Got Guardians of the Galaxy on DVD. I saw it at the cinema but I love the marvel films and wanted to watch it again. That opening with baby!Groot dancing is still the best/funniest thing ever. In fact everything to do with baby!Groot was the best part of the movie. It’s amazing how expressive that little tree is and how cute! Seriously just makes me smile.


So yay happy things! Then boo what gave this movie the right to give me so many feels???? I’d seen it before but it hurt just as much as last time! *sniff* I was struggling not to cry! Honestly couldn’t they have ended the movie with Groot being super cute? I know he had that really cute moment going to sleep on Drax’s shoulder but I was way too sad for that to be enough.


Yeah so no point to this except the Marvel “comedy” movie nearly made me cry and I felt like sharing the pain.

It made me laugh a lot and then nearly made me cry. I think the other way round would have been better, I like to end things happy. I know it was kinda bittersweet with all the fireworks and everything but honestly the funeral scene was just too much. I don’t think that’s suitable for children, it wasn’t suitable for me, I didn’t want to see that, it makes it too real and makes me too sad. I’m going to go live in denial verse now where Quill still had his space helmet ear thing or Rocket had another bubble suit.

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Ugh the ending destroyed me :’( (also, baby!starlord is also baby!rumple! )

Oh wow! I hadn’t noticed that until you said it but yes you are so right. I suppose *counts on fingers* that was early season three and they are filming season seven now so 4-ish years BUT this GotG movie would have been filmed about 2 years ago? So the kid sure managed to look a lot older in just a couple of years. Although I guess kids that age do kinda change rapidly overnight, or just kids in general with Jared as Henry being a case in point.

Sorry I don’t know why I just thought all that out loud. I’m having baby!Rumple feels now as well. After all to his knowledge his mother was dead, and his father abandoned him, and he was left with two spinsters who taught him a trade and did their best with him. Much like Yondu did with Quill.

I’m making myself even sadder now. Dammit self!