Ok tried out Lego Marvel Avengers and it’s not as good as Superheroes imo. The enemies spawn way too quickly and never stop spawning. Despite the health bar death doesn’t seem to be a mechanic so it’s not an issue it’s just annoying. It makes it harder to puzzle out what the problem is as I’m just having to button smash.

Which is another thing. In superheroes button A was for movement, button X was for attack and B was reserved for special skills. In this it seems like B is the one to hit for attack and special? It’s weird. Plus the guiding hand comes from these giant Avenger ‘A’ that spawn which you have to hit in order to get the clue. I prefer Coulson over the radio to be honest.

Anyway it’s still good. I have to go raid (hopefully) heroic Eternal Palace now which is a shame because it swapped from Ultron back to the start of the Avengers and MARIA HILL IS PLAYABLE – that opening sequence a) made me love that character and b) is one of my favourites from the whole MCU.

I’ll have to pick it up another day 🙂