Finally watched the end of Agents of Shield.

That was a wild ride huh?

Excuse me while I laugh at the thought of Deke being Director of Shield in an alternate timeline. He cares, oh I know he cares, but director? He’s a bit of a clown. Still he has grown up a lot and it looks like Shield will be a baby agency to begin with, as all the old pros were likely taken out. It’ll take time to rebuild and in that time he can learn I guess. And hey if it doesn’t work out he can always be a rockstar or a tech giant.

I’m kinda sad May and Coulson aren’t together. I get that he died and is a robot now but it’s him inside, like all his memories and everything that made him him. I’m going to headcanon that May inviting him to the academy was her saying “I’m ready now”. I love that May is the new academy director. Nobody is better suited to inspire and shape young minds, she is just awesome.

Daisy and Sousa having space adventures is pretty cool. Daisy is suited to that, I mean she had loads when searching for Fitz and Sousa is the kind of guy that just rolls with everything. Peggy Carter was a good warm-up for that haha.

That hologram tech is just wow. I’m guessing the chronocoms left some toys behind? Especially for Daisy to be able to call in from space.

I thought I would be more bummed by Fitz’s limited screen time but honestly I’m not. It was the most respectful “writing out” I think I have ever seen. He wasn’t there in person but he was very much there in spirit. He was never forgotten, frequently mentioned and his absence made sense. Other shows would have just dropped him, ignored it and hoped nobody noticed. I’ve seen that happen. No explanation as to why they weren’t around.

Fitz and Simmons getting their Perthshire home, their family and the quiet life after saving the world so many times is perfect for them. In a world where Shield never fell I’m sure they would have stayed agents. However, in this world where it was lurching from one extreme situation to another, they needed off the ride. It looks like things have calmed now, back to just business as usual for shield, but the last few years would exhaust anyone. Plus I’m sure they keep their hand in. They are both brilliant inventors after all and they need to do something for a paycheck. I bet May gets them to guest lecture once a year or something too.

As show finales go I think this scores maybe 9/10. It was very well done. There was good closure, we see hints of how life will go on for them now we’re no longer watching. That magic 10 is just lost because I am sad they are no longer together. Stargate SG-1 show finale sucked for a lot of reasons but the end shot of them marching through the gate, of telling us they would continue to have adventures, that is what I remember from the finale. That image is a positive one and Agents of Shield is a bit more bittersweet given the team has split up. They were more than a team, they were a family, and once a year holo-calls isn’t the same. Daisy is still sad about it and so am I.

Anyway I’m really going to miss this show. It didn’t get weaker over time (as so many shows do) instead it got stronger. The continuity was ace, the writing was tight, the characters always acted in character. Even if I didn’t like what they did, I could always understand why. I know that this should be the basics of what to expect from a TV show but as Once Upon a Time showed us… (sorry I’m not ragging on it, Once has a special place in my heart but that show was a mess).

Every year I used to be scared AoS was going to get cancelled and it made seven seasons. I would have liked more especially as the last 2 were just half seasons. However, I am content with what we had. It was satisfying. I’ve already rewatched the earlier seasons a couple of times, I know I will watch the whole thing many times.

Bittersweet end indeed. I already miss it fiercely :/

I don’t think watching “Mack and D’s excellent adventure” after WandaVision was the best idea. This was Agents of Shield’s experimental season and this episode is weird as hell.

Mack’s fake beard was terrible. The gore from the robot saw was crazy. But the show still came at me with the feels. Honestly Mack nearly made me cry. Part of me wishes that Yo-Yo could have been there for him but the rest of me remembers post-framework. Mack lashed out in his pain and grief and it hurt them both.

I’m confused as to how Nathaniel survived. Also confused as to how Jemma had worked out how long the jump will be and made some kind of watch? As I thought the time jumps were instant so it was 20 months for Mack and Deke and no time at all for them. But perhaps next episode will explain it.

Deke never really has got the whole operational security thing. He invited his people to the base in the future and remodelled a lab for them to work out of without Mack knowing. His heart is definitely in the right place though. He wants to do the right thing. That scene in the bar with the song though went on way too long though I nearly fast forwarded.

OK I had to watch another to find out.

OMG Jemma managed to work out the pattern in 20 minutes? I love her! Seriously I am so predictable with my faves. I love scientists.

