My fave fic of yours is definitely Painting Layers of Love because it’s just so beautiful, but I really like everything in the extended Transposing Digits ‘verse as well. :D Fluffy fluff ftw!

Awww thank you! Yeah PLL is definitely close to my heart.

Yeah The Right Wrong Number verse is so fluffy I think it should come with a tooth-rotting warning 🙂 That was the fic that could. Honestly it started off as an AMR oneshot, prompts expanded it to 5 chapters, and then I added another oneshot and two more multi-chapters to the verse. It was totally unexpected and all from one prompt oneshot.

What is your favorite fic of mine?

TMI Tuesday! Counting Stars!Belle and Gold – how did you come up with the name Nadia for your daughter?


Belle: We looked through a book of names. Nadia means hope which just seemed perfect. It also sounds slightly unusual, or a little old-fashioned, just like Baeden or Alistair. Nadia Gold just felt right.

Gold: A perfect name for our perfect daughter. She’s just as brilliant and sweet and curious as her mother.

Belle: And as stubborn as her father perhaps? I think her first complete sentence was “do it myself!”

Gold: *laughs* I think she gets that from both of us sweetheart.

omg, that’s so sweeeeeet!

(and, okay, I did enjoy MM having to eat humble pie. *happy sigh*)

I just love the idea of Gold listening to Belle’s concerns about their dating life and immediately suggesting the the kids can watch over themselves for a couple hours. 🙂

Also, Emma’s thoughts that poor Bae had a younger sibling to destroy his denial made me laugh. So, no younger brother for Emma in this version? Or just not yet? lol

This was too cute, I really did enjoy it!

Heh I’m glad you enjoyed it! No Emma doesn’t have a younger brother (yet) though that could still happen. This verse is ‘finished’ for the moment, but as it started with a oneshot and now has 3 multi-chapter fics + 1 oneshot due to prompts, never say never to adding more 🙂 Thank you so much for the lovely comment!

Counting Stars! Bae and Emma: How was the dance? Did you have fun? Did you kiss? ;~)


Bae: I’m sure the dance is going to be great – if we ever get there! Papa just went to make Nadia choose a book, so we should be leaving soon. Do you … do you think that Emma would like to … (whispers) kiss?

Emma: (checks the clock again for the hundredth time in the last five minutes) Bae isn’t late but ugh I hate waiting. Mom and dad already left so they could chaperone. All the older kids always say the dance is lame, so I don’t know, I think it’ll be cool. Kiss Bae? *blushes* well maybe, if it feels right. Do you think he’ll want to kiss?

Right Wrong Number Mary Margaret: Don’t you think you’re rough on Gold? Bae is a sweet, polite boy, which is a reflection of Gold. And Gold treats Belle like a queen. Perhaps if you showed Gold kindness, the rest of Storybrooke would follow in suite.


That’s what David keeps saying but I don’t know. The man seems to have relished his reputation up until now, and standing up for him is an unpopular position. Think about what the rest of our friends would say. *sigh* I know it’s the right thing to do but doing the right thing isn’t always easy. I don’t want my car to be spray painted next, this town can be vicious when it wants.

Everything is crazy with thanksgiving and Christmas at the moment. However, David has suggested we all go out for dinner together. The moment we can find a date everyone can agree on, we’ll go. I know that’s an excuse. Maybe it would be easier if the kids came the first time. I’ll have to talk to David.

I Love the Way (Chapter Four)



Synopsis: Following directly on from All Hallow’s Fall. Due to the events of Halloween, Storybrooke finally becomes aware of Gold and Belle’s relationship and small towns can be vicious places. Gold fears it will tear them apart, but adversity can lead to strength not just ruin, and maybe even one day – a happy ending.

