Do you believe in magic?

When I was finding my Rumbelle fan theory on my blog I found this snippet, a small theory about Emma and why she has changed so much since season one.

At the end of season one, Emma was made to believe in magic and that sort of pulls the rug out from reality. Maybe she doesn’t think about the consequences of anything anymore because she’s living in a magical bubble, where anything is possible and anything can be real, and so what’s the harm?

Emma has lost her grip on reality and with it what little common sense she had. I liked her in season one – mostly, she seemed to have a bite to her that said she understood the real world. Now? Not so much.

I cheered so much when Emma said “screw it” and dropped the sword in favor of her gun when fighting the dragon at the end of season one. Finally, there was a character that didn’t ignore the easy options. Sure it failed and she had to use the sword after all, but she tried the gun first, that’s what mattered.

Now don’t get me wrong I still like Emma. I just worry about her because she does these crazy things like dragging Henry down to the underworld in a futile attempt to save her boyfriend. Admittedly everyone was at fault there, seriously did not one person think that taking a kid to the underworld was a bad plan?

Anyway, I digress, basically for Emma discovering that life is actually a fairytale and that magic is real, throws all the natural laws of the world out the window. That has to have an impact. I mean basically they’ve now even proved that death isn’t always final. What are the rules of Emma Swan’s reality? What does she have to hold onto, to know this is actually real? Come to think of it, Henry is bound to have a similar problem.