Oh that scene with Elena just grabbing the diviner and then going “oh it’s a prosthetic” was great. May having to be Elena’s emotional guide was great. I love May and her reaction was just brilliant. Friends and comrades. Sparring, fighting to a breakthrough is just so them.

Jemma making Fitz a video broke my heart. Oh Yo-Yo is like Quicksilver now, that’s cool and helpful. I love that Jemma got Sousa a new prosthetic leg. He’s properly one of the team now. I feel bad for Coulson he’s having a self crisis over what he is. I hope he watches some Star Trek and hears Picard saying to Data about how we’re all machines just in different forms.

I am a bit worried over how much the timeline has changed. Surely that’s created a new reality by this point? Or several like what happened in Endgame with the avengers time adventure. How will they get back home to Fitz?

OMG Agents of Shield season 7 is an absolute delight.

They did almost an entire episode in black and white. Complete with voiceover narration. Very film noir.

Now they just did an old school credits sequence and it’s so 70’s.

I love Sousa so much. I mean I always did in Agent Carter but his reaction to the clothes was priceless #SoRelatable. He’s having trouble adjusting, wavering between committing to this time thing and wishing he was back in his time. A little bitter that he couldn’t stop Hydra but then aren’t they all. It must burn to have to let it happen.

I am so sad for poor Enoch though that they left him behind AGAIN. Like they really should have picked him up in 55 I’m just saying. If he’s seriously pissed then I will totally understand. All he did though was mention that it had been forty years twice. I know he’s an immortal robot and had the time to spare but still poor guy.

Oh my god Project Insight I did not see that one coming! Though with the chronicom staying behind that makes sense. They would be able to leap the technology forward. All these changes in the timeline is worrying though because what kind of future will they be returning to?

I can’t believe Mack “king of robot movies” as prophecy had to have Elena tell him about James Bond as a warning sign. Poor Mack. Having to make a split second decision about the lives of his parents I can’t blame him for trying to do both – destroy insight and save them.

Not being able to control their time jumps is a serious liability! Sousa asking the real questions here. I love how he is so willing to always do the right thing. He’s reeling, he’s confused but he is still throwing himself into the fight. It’s hitting him every now and then all he’s lost, and how he’s a stranger in this new world, and he wants to get off this ride. Really so relatable.


Yes that did require all caps announcement.

OMG I can’t believe it after all this time I can finally watch!

Only the first 3 episodes are up at the moment but that’s good. Limit me Disney+ or I’ll just binge the lot, I have zero self control and I want to make it last because it’s soooooo good.

I love this show so much and finally I can see it!!!

So I watched the last two episodes of Agents of Shield season 6 last night and whoah really haha.

I didn’t go looking for spoilers but I didn’t unfollow half my dash to try and avoid them either so I had seen some things and I thought that there was going to be a character death. I vague posted (so as not to spoil anyone else) about it at the time because it made me sad. I knew there was going to be a season 7 and I was trying to picture a season 7 without two of the major characters that had been there from the beginning.

However that character did not die – I would have cheered out loud if I’d been home alone so I settled for a fist pump instead – and they found another way to bring back the second guy. I should have figured they would have given that this is Agents of Shield and #nobodyisevery100%gone I mean even Trip got a new life in the framework for a bit (I still miss him).

I am quite confused about the #spoilers leading into season 7 because given the tech the team has (which took them to where they are) I don’t understand why the chronicoms are invading. They had to get the tech from Enoch (how did he have it?) and if he did have it why not use it to save his home planet like that female chronicom had planned? Also what is Fitz doing and why can’t Jemma know about it?

Still with the tech in play the possibilities are endless for really cool cameos. Just like I said, nobody is ever truly gone…

Tumblr is a dangerous place today

Agents of Shield spoilers

Too many feels!!!!

🙁 🙁

I’m just watching episode 8 because I’m behind (UK) and I have so many questions! And the spoilers I have glimpsed don’t answer them. They just hurt.

I has the sad!

Although to be honest I guess I wouldn’t have all the feels if I didn’t care. I love this show so much. I’m also struggling because this is a half season and then there’s only one more half season so it’s like just one final season and I’m nearly halfway through.

All the feels!

