Right Kind of Wrong (Chapter Six)



Synopsis: Following on from the events of 6.07 – Heartless. Hope can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light. Storybrooke has faced many challenges, with good always beating evil but they did that together, and now they are split apart. The story must play out but the ending might not be what anyone expects.

Note: This story is now complete and the ending is what I would describe as “not unhappy”. If you want to read Rumbelle talking through their issues and actually getting their happy ending my story Faith of the Heart, follows on from my other alternate season six fic The War Within. It deals with most of the same issues Rumple and Belle are wrestling with here. Enjoy!

Warning: Spoilers up to and including 6.07 – Heartless, also the promo for 6.08 and what few filming spoilers we have.

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After Hook’s
disgusted accusation, there was a ringing silence. Rumplestiltskin didn’t
bother to defend himself, no matter what he said the pirate would never hear
it. Hook had made up his mind already, and he would never be convinced that
Rumplestiltskin had any motives that weren’t utterly selfish. The only one
Rumplestiltskin was prepared to defend himself against was Belle, because after
everything, her opinion was the only one that mattered. The entire town could
hate him, even his grandson, so long as Belle understood. She had been so angry
lately, but perhaps now it was all over they could talk.

Finally it was
David who broke the increasingly awkward silence. “How can you be the savior? I
understand the shears severing people from their fate, but how can you take it
from them?”

That was a
surprisingly neutral question, but then out of everyone it had always been the
shepherd who was most prepared to listen. Regina
knew him far too well, and was far too impulsive not to jump to conclusions.
Rumplestiltskin’s lips quirked in twisted humor, when it came to jumping to
conclusions not even Regina
had anything on Snow White. Considering Snow had been raised to rule, and David
raised a shepherd, David had a much more level head which befitted a king.

“Miss Swan and
I are connected,” Rumplestiltskin began. Hook made a noise of disgust, but he
ignored the pirate with practiced ease. “Miss Swan was the savior because of
the first dark curse, which I helped craft. She was my successor and my
predecessor as the dark one. I know she can still hear the whispers of the

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Bleah. Well, I have faith in Archie to help them sort things out. At least they’re finally on the right path. This isn’t a happy ending, not yet, but it is a beginning.

Yeah I tried to end it on a hopeful note. They are talking again, and they have a plan in place to see Archie, and they both want to make it work so hopefully heh 🙂 I have had a request to write at least one session with Archie from Archie’s POV. To be honest I don’t think I could do that prompt justice so it’s looking for a good home if anyone is interested?

Anyway, my headcanon is that they work it out and while it’s no happy ending, there are more than enough happy moments for a good life. Thank you so much for commenting! 🙂


I hope Belle realizes that loving someone even at times wanting to strangle them is love and anything less is not worth it. I am glad they are seeing Archie. I wish Rumple would confide in her but she does not make it easy. I wouldn’t want to confide in her if I knew I get a lecture and a walk out. Belle and Rumple have to find what works for them, not others and stop comparing their love and marriage to others who don’t have their backgrounds or issues.

Well Rumple has a couple of hundred years of trust issues to overcome, and Belle has a short temper. Neither of them are perfect but I believe love will out in the end. Thank you so much for commenting! I’m glad you liked it 🙂