Moving Day!

Just felt I should mark it 😂

@trickster-archangel @little-inkstone @purlturtle thank you ❤️

All my stuff has been moved. There are boxes everywhere. Last time I was unpacked within a day. Unfortunately I have to build the storage units first so it will take longer.

There was a slight hitch with my bed. There was a single bed in that spot when I viewed and so I didn’t bother to measure. It must have been perhaps a divan and so it didn’t have a frame. The space is about the size of the frame too small. We’ve kind of wedged it in there (it’s not really on the floor, it’s on the beading of the laminate) but the bed was difficult to construct (because of course the screws are on the outside 🙄) and I scratched my wall a bit which I am annoyed about (I just painted every inch of this house, ceilings, all the walls etc.). Buuuuut yeah did get it in there just not in anything approaching an ideal way.

I am hoping that will be the last hitch but I am sure there will be more 🙃

I’m pretty sure I missed cool Star Trek stuff recently 😭 there are hints on my dash but I don’t know what it’s about really. I am consumed with moving hell.

4 more sleeps until I move.

The chaos will be over soon. I’ll just keep repeating that to myself until it’s true.

purlturtle said:  A trailer for S3 of Picard dropped. And September 8 is the “birthday” of Star Trek, since that is (I think) when TOS first aired, so there was a big “Star Trek Day” bash with red carpet interviews and actor reveals and whatnot.

Also, re: moving – you got this! And, German tradition holds that the first thing you dream of in your new home will come true. You can decide if you wanna adopt this tradition for yourself or not – it’s even okay to wait if your first dream was a good one before deciding 😅 

galactic-pirates said:  @purlturtle thanks so much for reading me in 🥰 I think I liked the trailer but haven’t had chance to watch it yet. I feel like I have no brain space to process anything atm. My dreams are usually so weird I don’t think I can adopt that particular tradition. But it’s cool to learn about it! 

purlturtle said:  Oh I got you! Moving is so stressful. Last time we did, we had a company do most of the work, and their truck barely fit (like, by inches) in the walkway that led to our door, but the driver chanced it anyway so the workers wouldn’t have to carry stuff so far. But it all went well and so quick and smoothly! Wishing that for you as well! 

I am reasonably certain that at some point on here I said I was trying to move into a place of my own. The process has been ongoing for almost a year now and am certain to have moaned at some point. It has been a rollercoaster, a frustrating nightmare, endless limbo and just generally awful.

Anyway! I won’t rehash the entire journey, I just felt I should say that I got the keys to my house 10 days ago!!!! So exciting, and a huge leap forward, buuuuut

Have I moved in? No. Do I want to? Very much. Why have I not moved in? *cries in renovation*

Before we sold our house in 2014 I painted all but one room. The house needed to be freshened up to market it. That was a 2 bedroom cottage, so not a huge house, but before I hit I think the middle of the process I’d had enough. It’s not the physical exhaustion or the aches and pains, it’s the mental overwhelm. I just wanted to run away and not have to deal with it. Room after room was just too much in one go. When we moved into the current family home some decorating was required. I was prepared to dig deep but mum opted to hire a company so it was done super fast.

I was grateful and quite relieved to not have to do anymore decorating but apparently time dulls memories. I have a 2 bedroom house and I am painting every room – one after the other. I want it to be done and over but I’m not even halfway.

This is more extensive than just decorating as I’m having to coordinate around tradespeople too. We’ve had the electrician in, and the plumber, and new flooring. It doesn’t feel like I’m getting anywhere. I’ve made some progress everywhere (as I had to do certain tasks to prepare key areas for the aforementioned professionals) but nowhere is 100% done. It’s like everywhere I look it’s just mess and chaos. Fortunately unlike last time (when I decorated the cottage) I’m not having to live there. That does help a bit, but I’m currently putting off going to bed despite being utterly exhausted, as I’m just going to have to get up and do it all again tomorrow, and as much as I want to move ASAP, I am finding it increasingly hard to face all the work I have to do in order to get there.

I’m not sleeping anyway. I’m scared. The world situation is terrifying. Now is probably the worst time to strike out on my own and be having to pay all the bills solo. I’d done a budget but then the electrician discovered a problem and my expected bill became 10x bigger. Today I found out my hot water heater isn’t working. It’s just one thing after another.

Anyway that’s the state of play. I’m hoping everything will be done and I can move first week of September. Then I’m hoping my life will start. Probably a foolish dream given the aforementioned terrifying world situation.

Does anyone else just live with the constant feeling of doom? Like what is even the point of all this you know? /sighs

I was supposed to post fic yesterday wasn’t I?


We’ll call that an unscheduled skip due to extreme heat and migraine.

