I just read your swim date rushbelle (omg I love it so much) How was the date??



Awwww thanks. I’m really happy that you loved it! I think I’ll have to clean this up now, it’s become a bit of a thing. Feel free to prompt for anything you want to happen next.

So how did the swim date go?


It had been twenty minutes since the last lecture ended. Rush tapped his foot and resisted the urge to check his watch for the hundredth time. She wasn’t coming, she had realized the implication inherent in her invitation and she didn’t wish to go on a date with him. Either that, or she had previously been unaware of exactly who he was
and some kind soul had filled her in.

He should have known better than to believe that he would have a date with someone like Doctor Belle French.

“Sorry I’m late.”

Rush turned, startled. Belle smiled at him, a hint of embarrassment on her face. “I got cornered by Doctor Felger, do you know him? Anyway, he wouldn’t stop talking
and it was hard to get away. Are you ready to go? You do still want to …”

“Yes, yes, absolutely,” Rush interrupted, nodding desperately.

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alfjdlñfajdlfjañslda woobie!rush is so cute!!

Who did Belle had to bribe?

I have a prompt from @beastlycheese that Ruby is working admin at the conference (they also prompted Rush not being able to swim), so it’s less bribe and more asking a favor.

However, I don’t think I will call the person Ruby, I really don’t want to do a full crossover. There’s no Gold in this universe and it would get complicated. I mean Rush and Gold have a fair few similarities for all that they are different people. I think I would find it difficult to characterize Rush properly to be honest if more Storybrooke people turned up.

Anyway, Belle gets on well with everyone, I can imagine her on arrival being pleasant to the setup people and thanking them for their hard work. Therefore when she says to the admin lady (Ruby or otherwise) “do you mind swapping seating for me? I met this gorgeous guy” they wink at her and say “say no more” and arrange the whole thing.

Hmm I seem to be making Rush, in that Rushbelle swim date ficlet (which has become an actual fic) act like a woobie!Gold. To be honest though I do see Rush like that. I think he’s very confident in his abilities at work, but he has spent so long working that he has no confidence socially.

Rush has the same thing as Gold, in that everyone loves to hate him, until they need his help. He’s used to the dislike of his peers and he is far more comfortable with that, than somebody wanting to be his friend or something more and Belle is definitely wanting more heh 🙂

I don’t think Rush is usually all that self-conscious about his appearance. I don’t think it usually occurs to him, it was just with the comparison on the beach with Belle and all the other ‘beautiful’ people around him, that he had a moment of concern. Not that Belle would agree of course …

wizzygold replied to your post:Hmm I seem to be making Rush, in that Rushbelle…

Rush is a woobie, is just that so few people get to see it, but look how he acts around Mandy, he gets all goofy and relaxed around her (hello, white shirt of sex) I think maybe he is more comfortable with his body than Gold is, but not too much (he does use two shirts in Destiny and I don’t think that place is very cold)

Yup you are right. This ^^

When he was with Mandy his whole expression softened. He lost the hard edges and his smile was so sweet. On Destiny he was at a physical disadvantage as well with the military, they were all taller and stronger. Well stronger physically, Rush certainly knew how to take punishment. I think it’s all about self-protection with Rush really. He uses his intellect, his sarcasm and his razor sharp comments to defend himself, although of course that sometimes gets him into trouble.

In regards to your TMI Tuesday question, you probably weren’t expecting a ficlet in answer to your question about how the swim date went. However, I’m afraid I took the question more as a prompt. I hope that was ok.





I’m procrastinating and really shouldn’t be writing this but this is too gorgeous to pass up. It’s Rushbelle, sorry, not sorry 🙂

Professor Nicholas Rush hates conferences. He loves his work but he hates having to explain himself. If people don’t understand, then it’s a waste of his time trying to explain it. He accepts that level of idiocy from his students, but from his peers, it’s just frustrating.

Rush especially hates conferences, when they are just blatant ‘jollies’ such as holding the conference in Hawaii. It’ll be 90% procrastination and 10% math, he would have preferred to stay home but the university insisted he went. His reputation within his field was worth it to them.

The afternoon he arrived, he made the best mistake of his life – he went for a walk on the beach. There, walking on the sand, was a sea nymph come to life, a mermaid walking out of the water, an angel fallen from the sky. Rush has never been a poetic man, numbers mean more than words, and she has perfect equation written all over her. Her smile is brighter than the sun and the warmth sinks through him, easier than the heat of the sand through his shoes.

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Please make them meet 5 minutes later in the shop both buying swim gear. Pretty please.

Ask and you shall receive 🙂

Ten minutes later and Rush had found a store that sold swimming gear. He wrinkled his nose in distaste. Did all of the trunks have to be Hawaiian print? They were loud, colorful and nothing he would wear in a million years. Didn’t they have any solid color trunks?

“Excuse me,” Rush said to the assistant behind the counter. “What do you have in a solid color?”

He held up one of the distasteful pairs, this one had palm trees all over it, against a set of crashing waves. Honestly, who would wear something like this, unless they lost a bet, or it was for money? They were ridiculous.

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So quick. So perfect. So ..so..i need to lie down now. Thank you soooooooo much.

Oh no, I hope I didn’t kill you with the fluff heh. It’s probably a good idea for me to stop now anyway. I’m supposed to be working and if I wrote more, then that would just be more procrastination.

Anyway, I was thinking the next scene should be Belle going back to the hotel and maybe Samantha Carter asking where she was, saying that there’s not long left until the next lecture etc. I thought about using someone else from Storybrooke for Belle’s friend, like Ariel maybe, but I couldn’t picture her at a maths conference.

Belle admits that she went shopping for a new swimsuit. Carter blinks in surprise and says “you came to Hawaii without a suit?” and Belle blushes and says no, but the only suit she brought had shorts built into it, because she thought she might try surfing while she was here. The suit was not exactly sexy and she has a swim date later with this really attractive guy. She then laughs and says that she ran into Rush buying a swim suit of his own and maybe he came to Hawaii without one, she’ll have to ask him later.

Please no self, don’t make another thing /slaps self


Oh dear. Can’t even image Rush in palm tree print trunks!

No neither can I really. He didn’t want them, he wanted a nice plain pair. However, Belle said they’d match and he just bought them automatically after that. Thanks for commenting!

I’m actually cleaning this one up at the moment. Making some notes about what I want to add to flesh it out. So if there’s anything you want to be included, prompt while there’s still time 🙂