of paper. I eat pretty well already, I don’t snack or eat junk food or sweets. I could maybe lower the portion size slightly but my problem has never been my diet really, it’s been lack of exercise. When I went to the gym regularly for a few months last year I lost half a stone and it was a steady decrease, so that is likely to happen again if I keep up with it.

My workout in the gym is:
– 5 mins warmup on the rowing machine
– Stretch
– Use the Get Running app as a program on the treadmill.
– Cooldown and stretch

I used to do weights but I can’t do them at the moment. Although there is a small (2kg) weight element to my physio. I’m starting to master Week One of the app program. I’ve had the app years but I’ve never really made it past week three. I’m not built to be a runner but it’s good for me I think.

After the gym I go to the pool. This is my favorite part of the workout. I much prefer swimming to the gym. I used to do 40-60 lengths (and 64 is a mile) but I can barely swim 10 at the moment. I can kinda do front crawl now again but backstroke and breaststroke are still out – hopefully soon! So it’s just going down on my record as “some pool time” at the moment 🙂

I don’t really want to set any goals at the moment, not until I’m back at full working capacity. However, ideally I would like to recover, and be back where I was last year before I was forced to stop. So swimming at least 40 lengths, and on week three of the app program, by the end of the year. That’s a generous schedule – maybe it’ll be sooner, can only hope.

When I’m in better shape maybe I’ll look into that zombie run app that I know a few of you like 🙂