Watching the early 2000’s Fantastic Four movie and I’m only 10 minutes in and I’ve already remembered what my favourite part is.

Ben Grimm.

His loyalty to Reed, to his friends, is just incredible.

It made me realise that actually I find friendship and loyalty to be key traits in characters, it’s often what makes me like them so much.

Sure I’m a shipper but whomever the characters are they have to be friends too and so I guess what I’m saying is I’m all about friendship in any form.

And while this movie is the butt of a lot of jokes, there is a fair bit of good too, and Ben Grimm and his amazing loyalty to his friends is a big part of that.

OMG I completely forgot the part about his wife leaving him! What a way to repay his loyalty.

Completely breaks my heart when he can’t pick the ring up and then Reed helps him. I like how Reed defended Ben as a hero when the journalist mocked him but I didn’t like how he said “I won’t rest, you’ll be Ben again” because he’s still Ben! I suppose Reed hasn’t come to terms with his own powers yet, they are still calling them symptoms.

That’s the point of this film I guess, growing as people, learning to accept themselves and each other. This film isn’t half-bad really.