Clearly I must be on a DC kick at the moment as I watched Justice League the other night.

I consider Man of Steel to be 2 hours of my life that I’m never getting back. I’m just grateful I was also doing the ironing at the time because geesh I really didn’t like that movie (I think I’ve talked about this before so moving on!).

Batman vs Superman I fast-forwarded through at least half of it. I watched the Wonder Woman scenes and a few others but yeah it didn’t hold my attention. Now I did like Wonder Woman. I have the DVD 🙂 I haven’t seen Aquaman yet and I think that covers it for the DC Universe?

Anyway! I did not fast-forward through any of Justice League. I actually found it very watchable. It moved at a good pace, characters were good. I was a bit confused over the plot because I didn’t really get who the bad guy was, or how he was “beam-me-up-Scotty” around the planet, or who he worked for (who was Mother?) and just generally yeah, I didn’t get how everything came to be about. Superman was dead and so the world fell into darkness? No I did not understand but I liked the movie well enough anyway.

I do wonder if this is what GA viewers feel like watching marvel movies? I don’t really know DC at all. I’ve always found marvel more interesting and enjoyable, so consequently I know more and maybe then I fill in gaps I didn’t know existed.

Apparently there’s an upcoming DC show called Batwoman. I have to be honest despite my love of gadgets I have never really liked Batman. I thought Bruce Wayne was alright in Justice League but the outfit is a bit much. If I can give the show a try then I probably will but /shrug it’s not exactly something I’m anticipating or anything.

Unlike Blood and Treasure which still doesn’t have a UK broadcaster /groan

Just watched Batman vs Superman movie, and by watched I mean fastforwarded through all the bits I personally found boring.

Overall I really didn’t like it, which is not news because generally speaking I’m not a fan of DC. There are exceptions, I love Black Lightning and I found Wonder Woman was pretty good. (I consider Man of Steel to be 2 hours of my life I’m not getting back hence my liberal use of fast-forward).

To be honest though what I found most annoying about this movie was the missed potential. The setup of Superman being taken to task for the collateral damage, the real cost to the people on the ground, that morally complex question is fascinating and something overdue being explored at length.

I thought the world-weary “I’m older than he ever got to be” Batman was cool. I liked the Alfred who wants ‘grandkids’ so bad.

The movie wrecked it though with all the explosions. Those ‘big epic’ fight sequences were anthema to what should have been the movies message. It’s like one second Batman is laying out the truth of “criminals are like weeds” and “he’s not our enemy today” and then all that went out the window as Batman joined in with blowing the city up???

Also Superman’s death was pointless. Seems to be a theme as his dad’s death in the first one made no sense either. But Diana was going toe to toe with the monster, why not just give her the spear? I mean she was the smart one! After she’d observed it absorbed energy she didn’t hit it with any, instead going for its limbs with her sword and restricting movement with the lasso – superman had a laser staring contest for crying out loud.

Oh and one last thing the crazy Lex Luthor is not a characterisation I like for him but Jesse Eisenberg was so entertaining to watch I didn’t much care. Top job from him.

I think I’ve spent too much time on tumblr. When I watched Wonder Woman last night, near the end it made me think about gifsets and whether there was one in particular.

Has anyone seen one using this quote – “I was here, I existed, I was young, I was happy, and someone cared enough about me in this world to take my picture.” – seems like it would be pretty perfect. It was literally the first thing I searched for 🙂