So I got the game 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

It’s Lego Marvel Superheroes/Avengers by the way.

(I had a while back tried I think a Star Wars Lego? Anyway I didn’t like it. I don’t know if that’s because it was even older? or if I didn’t get into the spirit of what the game was? but it doesn’t matter because I like this one. I played it when I went to a Retro Computer Museum earlier this month and it gave me the taste.)

I have a Steam Link and I tried to play it through that but the picture just froze. The sound was ok but no picture. I googled and it might be something to do with the Powerline adaptor I’m using? I don’t know. It has worked in the past so /shrug anyway I didn’t have the patience to debug it today.

Instead I plugged the controller dongle thing into my PC and just turned around (my couch is in the middle of the room facing the TV, and my PC is directly behind the couch, and actually my PC screen is bigger than the TV) and so I played it like that.

I have to say I love all the little in-jokes. I keep spotting more and more, like I swear I keep seeing Daredevil, or Stan Lee, or movie posters :p and the quips on the voice acting are hilarious.

I’m not very good with the controller and I keep hitting the other characters, sometimes killing them with friendly fire, but as the heart/life mechanic doesn’t seem to do anything? it doesn’t seem to matter. I’ve never really played with a controller very much and my fingers don’t know where the buttons are so I keep hitting the wrong ones.

I really like the puzzle element of the game, trying to work out how to get places. It’s tricky and takes me a while sometimes. The underlying mechanic is pretty much the same obviously but how it works matches the characters. Thus far they seem to have done a really good job with the abilities. The characterisation is good. It’s interesting.

Also it’s really cool that Clark Gregg voiced Coulson. He’s like a guiding hand and it really feels immersive with the very recognisable voice.

Ooops I didn’t intend to kinda review. Oh well, thus far would recommend the Superheroes, haven’t tried the Avengers yet but there’s playable Fitzsimmons I think? So that’ll be awesome regardless.