(OMG guys guess what mobile tumblr just kicked back. This post from a couple of weeks ago. It said “found a lost draft, do you wish to restore?” and curious I said yes and boom. This had failed to post and then the app froze and I just want ugh and didn’t bother rewriting it.)

Went downstairs and found mum watching Timeless. I said NoSpoilers but she wanted to know if Lucy got her sister back (and I did sadly confirm no) and then she wondered about her mom. I hesitated at this point but said she didn’t get sick again (and mum knew I was hiding something) so I did say she was a bad guy. I then repeated NoSpoilers! Because I didn’t want to wreck it for them.

But I did tell her that it got better as time went on (because it did when Flynn was revealed to be more of an anti-hero). I wanted to make sure she gave it a chance.

And I told her that the ending was a bit crappy (because it was as they made Lucy hook up with Wyatt which is a big NoTP for me yuck).

But I sat and watched about 15 minutes before I remembered I was supposed to be going to bed. It was only episode 2 so I didn’t see any Garcy interaction but /sigh I am definitely having Garcy feels.

I’m so pissed that Timeless got cancelled again. I only started watching it because I figured they couldn’t possibly cancel it twice. Not on a cliffhanger.

*insert slightly hysterical laughter* they suckered me good.

So notes on the finale:

– I really don’t like Wyatt, especially that Wyatt instantly made everything about him with the “I feel so bad and this is all my fault” stuff and then the romance – yuck – that was so not the time.

– Flynn was already my fave but then he got called the “creepy uncle” of the family which reminded me of Rush being called that and gah it’s true. I do love the grey hero/villain turned hero type. Flynn is awesome.

– I can’t believe they really did THAT in the finale re: Rufus 🙁

– Connor yelling on their return, then straight after, struggling not to cry before then crying – now I’m crying!

– Agent Christopher immediately hugging Jiya. I felt that warmth and care.

– The cliffhanger, why oh why oh why couldn’t it have been FLYNN and Lucy? Maybe that’s why the show got cancelled, double Wyatt would have meant double the suck. Sorry I just really don’t like him.

Oh well, Timeless joins the pile of “cancelled shows in which I will never know what bloody happens!!!” Gah I hate that. Honestly if they are going to cancel something, they should at least have the decency to allow for some resolution first.

I’m watching Timeless, 2×07 Mrs Sherlock Holmes. I have like an “anti-ship” thing going on. There’s a love triangle thing going on between Lucy, Wyatt and Flynn.

I don’t ship either Lucy and Wyatt, or Lucy and Flynn, because that magical “oh no I ship it” hasn’t struck BUT I’m blinking and going ewww Notp with Lucy and Wyatt because of how Wyatt is behaving.

Examples just from this episode:

– Wyatt – “stay away from Lucy”, Flynn – “Lucy can decide for herself what she wants to do”

– Wyatt – “I won’t let you do this in case you get hurt”, Lucy – “I know its dangerous but its a risk worth taking”

– Wyatt – “Flynn? You are making bad choices, it’s a rebound thing”, Lucy – “From our one night relationship? My choices are my own.”

– I can’t remember what Wyatt said but Lucy said something like “I’m the one that got the rug pulled out from under me. You are with your wife so please stop acting like you are the victim”

So yeah not impressed, just had to get that out of my system. Flynn used to be the bad guy but he is showing a lot more respect than the supposed hero.