Gideon Gold

This is difficult. Is this grown-up Gideon ‘raised’ by the Black fairy? Gideon raised by Rumple and Belle? I’m guessing not child!Gideon as we pretty much never saw him. As you didn’t specify I’m going to choose and say “Black fairy raised Gideon” as that’s the one we spent several episodes with.

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff

best quality: scheming. I liked how he planned a few moves in advance, anticipated what people would do and was where they would be – not where they were. To be honest that’s a quality I love in Rumple as well. Just being smart about things. Second best is his loyalty. I love his motivations and how he’s clever about finding ways round his restrictions to protect those he cares about.

worst quality: struggling to think of one off the top of my head actually. I think that’s because we only really saw him during the ‘endgame’ so he was at his best. If he hadn’t been de-aged my headcanon says his conscience because I think he would have beaten himself up about things he couldn’t control, and felt guilty when he couldn’t have done different. He was too good and needed to embrace the darkside a little more.

ship them with: and we reach the powder-keg question in this fandom. I don’t particularly ship Gideon with anyone. I never saw that magic chemistry on screen which made me go “I ship it!”. However strictly on paper if Gideon hadn’t been deaged then I think Regina would have been a good match. *ducks rotting fruit* I know, I’m sorry. It’s just they both understand darkness, both understand parental expectations.

Regina was never enough for Cora and Gideon would never be the baby his parents lost – never be the son he would have been had they raised him. Regina had to fight for acceptance just like Gideon would after having been in the ‘villain’ position opposite the Charming’s. I just think they could understand one another and because of that not have to fear showing weakness – instead they could be each others strength when it was needed.

brotp them with: Emma is an obvious choice. Again this is on paper because we never got a chance to see it on screen but Emma was stripped from her parents just minutes after her birth and returned to them aged 28 – returned to parents who physically aren’t old enough to BE her parents just like Belle couldn’t be the mother of a 28-year-old.

Nobody else could understand that situation. If Belle and Rumple had another child, nobody else could feel the mixed emotions Emma must have felt when Snow and David had baby!Neal. Are they a replacement? Can they ever love me how they love him because of how we met? Will I always be different? Always the outsider?

I’m trying to think. With all the curses it’s hard to remember who is still in Storybrooke but I think Gideon could become good friends with someone who came over with the second/third curse. They wouldn’t have cursed memories, they would know what it’s like to thrown into a whole new world with a different culture. I know the fourth curse (the black fairy’s one) might have given Gideon cursed memories. I don’t know.

Oh and of course Henry who would take his dad’s place of gleefully dragging Gideon to the movies, and teaching him playstation, and lending him comics and setting up netflix and iTunes/Spotify for this worlds music. I imagine the day after Henry showed Gideon YouTube, he goes wide-eyed and bloodshot to the diner the next day, after not having slept all night. The YouTube rabbit hole is real.

needs to stay away from: Zelena. No explanation necessary right? Yeah.

misc. thoughts: I think I’ve rambled on enough to be honest. 99% of this is headcanon as I did Black Fairy Gideon. I just really liked him. He was everything I like in characters really, except maybe a bit too good (embrace the dark side!) but in truth he was a good balance between Belle and Rumple. I mean in season 6 canon he got Rumple and Belle talking again, and I think if he hadn’t been deaged then he would have got them talking more about light and dark until they understood each others viewpoint a bit better.

TLDR: I miss him and I miss the Black Fairy.




Ok I have to know. Am I the only that is vehemently against Gideon getting deaged into a baby?

I have to be honest I find the entire concept quite horrifying because it basically kills him. It resets him, erasing his personality and everything he went through that made him who he is. It’s like saying there’s no consequences. Yes, what he went through was horrible but it happened and in my opinion it should be dealt with, not just magic handwaved away.

I know it sucks for everyone involved but then Emma didn’t get deaged back into a baby so she’d have a happier childhood, and Snow and Charming got to raise her. Instead they managed to find a way to make it work as they are now and I really strongly believe that Rumple, Belle and Gideon need to do the same. They can still be a family, it’ll just be unconventional, but then in Storybrooke what else is new right?

Discussion is seriously welcome here 🙂

I don’t want it to happen to THIS version of Gideon, no. What I want is somehow Rumbelle going to the Dark Realm and since times moves weirdly in that realm, they end up there while Gideon is still a baby or still a very young boy. And then once they save him from the Dark Realm and come back, the older Gideon who was being controlled by the BF, just sort of disappears. It’s like a timeline reset for him.

I do not want an August/Pinocchio bullshit situation where they de-age a grown ass adult. That’s creepy and gross.

I agree with @rowofstars. Yes to rescuing Gideon before everything happened to him, no to de-aging the adult Gideon. 

Wow ok, yeah I remember this theory now because of the filming spoilers. I have to be honest though I really hate the idea.

First because while it loses some of the creepy factor of the deaging, it still basically kills the Gideon we know because it erases him from existence. Secondly (and far more importantly to me) time travel doesn’t work like that and I would scream so loudly. I have a feeling based on next weeks promo I’m going to be ranting a lot about time travel anyway.

The way I understand it. If they did manage to slip between the time stream and rescue Gideon when he was a boy, he wouldn’t just disappear from Storybrooke in that instant – he never would have been to Storybrooke in the first place. Nothing would have happened with him after he got rescued. So it’s impossible, it’s a paradox. History can’t be changed. I don’t believe in ripples through time because well paradox. History can’t be changed because people wouldn’t know they had to do anything to change it.

If history is changed, then it causes a break in the timeline and a new reality is created. So if Rumple and Belle did rescue Gideon as a child, it would change nothing in our Storybrooke. Adult Gideon would still be around, only now he would have lost his parents because Rumple and Belle would be in the new reality they created and probably unable to ever return.

If they did manage to bridge the two realities and bring kid!Gideon back with them, then there would be two Gideon’s. The one we know, and the child from the alternate reality they created. No matter what adult Gideon can’t be wiped from existence and just disappear. At least as I understand the logic of time travel. Now I could be wrong I mean time travel is fictional and it works however the creators say it works I guess. I probably shouldn’t be so judgmental and opinionated about it. It just bugs me when it doesn’t make sense. I’m sorry.