I’m desperately trying to stay away from tumblr because of the FitzSimmons spoilers I’m getting glimpses of BUT it’s going to be a minimum of 9 weeks until I see the 100th episode. *cries*

In other news I very narrowly named May as my favourite female character in AoS recently with Jemma as a very, very close second. Today I watched the season 5 premiere and an episode of season four and I just love Jemma Simmons so I think I might need to reverse that.

“Sure I can invent time travel”

*lies amazingly to Kasius*

“Fitz she’s an android”

“You’ve already put a gun to my head so I’m with you!” – or whatever the words were I just loved how strong she was.

Brilliant, strong, caring, compassionate, insightful, witty … all the adjectives.