The Auction!Rumbelle – have there been any snags in the relationship since you got together?


Belle: Snags? I don’t think there have been any … snags do you Carl?

Gold: *winces* I’ve learned my lesson sweetheart.

Belle: *kisses him gently* I know and we’re stronger for it. Still chopping off all your hair based on a half-overheard conversation was …

Gold: Stupid

Belle: I was going with impulsive which is far more my trait than yours. Anyway, it will grow back and it taught us a valuable lesson in communication.

Gold: Indeed.

The Auction Gold and Belle: So are you two officially dating now? Any more Zelena encounters?


Gold: Yes we’re dating.

(OOC Gold is a little stunned)

Belle: I followed up on Zelena. Turns out she’s been in Europe for the last couple of months. She got back last week.


Belle: I’ve already requested the night off for the next event. I don’t have to be on the clock to bust her.

Gold: That’s … thank you sweetheart.