The episode I watched tonight was the one with Tasha’s sister and Picard was all “she fooled all of us” and the camera flashed to Deanna and she looked a little annoyed and quite right too as Deanna had said all along “I sense ambiguity, I sense deception” etc. so no not everyone was fooled Captain.

I’m watching the “Best of Both Worlds” TNG two-parter and everytime they say Admiral “Hanson” I am jumping. I know it is spelt differently but what a weird coincidence.

Hearing Wolf 359 is like Order 66 😭

Why can’t we get subtlety in episodes like this anymore? Listing off the destroyed ships and one of them is Melbourne (the ship Riker was tipped to command) and it’s not a big moment. He just looks down for a second, but man I felt that. It was an earned moment.

Did these episodes win awards? I feel like they should have done.

Also I now need to google how Guinan knows Picard (outside of Picard time travel adventure) because more than family is making me go hmm? As I can’t recall the story.

🤮 I am watching TNG Hollow Pursuits and was this incel before that became a thing? It is so so so so so gross!

Like I am really weirded out that he can create this holodeck program with real people and have Troi kiss him. Be attracted to his gross behaviour.

And it gets worse! I googled and read “this was thought by the actor to represent a Trek fan onboard” 🤢 and worse! He doesn’t get the punishment he deserves as he becomes a recurring 😭 I hate it. Why is this ok?

I mean that was a thing in a DS9 episode where some gross guy wanted a program with Kira and asked Quark to make it happen. At least that didn’t exist! But it struck me then how wrong the holodeck could be


He doesn’t know how to navigate social interactions, and instead plays out his fantasies on the holodeck. It’s disgusting, but I think it’s also understandable in the context of having holodecks available unchecked. To me, if we stay inside the narrative, the only major issue i have is how he got to his position in Starfleet without anyone realizing his behavioral problems. Even with being shuffled around and whatnot, did they not have a single psych eval in the academy?

You would think so given they are purported to only take the “best and brightest” and that most applicants don’t get in.

Anyway the next episode has a young Artie in it (Warehouse 13). he’s actually in the preview thumbnail on Paramount+ 😂 hopefully will be fun.


Oh that’s a fun one! A lot has been written about Kivas Fatjo (sp?) and Artie and similarities and whatnot.

I didn’t know what this meant but now I do!

How… serendipitous? I mean what are the odds right? Such a coincidence a young Artie playing a collector before he was Artie.

Makes me wonder tbh about if Warehouse 13 existed in the Trek universe. What would have happened with the warehouse and the wars? What artifacts did the wars create? Could artifacts work off world or is it some kind of special Earth thing? Do other planets create artifacts of their own?

Fun thought experiment 🙂

I’ve watched a few episodes of Next Gen recently. Am I alone in thinking the show hits it’s stride in season three? I have been slow watching due to not vibing at all with season 1 and 2. It’s like I was thinking I know these characters, I like these characters but ugh. But now I am thinking “hmm ok this is getting alright” now I am into season three

I’m not sure I can pinpoint precisely what has changed. Well I wasn’t a tremendous fan of Crushers replacement but it’s obviously more than that.