Ok so last night I watched DS9 – Through the Looking Glass, in which Sisko barely put up a token protest to sleeping with alternate!Dax. Then also kissed alternate!Kira. I was like 👀

Then I watched Voyager’s Timeless and Voyager was under the ice and I was like “whaaaaat?” and then Harry and Chakotay were walking around and I was like “they look older, do they look older? Are they older?” and I was just thinking “what happened? What happened?” and then the bodies started appearing, and then Chakotay was on the bridge. I went “is that Tom?” And then I said out loud “if you show me Janeway I am going to lose it” and then WHAT DID THEY DO!?!? And then compounded that with Seven, and then we are back on the Delta Flyer and my heart is ripped out of my chest, and all I can think about is Chakotay must have some real charm for that girlfriend to go all in like that. Like yes we’ll either die, go to prison for forever, or we’ll never have met. So totally unselfish of that woman. I want to know more about her. And as for Harry… 😢

I’m watching Deep Space 9 episode Meridian and I am disturbed.

Like this episode just feels like the creep meter is off the charts. From that alien’s literal first question to Dax being do the spots go all the way down to Quark trying to clone Kira into a hologram for some aliens perverted fantasy. I mean like gross 🤢

I still have half the episode to watch and I am hoping that the episode will redeem itself somehow but I’m not holding my breath. I remember there was a Voyager episode and I was just waiting for it to come right and then it never did.

Do you think it’s the era? I guess maybe we have more awareness of creepiness now.

I think what always makes it so weird to me is that it feels so creepy and yet the characters don’t mind it? Like Dax was going to give up her life for that guy. The Dax in my head would have brushed the guy off diplomatically, or maybe left him wondering if he had been insulted but not entirely sure, and if he had pressed it further then he would have been kissing dirt. Instead she was all over him ??

When I was watching Once Upon a Time I phrased it as feeling like I had “fallen into an alternate reality” because it just did not make sense.

Really though it’s like a “does not compute” error. I have that IRL a fair bit when things aren’t logical. So then I wonder if maybe I am missing something, and that it is actually ok despite feeling very not ok?

Anyway I suppose skeevy holo guy at least didn’t get what he wanted. But I don’t like how that was played for laughs. Surely the misuse of holo suites for things people wouldn’t consent to should have been a real ethical issue. I mean Trek is about the ethics right?