Thought of the day: Natasha could lift “the hammer of Thor” if she tried.


Why do I think this?

Because she’s a reformed villain.

My theory on the “worthiness test” is basically – “can this person be corrupted?” 

With what we now know about Hela Odin must have been terrified when Thor ran off to Jotunheim and “father, we can finish them together!” because Thor had so easily fallen into the slippery slope, road to hell is paved with good intentions trap. Maybe that’s how Odin’s conquest of the nine realms started, he was always talking about “bringing peace to the nine realms” and haven’t we all heard the “but it’s for their own good” argument?

There’s that line in Age of Ultron, Wanda said re: Tony “he will do anything to make it right” and when push comes to shove, what would good people NOT do in order to protect those they care about? Good people have more to lose. They can get corrupted by the shifting sands, and the compromises, but those who have already been tempted, who have stared into the abyss and walked away? Those are worthy because what is left to corrupt them?

That’s what Thor learned and why he became worthy. When I first watched the movie I couldn’t see a difference between him at the start and at the end. I was like “all he did was sacrifice himself/fight a monster, what was different?” but it wasn’t the physical, it was the mental. He’d essentially learned consequences if you like. Man I’m explaining this badly.

I just mean that reformed villains have been tested. They walked away from the dark side. They can fight corruption because they know it and that makes them worthy aka more trustworthy to stay good, than good people who could go dark to save those they love.