Agents of Shield Season 6 Episode 9

That cliffhanger….

Wow I am so so glad episode 10 is available yikes!! How did people survive a week or more?

But but but episode 11 isn’t *bites nails* there’s 3 more episodes left in the season and my heart. I have questions and just eeeeeek!!!!!

I am so confused. I want to know! I need to know! But I don’t want to read what happened. The hurty feely spoilers were more like a tease. I do want to watch it but it’ll be 3 more weeks at least I think.

Is May infected by a bird? Sorry I’m watching episode 10 while rambling about 9. I am so worried for Davis. That guy is the red shirt who could after he survived Aida but he has a baby he has barely seen and I really want him to be ok.

This show man

You know it’s starting to sink in now that Agents of Shield is cancelled.

I love it and I’ve rewatched it loads already and I can always do that BUT the immediacy of new content will be gone.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that gets caught up in watching new stuff and doesn’t turn back to the older stuff that often. I recently was inspired to do a Killjoys rewatch BECAUSE season 5 (the final season) is going to be airing soon, I have smiled and liked it, but I probably wouldn’t have done it without the prompt.

Stargate is something I think about everyday probably but I haven’t watched it in months – I haven’t watched it this year! I love it and could watch it forever but there are new things to watch and so it slips on the priority list.

Now Agents of Shield is cancelled and only has one last season, that’s only one more season of new content, and I’m getting a bit sad now. I meant what I said yesterday about this show getting better over time. It’s an absolute gem – six seasons of awesomeness so far! – and I expect season seven will be fantastic too but then that’s the end of it.

I guess it’s like everything else, there’s only so many hours in the day, only so much TV that can be watched. Earlier there was a tumblr post that asked “do you ever look at your bookshelf and wish you could read everything all at once?” and my answer is yes absolutely! BUT I also wish that about TV. I want to roll around in the shows I love and enjoy them all.

So yeah despite knowing it was coming I really actually am mourning the end of Agents of Shield. It’s a great show, in my opinion there was no decline, it’s going out on a high which I guess is good but also means imo that it had more in it. I really will miss it.

I just remembered. I watched Agents of Shield yesterday, the season 2 episode where Trip dies and I noticed something. I know it’s probably old news but up until now I always thought Trip died because he was in the chamber. Nobody not inhuman should have been there, so it tried to put him through metamorphis and obviously it failed.

BUT that’s not what happened at all.

Daisy started to get the chrysalis shell and reached out to Trip as she was understandably frightened. Trip desperate to help her smashed the crystals with one hell of a leg kick. Even then he probably would have been fine, there was another puff of smoke like at the start, but he had crystals embedded in his chest, and that was game over.

So it wasn’t that he was in the chamber – it was that he kicked the crystals and got impaled by them. He could have lived if only the crystals missed him when he did that awesome kick.

I miss him 🙁

I don’t think there’s a gif in the world to encompass my sudden realization.

Deke and lemons.

You give lemons to a girl you like.

Lemons are now making a comeback as the citrus scale for rating fics – we’re calling them lemons again.

Oh my word. Agents of Shield was that an intentional reference?

Thoughts on that trailer!

Ok so Coulson is in space, either mind-wiped or pretending/undercover and May totally knows with the “more than we thought we would” line.

I wonder if this ties in with Captain Marvel? Like they go into space to find Fitz and in true Earth explorer fashion find enemies and then bring them home (that always happens – see Stargate: SG1). It definitely looked like Daisy was fighting in an alien bar?

Jemma found Fitz whoop but what is she doing freezing herself? Could she not work out how to wake him early so is freezing herself to wait for him? I will totally cry if that’s the case buuuut as it’s TV someone will fix the problem and bring them back within an episode or two – they are main characters after all.

I wonder how Coulson didn’t die? Did he get abducted? I suppose that is totally possible because the season 5 finale took place concurrently with Infinity Wars snap, so Fury hit the panic button for Captain Marvel, we know that they team-up in the 90’s (as Coulson is in her movie) so maybe she looked up an old comrade – who better to catch her up on the past 20 years. Captain Marvel became an elite kree soldier, kree can resurrect humans, Coulson didn’t want that but maybe he had no choice?

OMG so many questions really but sweet Merlin it looks action-packed. They are having space adventures – I love it! 🙂