“Go get them … Supergirl”

I knew Cat Grant knew! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Oh she is the best. I love her. Ahhhh I knew she knew and they confirmed it eeeeek 🙂 🙂 🙂

Wow the repair bill for the city with all those crashed into buildings is going to be pretty high.

I love how Lena is the smart one but I did cringe at the “did you know Mon El is dating Kara Danvers” because really? As much as I cheer that Cat Grant knows I despair that Lena doesn’t because it seems so obvious. Maggie worked it out. Lena is the smartest around – she made that device thing work! – she is more than smart enough to see the truth.

Just more evidence I guess that Lena is Lois to Kara’s Supergirl because I remember on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, they did a whole couple of episodes about how/why Lois didn’t see it. HG Wells said that was part of their love story for the ages. So because Lena is in love with Kara she has the same love blindness blinkers that Lois did.

There I fixed it and made myself feel better.

So Mon-El got zipped into some kind of portal. I should care. I do a bit. He grew on me eventually but I still find him a bit yawn-worthy. The teaser of the evil kryptonian obviously took their decorating tips from the Sith Empire with all those evil red accents.

I would celebrate Alex and Maggie’s engagement except I know spoilers and I think it’ll make me cry so I’m trying not to get too attached.

Got to be honest aside from the punch the air moment when Cat Grant revealed she knew the truth this finale wasn’t as much of a ride as the previous episode. Think they peaked a little early.

Anyway onto season 3! Well another day haha.

OMG this finale with the Daxomite invasion is amazing!!!

Like I should be live blogging this to remember all the awesomeness because there is a lot. But I’m too invested, it’s riveting viewing.

Cat Grant walked in like a boss. That conversation “don’t need to measure anything” was incredible. Alex jump twisting off the roof was totally badass. Cat Grant giving advice again was epic, I missed her. Lena’s mother walking in has trap all over it, I don’t buy her motive of wanting to save Lena at all. Oh! Oh! And Cat Grant going “ok so you are an alien but at least tell me you still a democrat” was hilarious.

I have thoughts about Lena and how Rhea manipulated her (I feel so sorry for her) but I’m not sure how to put my mess of emotions into words. I’m just screaming about it. Lena was so touched that her mother came for her. I love that she immediately argued for Supergirls safety.

I’m glad they mentioned the elephant in the room of Superman not showing up, though they didn’t say where he is. I hope they do address that and don’t just say “oh he was on vacation with Lois and didn’t take his phone oops” because that would suck. Ah mind control, didn’t that happen in the season 1 alien invasion too? Hmm.

Ouch. Major major ouch. Kara just asked why Lena’s mother didn’t reveal her secret identity and she said “one day Lena will discover you lied to her and hate you for it” and I have read enough spoilers to know 😭 that was some foreshadowing I did not need.

Cat Grant going “where is James and Kira?” and Win going “they are hiding like cowards” erm couldn’t he have said they were hunting the story? The office is busted which is why they aren’t working from it. I mean /facepalm. Lol she always knew about James though. I love that “thank you James” “I can see your eyes through the slit” – just more evidence that she really does know about Kara. I know they did that fakeout with Jonn but Cat Grant is smart enough to know about shapeshifters.

Honestly Cat Grant is amazing.

Kara is an idiot going to Rhea to get her to surrender. Alex doesn’t know that! She’s going to blow the ship regardless, I mean c’mon. Just why? Poor Alex impossible position and then the cannon blows up. If she’d left Alex wouldn’t have hesitated and the ship would have been toast.

This is some seriously epic TV. Ok I still have 2×22 to watch but it’s raid night 🙁 I’ll have to watch the rest another day!

Watched Supergirl 2×19 Alex the other day (I’m posting this late) and I find it uncomfortable to be against Supergirl but I was. Maggie had a point.

If there had been a bank stand-off for 16 hours – 16! – then what had Kara been doing all that time? Like why wait 16 hours to intervene? I might have been a bit more sympathetic if she had intervened immediately but at 16 hours???

Plus the Supergirl defence sounds all too possible. Breaking an arm, busting a big hole in the ceiling – actions have consequences you know. Kara thinks just because she believes in what she is doing, that it’s “right” that she can do whatever she wants.

I side with Maggie. Kara can fight aliens, do what the police can’t, but otherwise unless they ask for help she should leave it alone. I mean sure if she spots a car accident, she can be the “jaws of life”, or if there’s a fire she can help put it out. Natural disasters, getting people out of harms way, preventing destruction – all of that is good! Supergirl can do all of that but criminal cases? That requires cooperation, not just riding roughshod over everyone because “I’m Supergirl and I mean well so everything I do is right”.