Note: Thank you all for your lovely comments on the last chapter. I struggled to respond as I normally do because what I wanted to say was “oh ye of little faith” heh. Anyway, it’s Sunday which means fluffy fic time! I hope you enjoy this chapter 🙂

On Tumblr: Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three

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Belle watched
Alistair panic and felt a curious mix of amusement, guilt and relief. The deer
in the headlights look, the frantic movements and the unconvincing denial was
amusing. However, she felt a trace of guilt for being amused when he was
obviously so panicked. She also felt relief because it was evidence, if she
needed it, that Alistair couldn’t lie to her. She didn’t think he ever had, and
she couldn’t imagine that he ever would, he wasn’t that kind of man, but it was
reassuring nonetheless.

“Alistair …”
Belle started.

“Yes,  yes, I’m nearly done and then we can leave,”
Gold stammered.

“Come with me,”
Belle said firmly.

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Hm, hopefully inviting Moe won’t backfire. He started off as his usual canon asshole self, but did seem to turn reasonable. As for the scene in the shop, yay! I am so glad that Belle saw his panic for what it was. I hereby award you with the Crown of Fluff! *Kneels respectfully* Carry on, my liege. 

You are a lovely, lovely person. I know I’ve said this to you before, but I think it bears repeating. I might not always reblog your comments anymore, as I’m wary about reblogging too much. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate your comments – I seriously do appreciate them! Thank you so much 🙂

Anyway, heh yeah as I said earlier this story has somehow developed plot, backstory and a tendency towards angst. I’m fixing it with communication at the moment so hopefully I will be able to keep the Crown of Fluff! 🙂 I rather like having a story where they are basically happy, and they deal with their problems together.

leni-ba replied to your post:
I Love the Way (Chapter Four)

Awwwwww! This was delightful. I loved Belle sitting him down and telling him what her plans for the future were.

As always, Bae and Emma are adorable! Of course they want to be knight and samurai. Makes perfect sense.

Frankly, I’m not a fan of inviting the other’s family member without consulting first. but in fiction everything has this way of coming together in the end, eh? heh

Thank you so much! I’m glad you liked it 🙂 Yeah, Gold thought he’d had a brainwave there. He believes that he’s the only problem between Belle and Maurice, and it’s a holiday and family shouldn’t be alone on holiday etc. So I think he imagines Belle will be happy about it, and pleased with him for reaching out and fixing it.

He meant well, he truly thought it was a nice gesture but yeah you are absolutely right, he should have asked Belle first, and I’m fairly certain she will make that clear to him. Somehow my fluff fic has developed plot, and backstory, and an unfortunate tendency towards angst which I usually fix with communication. Hopefully this little mishap will be as easily fixed …



Does anyone have any prompts for I Love the Way? Especially anything thanksgiving related. I’m not an American and I don’t really know anything about thanksgiving. So please if you have any fluffy prompts throw them this way. I need another 1k to finish tomorrow’s chapter and I’m stuck.

Gold would never have cooked a turkey for just him and Bae; it’d be way too much food. But if Belle’s going to spend the holiday with them, maybe she suggests cooking a small turkey? Bae’s excitement at the idea gets him to agree. But turkeys are notoriously difficult to cook; they’re either not done yet by dinnertime or they’ve overcooked and dried out horribly. You could have them dealing with that. Also, the traditional breaking of the wishbone! One person grabs hold of each end and pulls while wishing for something; whoever gets the larger piece when it breaks supposedly gets their wish. 

Ooooh that’s a good prompt. Marie has helped me as well and the chapter has got way longer than I thought it was going to be heh 🙂 So I’ll use your prompt in the next chapter, if that’s alright. Thank you so much!

Rumbelle Revolution


So, this season has been horrible for us and I know many of us are struggling out there. So let’s do something about it. Let’s show that this ship is ours and no one can take it away from us. 

Let’s have a fic-a-thon. I understand many of us are doing Rumbelle Secret Santa, so I’m not suggesting anything huge. Let’s just write a little something or hold on an update for a fic and publish it on a specific date so we can all show how much we still love our favorite couple.

Some of you have suggested holding this Revolution for this Sunday. If this is agreeable, then we can do that. However, If others feel they want to have more time to write something, then suggest another date. 

Let’s take our ship back and show they are still out OTP!

#I can certainly hold off on posting chapter four of I Love the Way until Sunday#that has so much fluff it’s giving me a sugar rush writing it