Bright!Belle, have you and Gold made love yet? If you have, what was it like?


Well the mission was over within a week. We shipped out and debriefed, there were no imminent disaster so we then got some time off for a change! A little bit of downtime before we had to start prepping for the next assignment. We went out for mid-morning coffee, which bled into lunch, which turned into spending the afternoon together strolling around the park and just remembering how good the world can be.

We then had dinner and Alistair walked me home. I kissed him and he went to leave, saying he should get home to bed. I said we definitely should get to bed and kissed him again. His expression was wonderful, it was clear he had no expectations of anything and I liked that, I don’t know why but I guess I felt respected, like he wasn’t pushing for more than I was ready to give. I know I was ready to sleep with him anyway but I still appreciated it.

The sweet man started to stammer that he didn’t expect anything and I kissed him again. No regrets, that’s how I live my life. We never know what will be our final mission and I deeply care for Alistair. It’s not love yet, it can’t be because we don’t know each other well enough, but we won’t know one another if we don’t take a chance. He kissed me then, so gently and lovingly, it was perfect.

What happened next is private but it was … incredible.

Bright Lights Gold and Belle: Have either of you ever been out and about and been “recognized” by someone you’ve encountered on a mission?


Gold: This is why we don’t work where we live. Besides it’s about situations. We are unlikely to run into a high-roller arms dealer, or his associates, in the grocery store of our home town. If we went to a large party for the elite in a big city, then the odds would increase.

Belle: *pokes him* tell them *grins*

Gold: *sighs* there was one occasion. We do tend to work in the same areas because we develop contacts, we are familiar with the terrain. I was once meeting the representative of a human trafficker in a hotel bar, and I was approached by a young woman from a previous mission.

Belle: Go on, what happened?

Gold: She’d been a hotel maid, I’d … charmed her on the previous mission. Obviously I was using a different cover identity and I couldn’t have her calling out my previous fake name. So I … I …

Belle: Yes?

Gold: I kissed her alright. I then guided her out of the bar, spun some story and said I would see her later, and then later I thought of a good cover and it was dealt with. You know you don’t have to find this quite so amusing. I’m sure it’ll happen to you one day.

Belle: *kisses him* I’m sorry I can just picture how flustered you were under all your training. It’s adorable.

Gold: *pouts* It’s not adorable, it was serious. *she kisses him again* I suppose if it wasn’t for my training I would have looked like a deer in the headlights. You know I only have eyes for you?

Belle: *rolls her eyes* of course! That doesn’t even need to be said. We just do what we have to in order to complete the mission and get home safely. You’re the one I’m coming home to.

Gold: *smiles at her* and you are the only I want to come home to *kisses her again* *waves the questioner away – busy now*

Bright!Gold, what was going through your mind when Belle was dancing for you? Were you scared when you began to react to her?


I think my brain went on vacation the moment I was told the location and circumstances of the meet. When Belle started to dance … saying I was in awe doesn’t really cover it. If it hadn’t been for my training the entire meeting would have been ruined but thankfully I managed to concentrate enough to trade the required information.

When I felt myself react I tried to draw on that same training, picturing horrible sights to try and drown out the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. It didn’t work because beauty is only skin deep. Just knowing it was Belle, that was what was too much. I was more ashamed than scared but I do have a reputation. If Belle made a report about unwanted advances, being called a ‘dirty old man’ would have been the least of my problems. I don’t have many friends among our employers, though I do have some reports of my own saved for a rainy day.

Fortunately such measures aren’t necessary. I’m more stunned than ever at Belle’s reaction. I would never have guessed she harbored any feelings for me at all. I’m counting down the days until this mission is over. I will understand of course if it was a mistake made due to the intensity of the location, and our positions, but I hope it was real. Perhaps we’ll start with going out for coffee and see where it goes from there.