Fall All Over Again!Belle – do you still believe trading a life for a life was a fair deal?


I really want to say no. The right answer is to say that it was wrong, that murder is always wrong, but if I say that then it’s like saying I think Rumple should have died and I just can’t. It was a horrible situation and what’s done is done, it can’t be changed.

Cora was dangerous, and she’d done terrible things and hurt a lot of people, but then I hate that argument because the same could be said for Rumple. It would have been a whole lot more convenient for everyone if Hook had made it back to Storybrooke. He’d tried to kill Rumple, he’d tried to kill me, so using him as the sacrifice for the candle would have been appropriate.

Truthfully my biggest regret is that I didn’t do it myself. What I find most horrifying is that Mary Margaret tricked Regina into killing her own mother. I know logically that it’s likely that neither myself or Mary Margaret could have got close enough to Cora to put her heart back in her chest. I know that Regina was called back to her vault, due to Mary Margaret’s intrusion, and would have stopped it if Mary Margaret hadn’t lied. None of that makes it right.

Rumple won’t tell me much, he says it’s not his story to tell, but Regina obviously had a complicated relationship with her mother. Now there’s no chance of it ever being resolved, and … I know Regina once tried to kill her mother but there’s a big difference between choosing to do something, and being tricked into it. I feel bad for her, and I feel guilty because I’m so relieved that Rumple’s still here with me. I can’t imagine life without him.

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I’m so, so glad I found this story last week. it’s amazing! Of course I had to read the whole thing again so I remembered where everyone stood in this chapter.

Poor Neal, so confused about what being a cursed persona actually *means*. Can’t blame him. Fandom has been asking the same questions for years. lol

And then Lacey enjoying the parts of the date that *Lacey* would enjoy. It amused me to think that Belle would have been just as disappointed by the tiny portions – because, Lord, they *are* tiny, and I might have done as Lacey as grabbed a burger afterwards – but Belle would have laughed about it while Lacey was just annoyed. It’s the little things, heh. And then Rumple being ‘thanked’. Heh. I bet he had a good idea how to go about using his mouth on Lacey. A year’s worth of experience, in fact. lol Great chapter, can’t wait to see what comes when Lacey finally accepts she’s in love! 😉

Yay! I’m so glad you liked it *happy dance* to be honest with Neal, and this will come up again so spoiler alert, I think it was more that he wanted to make sure Rumple wasn’t screwing somebody over to get what he wanted. Neal thinks that Rumple doesn’t have much regard for people’s freewill, there’s not a lot of trust there right now. Thank you so much for this amazing comment! 🙂