Star Wars fusion Emma – how did you and Gold’s son meet?


Choosing to remain a Jedi was the hardest decision Gold ever had to take. I sometimes want to punch the smug smirk right off Gold’s face; he is a tricky manipulative bastard but I’ve never doubted how much he loves Bae. Due to his Jedi duties Gold couldn’t raise him but he did keep a dedicated holo channel, in case of emergency, and he visited every chance he had.

One day, not long before my trials, Bae sent a desperate message for help. Gold was on the other side of the galaxy, he couldn’t get away without raising suspicion. The negotiations Gold was overseeing were delicate and his sudden departure could have sparked a war. He would have still left everything for Bae but fortunately he had the good sense to remember he had allies.

I’ll never forget the look on Gold’s face as he begged via holo for Regina and I to save his son. We were in that region of space, it was only a few parsecs and it was an easy diversion to make. However, by the time we got there the slaver who had abducted him had already started to regret it. Bae’s good with machinery and he’d reprogrammed one of the droids, it was absolute chaos. I’ll never forget the first moment I saw him and that smile of his.

Across the Stars!Belle: How did things end with you and your Master, Rumple? You seemed surprised to find yourself on a ship with Emma, Neal, Regina, and young Henry. Has this crew worked together to save the galaxy before?


The entire day was something of a surprise. It was really a series of shocks as everything that I had ever known was either destroyed, or proven to be a lie. With all the emergency measures the Republic fell some time ago. However, the Empire no longer has to pay lip-service to democracy which means that nowhere is safe.

It’s the first time I’ve met Bae and Henry but I’ve worked with Master Mills and Emma Swan before. Back before the clone wars we sometimes worked as a quartet on various missions for the Order. I don’t know if we ever saved the galaxy but we certainly got into more scrapes than the mission briefs ever suggested. It sometimes seemed like we were a magnet for trouble.

(OOC I know this doesn’t really answer the question but I suspect I’m going to write a sequel so no spoilers heh)

SW/OUAT fusion – 9: Were there any alternate versions of this fic?

Honestly? No.

I know that Rumbelle the Thing suggested either Belle or Gold (I can’t remember which) was a Senator to more closely follow the dynamic from the movies. However, I always wanted to make both Gold and Belle Jedi. I couldn’t see them as anything else. To be honest that oneshot pretty much wrote itself, all the roles people played just seemed obvious.

Sometimes I can spin alternate versions of my fics. However, maybe I’m too attached to this version I don’t know, but I can’t see it working any other way.

Ask Me? Fanfic meme

the Star Wars/OUAT fusion – what will things be like for the characters in 10 years?

No Spoilers? I know, that’s a terrible answer. It’s just I’m pretty certain that I’m going to add to this verse at some point, I already have a prompt, and I don’t want to ruin all suspense. However, I guess I can be vague.

Belle and Gold are going to be married, or basically married even if it’s not registered throughout the galaxy. I can’t decide whether they have children of their own or not but they are definitely going to be parents.

At some point within those 10 years: Regina will discover a part of herself she thought she’d lost forever, Emma will fulfill her destiny in a surprising way, Bae’s going to develop a personal interest in cybernetics.

After 10 years? Well it’s not much of a spoiler to say that the Republic will be back in control of the galaxy, and the Sith Lord is defeated. I don’t particularly want to say where they are/what they are doing because spoilers. However, I will say that Henry has quite a following on the Holonet for his truthful accurate reporting. He could have followed in the footsteps of one of his three parents but he chose his own, weaving words to touch the hearts of billions.

Ask Me? Expanded Universe Ask meme

leni-ba replied to your post “the Star Wars/OUAT fusion – what will things be like for the…”

*blink* Okay Now I’m curious as to how/why Henry has three parents in this world. I love that you’ll continue this, can’t wait!

And yay for we-think-we’re-married-and-that’s-enough Rumbelle. *grins*

Henry has three parents because Bae + Emma + Regina make three. Yeah I could have just gone for Swanfire but Regina is such an important part of Henry’s life, she is his mom and it seems wrong to erase that if I can make it work within the AU.

Regina helped Emma hide her pregnancy, Bae was like the stay at home dad because as Jedi Emma and Regina couldn’t be there a lot of the time. Whenever Emma went to see Henry, then Regina was at her side. So Regina was very much part of the family and while she could have just been an Aunt, or mommy’s friend, I think Henry probably innocently called her mom once when he was a toddler, not really understanding.

I mean think about it, from Henry’s perspective two women showed up every now and then. They loved him, they took care of him, and so if Emma was his mom, then so was Regina in child logic. I know it’s probably too fluffy for words, but I think that much to Regina’s surprise, Bae and Emma agreed that was accurate. Maybe I’ll have to fic it heh 🙂

Across the Stars

Synopsis: The clone wars are in full swing. Darkness is casting a shadow over the galaxy, and only the Jedi’s faith in the force keeps them from despair. It is a dark time for the Republic. Jedi Knight Belle French is about to go into battle on Balmorra, when her instincts lead her away from the war, towards her former Master – Rum Gold.

Note: Happy Birthday @mariequitecontrarie! I wanted to write you something because you are a lovely person and deserve nice things. I hope this is a nice thing. Anyway, I wanted it to be special for you, and something you would like, so I did some snooping around your blog. I discovered your favorite movie was Return of the Jedi, so here’s some Star Wars Rumbelle style.

It’s just a short fic, but like all my verses this is open to prompts, so if you/anyone want more than just ask. I really hope you like it and happy birthday! 🙂

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Oh my gosh!!!! Thank you!!! I haven’t read this yet, but I’m SO EXCITED!! In a couple of hours I’m going to drop everything and enjoy it–hang the deadlines!!! I LOVE Star Wars and I think you know how I feel about Rumbelle!!! This is very very special!!!

Yay I’m glad you are pleased 🙂 I hope the deadlines are kind and that you have as wonderful a day as possible!

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This is great! I don’t think I’ve seen a SW/OUAT fusion fic in forever, so I really enjoyed it. To see the Gold family through Belle’s eyes was fun. I especially liked that, as open-minded s she seems to be, it still took her time to even describe Emma as ‘motherly’. lol. Really looking forward to see how this war will go, when the Savior is apparently not following Jedi directive. (also, loved that you made Gaston a traitor. *ggg*) Really loved all of this!

I’m really glad you liked it! I’ve never actually read a SW/Once fusion, so if you have links I wouldn’t mind taking a look. Heh to be fair to Emma, I don’t think Belle’s reticence was because Emma wasn’t motherly, just because Belle had a lot thrown at her inside of an hour and Jedi aren’t supposed to have attachments. So Belle was probably trying to find another explanation.

You know this is just a oneshot at the moment right? I’m open to continuing it but I have no concrete plans. If I did continue it, then the war would go very differently because obviously Emma isn’t the Sith Lord’s new apprentice. Although can you imagine? That would be a new way to do the Dark Swan. Hmm who do you think the Sith Lord is? Any guesses? 🙂