So that Year of Hell art I just reblogged made me think. That is a huge deal for me as episodes go, and I think it made an impact on a lot of people. I would definitely at least class it as memorable…


The actual characters don’t remember it at all. How many other key moments just don’t exist to them? What does that do to our perspective of them vs their perspective of themselves/each other?

Thinky thoughts.

I have been very slow watching all of Trek. Partly because I am trying to watch like 6 shows all at once. Mostly because I have to have spoons to watch stuff I care about and they are limited so I am just slow.

Anyway! I’m still making my way through Voyager (season 5 now) and it’s been probably 2 years at least, more like 3 probably, maybe even more, since I watched season 2.

Can someone please explain to me why out of all the 100 episodes I have seen (and it is actually exactly 100) it is the Amelia Earhart episode that my mind dwells on? And returns to randomly to think about?

Like don’t get me wrong the episode with that suit was a whole thing, and the year of hell, yup. But my brain always returns to the 37’s. Why?


Because Janeway totally hooked up with Amelia Earhart

Well yeah…. I think the bitterness/injustice of how Amelia Earhart should have joined the crew. Because she loved to fly and explore. Why would she give that up to become a homesteader on an alien world?

She could have been an alternate pilot rather than Tom all the time. Dude has to sleep and it would have been a really cool perspective a) to have someone from earth history, b) essentially someone like us, a viewer new to space travel/science stuff. Sure we have previous Treks/genre conventions etc. but an innocence/enthusiasm could have combated the jaded/ehhh seen it before.

Like so much potential, so good, and yeah could have been a girlfriend for Janeway 😉 now knowing Janeway she probably would have been like “StarFleet or not, she is still crew and fraternising isn’t allowed” but Amelia pushed boundaries her whole life why would this be any different? Idk it just would have been good.

So yeah this is probably why my brain won’t let it rest 🙃

Ok so last night I watched DS9 – Through the Looking Glass, in which Sisko barely put up a token protest to sleeping with alternate!Dax. Then also kissed alternate!Kira. I was like 👀

Then I watched Voyager’s Timeless and Voyager was under the ice and I was like “whaaaaat?” and then Harry and Chakotay were walking around and I was like “they look older, do they look older? Are they older?” and I was just thinking “what happened? What happened?” and then the bodies started appearing, and then Chakotay was on the bridge. I went “is that Tom?” And then I said out loud “if you show me Janeway I am going to lose it” and then WHAT DID THEY DO!?!? And then compounded that with Seven, and then we are back on the Delta Flyer and my heart is ripped out of my chest, and all I can think about is Chakotay must have some real charm for that girlfriend to go all in like that. Like yes we’ll either die, go to prison for forever, or we’ll never have met. So totally unselfish of that woman. I want to know more about her. And as for Harry… 😢

Everytime I watch Voyager lately I am like “and where is B’elanna?” She’s just been background so many times 😦

I know the actress had a baby. Was that still into season 5? I don’t begrudge it if so because full support obviously. But still I miss B’elanna.

Ok so watching Voyager and I am CONFUSED!

Last episode was Extreme Risk. I followed that fine.

This one? It feels like I’ve dropped into the middle of the story. Like this is a part 3 at least. I mean I get the storytelling tactic of in medias res but wow.

I don’t know if I feel respected, like they trusted me as a viewer to work this out, or just confused.

It’s interesting that they have this “imposter” storyline with a different species other than changelings. When it started I was thinking changelings but that’s the gamma quadrant, and how they were in the delta and related to the dominion war I was going ??? So makes sense it’s not them I guess.

The CGI is so bad though 😂


Is that where that’s from or is that real? I’m dying hahahaha.

Random thought of the day.

