Where do you think Gideon and Chin went on their first date? And as Gideon was growing up, was Rumple the more overprotective “I want to know where you are, where you’re going, who you’re with, what time you’ll be home” parent? Or was that Belle?


Gideon: It’s hard to pin down our first date to be honest. I’d dated before, inviting the guys I liked out for hamburgers or to get a drink, but with Chin it just didn’t happen like that. We met in the library study hall, when he sat down opposite me, and we just clicked. He became my best friend, I invited him home for Christmas so he didn’t have to spend it in the dorms, and after we’d been there a couple of days mom asked how long we’d been together.

I told her that we weren’t! But the idea wouldn’t leave me alone and I started paying more attention. When we spent evenings watching movies we’d curl up together, when we cooked we worked in sync because we knew what the other needed. It’s like we’d become a couple and kinda skipped the dating part.

So would our first date be one of the hundreds of things we did together since we met? Or would it be what we did the night I screwed up my courage and kissed him? I was so terrified of losing his friendship. I called papa and he told me not to wait because I would regret it. That no matter what happened it would be the right thing. That the important thing was to be honest, a lesson he’d learned the hard way and tried never to forget.

Anyway we went out for dinner – hamburgers for good luck – and I kissed him. He kissed me back, I admitted I’d been nervous, he admitted that if I hadn’t made a move soon then he would have, and the rest as they say is history.


Belle: *glances at Rumple with amusement* It was me, much to my surprise. I couldn’t understand why Rumple was so laid back, well until Gideon and Nadia started dating and then I had to have a stern word, but then …

Rumple: *winces* Sweetheart …

Belle: Not now darling, I think they should know don’t you? *Rumple shakes his head and Belle’s smile deepens* It’s really not all that bad. My husband the sorcerer just placed a couple of charms on them. They weren’t invasive. One was a health monitor which would detect if they were hurt or unwell. Another would detect if they were in danger. There was a locator charm but that only activated if either the health or danger monitor triggered. It wasn’t spying because he couldn’t check where they were at will; he was just making sure they were safe when they were on their own. The only mistake he made was … what was it Rumple?

Rumple: I didn’t talk with you about it first, and I didn’t explain it to Gideon and Nadia. Placing spells on anyone other than an enemy without asking permission isn’t allowed.

Belle: And what happened when we talked with them?

Rumple: *whispers* They agreed to the charms. Gideon’s condition was that we placed the same monitors on the two of us, and that both he and I were keyed into them. He has magic too and we all care for one another.

Belle: Exactly. *kisses him lovingly* See it all worked out. Your intention wasn’t wrong but …

Rumple: What we had was a failure to communicate.