Anyway sorry for venting but Kara’s arrogance does bother me. I love her don’t get me wrong but that doesn’t mean I always agree with her.

In the Martian Chronicles Kara was a bit of a brat. I did enjoy how she fell all over herself to go “no nope no no way” about Mon-El but then they wrecked it by making her take an interest when she thought his interest was lost. Plus there was the whole thing with Earth birthday. I get she was disappointed but poor Alex. Also Kara is still being all ridiculous over Guardian. Like I said brat.

Anyway then there was Luthors.

“Kara Danvers you are my hero”

And all is forgiven. I love, love, love how Kara believed in Lena and never once doubted or let her down. I mean there was no evidence that Lena was innocent (and plenty of evidence that said she was guilty) so it was blind faith but you know what I like that. Kara knew Lena as a person, knew her character and that she wouldn’t do it and that was enough.

I guess I don’t have to like everything about Kara as a character. Hey I just called her a brat but she’s still a good person and I still want her to be happy. Plus come on that awkward “no no nope” with Mon-El honestly I was just yelling at the TV “just tell him you are gay” because really it felt like that should be where it was going.

I feel super sorry for Lena. Her step-mother is such a bitch, always going for the emotional manipulation. I’m glad Lena has Kara as a friend even if it’s not anything more than that right now (though it should be). Lena you get the last laugh darling, you are the final Luthor standing so you get the lot, good and bad, but you also get to write the ending.

A Luthor and a Super working together. Gotta love it.

Ok I get that Kara is scared that James will get hurt or die by being Guardian but geez that confrontation was hard to watch.

“You are a human, you will never be strong enough” – can we say ouch?

I’m sorry I just find that horrifying. Like Kara thinks that she’s better than the humans a little bit deep down which doesn’t sit well with me. She really needs to respect James can make his own choices because that’s what it comes down to – it’s his life, his choice.

I wish that James had kicked the bad guys ass and hadn’t needed Kara to come save him but the team-up at the end when they all worked together was nice. Win definitely deserved Jonn chewing him out but I liked that Jonn also praised him and said he and James were an impressive team.

Honestly I just can’t even with how sancitimonus Kara is being “as long as you are putting yourselves in danger I can’t support it” like she’s not their mother. I’m glad Jonn showed them respect because damn it seems like he’s the only one that’s going to. I’m disappointed in Kara for this I really am.

Lack of respect was a theme because Mon-El didn’t respect that Kara could take care of herself and had to come save her (thus endangering the civilians). He said that’s because he likes her romantically in that very awkward confession at the end of the episode (seriously Kara could not have looked more uncomfortable) but that is no excuse. Deep friendship, romance, whatever, you can love someone and respect that they know what they are doing. To think you know best because you care is understandable, I mean who doesn’t want to protect the people we care about right? But that doesn’t make it right.

I really wish Kara had that revelation. That she was treating James how Mon-El treated her. Think how frustrating and annoying it is for someone not to trust you, to think they know best and to protect you whether you want them to or not. I hope she does realise that and apologise to James soon.

I love Supergirl.

Just watched “Supergirl Lives” with the Stargate and Win going “I’m not a red shirt!” and Kara’s real superpower of compassion and bravery saving the day.

That’s not the first time her refusal to move has inspired others, she won back National City after the red kyptonite thing by continually standing between people and danger even though it was hurting her.

Alex feeling like the universe was kicking her in the teeth for being happy, like karma was kicking in, was so relatable but damn girl you do deserve to be happy! Oh and I super loved the “glasses really don’t help” assessment by Maggie as she just knew Kara was Supergirl because of course.

Honestly the only thing that could have made this episode better would have been less Mon-El and more Lena.

Watching Supergirl 2×08 and yay there’s Supercorp! I love how Kara empathised with Lena about sins of the parents and also was adamant that she knew her, and that Lena was a good person 🙂

I did roll my eyes though because right after there was the Mon-El kiss and my inner snark came out about them being scared of the gay and having to cover it.

Obviously this is the first time I’ve seen it but I still didn’t believe for one second that Lena was actually supporting her mother/Cadmus. Nice fakeout. I considered it was possible when she said “why not I’m a Luthor?” because I thought maybe she wanted to earn her mother’s love. I’m so glad that’s she knew that wouldn’t work and it was a bad idea.