Voyager. Early seasons The Doctor did a search for a name. Why did nobody say to him “hey you know there is a very famous hero known only as ‘The Doctor’. They carried a sonic screwdriver, you have a tricorder but otherwise…” 😂



s3 let’s go


ensign tuvok: [making coffee for his captain] 

janeway: you never brought me tea


tuvok: ever since I entered the academy, I’ve had to endure the egocentric nature of humanity. you believe that everyone in the galaxy should be like you, that we should all share your sense of humour and your human values. 

i mean… he’s not wrong tho. so far what I’ve seen on voyager, people like tuvok and seven are expected to behave and express emotions like the majority… it’s unsettling 

That’s always been one of the ‘darker’ sides to StarFleet and the federation that I wish had been explored more. Instead everytime they touch upon it they always backtrack to “oh but we are right so that’s ok” and no?

I mean if StarFleet was just human then fine but it’s so intertwined with the federation which is supposed to be a equal cooperative? Like a United Nations of the stars as I understand it.

Have we ever seen a non human Captain? Do the non humans on a ship ever out number a human crew? Are they always the minority? Like that can’t be an accident. The admirals and leaders of starfleet are usually mostly human. Sure some of it is probably out of universe money as they don’t have to do makeup for too many characters but still :/

As someone who hasn’t watched all of Voyager yet. I’ve always been very confused about the few offhand references I’ve read about Chakotay and Seven. I had always dismissed it as him being basically the “only available regular man” as Tom was with B’Elanna, Harry is presented as being the green/young kid and the Doctor is a hologram.

I’m starting to get the dawning horror realisation that there might be more to it. At this point in time what the ever living bleep?? Maybe it’ll make a teeny tiny amount of sense if I watch it but, where’s that gif I need? The Eve Baird “no, no nope” one because so much that.

So my dawning horror is correct and it was actually a thing? 🙀 

Ok well I may have to do a “so sad Voyager was cancelled after (whenever it was before it started)” “but there were seven seasons” “yeah no” lol.

I’ll watch the lot obviously but I’m comfortable with the “canon is a box of scraps” mentality and will freely ignore anything that well… just no. No.

I’m watching Voyager and I have stars in my eyes 🤩 😍

“It is puzzling. You made me into an individual. You encouraged me to stop thinking like a member of the collective, to cultivate my independence and my humanity but when I try to assert that independence I am punished.”

“Individuality has its limits. Especially on a starship where there is a command structure.”

“I believe that you are punishing me because I do not think the way that you do, because I am not becoming more like you. You claim to respect my individuality but in fact you are frightened by it.”

I don’t know that just really resonated with me

Bearing in mind this is my first watch through of Voyager. Janeway at the moment seems to view Seven as like a pet. She wants to use Seven’s skills and her knowledge, she wants to feel good about teaching Seven how to ‘human’. Like Seven is a walking example of what a good person Janeway is. But I’m not getting the sense at the moment that Janeway really sees Seven as that individual. It’s more like someone who can’t be trusted to make the right decisions for themselves so Janeway wants control. That could be a bad read. I know a lot of people ship them. Thus far I’m not getting that at all


Same, I never got a romantic vibe at all. I used to get maternal from Janeway and now I don’t even know anymore because it’s… complicated

Yeah I can see parental but in a bit of a self-serving kinda way. Like I’m sure Janeway cares. But Janeway isn’t the “I want what is right for you whatever that is” parent. She’s the “I want what I think is best for you as I know best” parent.

I just watched Prey so 4.16. Hence quoting from the end scene as that hit me hard. I think I saw myself in Seven’s words there about mixed messages and double standards and never quite understanding and always getting it wrong.


I know they butted heads a lot, but I found B’Elanna and Seven to have a much healthier dynamic 💅

Yeah true. Thus far all I’ve seen is B’Elanna being mad at her BUT what I like the most is that she explains *why*. She tells Seven straight up don’t do that because, or you are rude and this is why people don’t like it try saying please etc. B’Elanna doesn’t just get mad and leave Seven wondering why, and actually she helps her with the explaining.


Like that one time where B’Elanna calls her out in Astrometrics “… You’re.. rude.” It was just so upfront, and Seven accepted it from her

Seven needed upfront though because that’s what she understood. Just cutting through the bullshit because Seven can’t filter that human obscurance yet. So that was good of B’Elanna even though I’m not sure if that was B’Elannas actual intent.