Clearly I must be on a DC kick at the moment as I watched Justice League the other night.

I consider Man of Steel to be 2 hours of my life that I’m never getting back. I’m just grateful I was also doing the ironing at the time because geesh I really didn’t like that movie (I think I’ve talked about this before so moving on!).

Batman vs Superman I fast-forwarded through at least half of it. I watched the Wonder Woman scenes and a few others but yeah it didn’t hold my attention. Now I did like Wonder Woman. I have the DVD 🙂 I haven’t seen Aquaman yet and I think that covers it for the DC Universe?

Anyway! I did not fast-forward through any of Justice League. I actually found it very watchable. It moved at a good pace, characters were good. I was a bit confused over the plot because I didn’t really get who the bad guy was, or how he was “beam-me-up-Scotty” around the planet, or who he worked for (who was Mother?) and just generally yeah, I didn’t get how everything came to be about. Superman was dead and so the world fell into darkness? No I did not understand but I liked the movie well enough anyway.

I do wonder if this is what GA viewers feel like watching marvel movies? I don’t really know DC at all. I’ve always found marvel more interesting and enjoyable, so consequently I know more and maybe then I fill in gaps I didn’t know existed.

Apparently there’s an upcoming DC show called Batwoman. I have to be honest despite my love of gadgets I have never really liked Batman. I thought Bruce Wayne was alright in Justice League but the outfit is a bit much. If I can give the show a try then I probably will but /shrug it’s not exactly something I’m anticipating or anything.

Unlike Blood and Treasure which still doesn’t have a UK broadcaster /groan