Basically Lena = badass. I loved the “and I called the police.”

Oh and yay for Alex and Maggie! And now there’s some kind of crossover with The Flash? I’m hoping that’s skippable I only watch half the DC shows.

I just watched 2×01 – The Adventures of Supergirl.


Like I swear it just oozed fun. Introducing Superman on screen was a stroke of genius. I loved watching them save the day together, I loved watching them be Clark and Kara, I loved Kara teasing him about changing his diapers. Then there was Clark and Cat Grant (I remember from Lois and Clark that Cat had a crush on him).

But but Lena Luthor.

Can I just say that it bodes well that Kara figured out what she wanted to do – her calling – because of Lena? Like I know this ship isn’t canon, I know I’m in for pain, but I’m a massive Bering and Wells shipper guys I don’t need no stinking canon. I need little moments that I can twist to mean things.

Oh and I absolutely loved Alex badass fight with Corbyn.

Also weirdly I liked that Superman and J’onn are at odds even though they are on the same side. It shows that not everything is black and white. I mean J’onn is right there were hostile Kryptonions – a bunch just tried to destroy the world with myriad – so holding onto a weapon which could combat their abilities makes sense. I can see Clark’s POV too though, probably reinforced by Cadmus and General Lane’s attitude, which is that he’s only ever one incident away from being declared an enemy. He doesn’t even have to do anything, the mood changes one day, or somebody new comes to power, and boom. I don’t think he’d mind so much if J’onn had it stashed somewhere secret because J’onn is a guy of integrity who would only use it against him if he did go rogue – it’s the government basically and can’t blame Clark for that!

If I remember rightly Supergirl switched networks so this shakeup in season 2 makes sense. The DEO office has changed, the Kara/James ship has been dropped etc. Plus I know Cat Grant is leaving. I am quite sad about the last one but overall if this premiere is any indication then I’d say the show is looking good.


Cat Grant knew, Totally called it.

Now I’m scared though because in Lois and Clark tradition the second somebody not within the circle of secret found out, they usually had their memory wiped, or got killed or Tempus got branded as crazy. The whole “well today that’s just a Superman from an alternate universe” didn’t wash with the press. I don’t know I’m just saying #tradition says it’s not looking good for the worlds most stylish and empathetic boss.

Also is anyone else the least bit suspicious that if Astra got herself caught, she knew that she would be taken to the DEO right? It reminds me of that Fury quote looking at Loki on the hellicarrier and going “so why is he the only one who wants to be here?” or words to that effect. After all if Astra needs soldiers her fellow Fort Ras aliens would probably be her first pick. So imprisoning her in the same prison is a bit like when on Agents of Shield they locked up Kreel (absorbing man) in the same building as all the confiscated artifacts – the one place he wanted to go. And getting yourself captured, that just gets you past security so uh-oh.

Anyway holy-cliffhanger Batman. That should come with a warning label, I have to go to bed! Heh 🙂

Sorry I‘m obviously not done rambling.

I find it interesting the different take on the Superman mythology that I’m getting. For instance this “solar flare” burning out of powers thing – that never happened on Lois and Clark, not without prolonged kryptonite exposure anyway.

Also watching this is like six degrees of separation. Oooh there’s Piper from Agents of Shield. Oh that’s D’avin from Killjoys etc. Always funny when that happens.

James Olsen is such a good friend. There for Kara during her crisis of confidence. Also I really can’t believe Cat Grant is the inspiring voice, so weird after Lois and Clark, but then I guess it’s a different take like James Olsen. It makes this show stand on its own.

Although the one thing this show does have in common is how do they fit the capes under their clothes? It clearly doesn’t fit. Also how do they change back into civvies somewhere else because they aren’t carrying them?

Hmm I might have to take back what I said about Win as that comment about Kara’s romantic future was mean. It felt like it was to do with his own disappointment and he was lashing out because he liked Kara before he knew about her powers and now feels like he has no chance.

To get back to the costume James was like three floors up when he fell. Why didn’t Kara just grab him as he passed? Why fly out, change and fly back down again? That is just so extra.

OMG I did not see that coming as the explanation for Hank’s red eyes. His true form was unexpected. I had thought maybe he’d had a reaction to the kryptonite when he used it on Astra and that his red eyes were indicating he was under the influence of red kryptonite and kinda evil so I was way off base.

This show keeps surprising me.