Also I can’t hold things in my brain atm. I think I am so consumed by ‘waiting’ that there’s no room for anything else. I just want a date for my house, something to hold onto, but nope wait is interminable 🙁

urban-trek-thru-middle-earth said:  Having just finished a three month long, long-distance moving process, I *totally* get that feeling. I’ve been in my new house for a month, still waiting for the writing bug to come back. I’m just so tired from everything to do with the move…

galactic-pirates said:  @urban-trek-thru-middle-earth *hugs* I hope you feel better soon and can write again. It is so frustrating sometimes to have the ideas but the old ‘spirit is willing, mind/body is weak’ then kicks in and so it can’t happen. I feel you. My offer was accepted March 15th so we’re past the 3 month mark with no sign of a date. I had hoped a couple of weeks ago things would move faster as the chain is complete and short but nope doesn’t seem to be. Hopefully I’ll at least hear something next month :/ 

So I may have bought a house…


I know, I know, it’s crazy. I’m mad excited and mad scared. It’ll take a couple of months to go through but the offer has been accepted and we’re starting the process.

I am shook. I can’t believe this is for real just wow. So yeah this is a thing that is happening.

I haven’t done an update on moving house in a while have I? I totally forget what I last said or when I talked about it. The word nightmare comes to mind.

I’m paying basically near the equivalent of a Lego Republic Gunship EVERY MONTH (which hurts me as I wouldn’t actually spend that on Lego as I prefer to save but ugh all that wasted money 😫) to not have our stuff so that our house is less cluttered and sells – aaaaaand it’s not selling due to things I can’t control like “the garden is too small and overlooked” (house is on an estate) or “the bedrooms are too small” (they are standard size). Both of which I thought would have been apparent anyway from the detailed floorplan and photos but no I still run around like an idiot polishing the house to make it spotless every single time people want to come.

I am tired and fed up and I looked at renting (more money down the drain yay) to get out of here sooner so I don’t kill mums husband (obviously not but oh so tempting sometimes) but everywhere I rang about was either lying about being available, or wouldn’t rent to me due to my circumstances (which is actually illegal discrimination but it would take too much to fight it).

About the only upside of this is I’m reading a lot more books for all the times I have to sit in the car hiding while people poke around my house (which gives me the creeps tbh as I hate anyone in my space).


#I am so done

urban-trek-thru-middle-earth said:  I feel your pain. Our house is for sale at the moment – we might have a confirmed sale early next week – and trying to live in it while keeping it looking like a showhome is driving me *nuts*. I just got the quote from the movers today, and it was so expensive, it made me want to give up and stay where we are. It’s no wonder moving house is one of the three most stressful experiences you can live through.

galactic-pirates said:  @urban-trek-thru-middle-earth good luck! I hope you do sell early next week and then you’ll be one step closer to the nightmare being over. In a few months hopefully we’ll both be able to look back at this and laugh as it’ll all be done and we’ll be moved into the new places. I can’t wait haha. Imagining that is all that is getting me through. 


“We all had dreams once, Liam.”

That line is just stuck in my head. I find myself repeating it to myself multiple times a day because I have dreams, or had them, and I hate this time of year at the best of times because it makes me feel very retrospective. Yet again I haven’t made progress towards my dreams. Renewal dates loom. Do I continue to dream or call it hopeless?

All this moving house uncertainty is just making it worse. If it happens then it’ll work out better in the end but right now there’s zero happening. We’ll try relaunching the house with a new estate agent in January and hopefully we’ll be able to find something suitable (as everything we have liked so far will have been sold by then). But I have done no writing since October 7th, no art, no Lego, no nothing.

“We all had dreams once.”


#I am sad today#ignore me

I know I’ve been quiet on and off for a long time but I just noticed it had been 10 days since my last post (aside from that one weird post the person who hacked my account made last night. how does that happen and why? I mean what did it get them? so weird!).

Anyway, I’m moving house which is what has been consuming my life. It’s been building for quite a while but the decision to actually do it was a very snap one. It hadn’t been talked about and then it was suggested on the Tuesday, we had estate agents round to value on the Saturday, and put the house on the market about 10 days later. We are officially on RightMove and have 2 viewings tomorrow afternoon.

We don’t know where we’ve moving to (well general area of about three counties I think) and we’re vacillating between searching for a big house that can be essentially split into two separate ‘apartments’ or finding two houses that are next to each other. We’re leaning towards the latter which means we are looking at buying new build which is decidedly scary. We have found some options and will probably try and view showhomes and tour the developments/surrounding areas in the next couple of weeks.

I’m mentally exhausted and covered in bruises (I really bashed my left leg in particular, it is so tender it burns when anything touches it). We did a complete reshuffle upstairs to present the house better for market. So I had to move rooms and half my stuff is in storage which I’m sad about (and it’s also bloody expensive! yikes, that’s a good racket that business).

Crazy, crazy time and guess what – it’s NaNo on Monday! /facepalm. I have done almost zero writing this month (and last month actually) so nothing writing-wise is going at all according to plan. I will be very sad if I lose NaNo again after winning last year and breaking my lose streak. However, at the moment it admittedly feels slightly inevitable.

Everything is likely to get worse before it gets better. We might have to go into rented for a short time which will majorly suck. However, I’m trying to focus on the end result – my own space. That’s the goal. If I get my own house out of this then it’ll all be worth it.