So Captain Marvel is on my dash and idk I think there is a new movie coming at some point? I don’t have the spoons, not seen the trailer.

But once again I am sad about the tragedy of Carol/Maria. And also in that I never found a gifset of Maria as Captain from Multiverse of Madness next to Carol as Captain. tumblr failed me, and I never summoned the spoons to make one.

Like Maria is not even old and they wrote her out 🙁 so we totally have to headcanon it was a faked death so they are married in space right?

Immortal/mortal ships with amnesia and years apart and just totally doomed for reasons. Like please excuse me I am sad. I just want them to be happy dammit.

Watching Captain Marvel and my heart is breaking all over again re: Maria and Carol.

Maria is broken and confused because Carol returned but with no memory. I mean that’s like getting a person back from the dead but then going “but we don’t want to give you that.” and then the strength of Maria to put that aside and be supportive with the speech of “way before you could shoot fire from your fists”.

But that’s not even the worst of it because this is the 90’s, Endgame is slightly future present and so that’s best part of 20 years, 20 years in which Carol didn’t age and didn’t return to Earth. I know I have written a post about this before but it still hurts my heart.

Carol might as well have been dead to Maria. The life they had together was gone and I know in my previous post I theorised that is why Carol didn’t return because it would have been too painful, as Maria aged and she didn’t. But still it hurts.

I’m sad 🙁

Just saw Captain Marvel.

The tribute to Stan Lee at the beginning made me tear-up as I hadn’t been spoiled for that. So idk lots of spoilers tags for people that haven’t seen.

Anyway I came home and stuck The Avengers on and right away I see Marvel really knows their shit as on the plaque it says “joint facility shield and nasa” and under the things it reads “Project Pegasus” like hella cool Easter egg planted 7 years in the past.

It kinda also explains for me at least how the tesseract was a thing in Captain Marvel because Dr Lawson was working for the government, they probably gave it her just like they gave it to Selvig.

Also the opening sequence with Maria being badass in the avengers is still one of my favourite moments in the marvel movies even all these years later. Possibly due to how much I was captivated at the time. I don’t think I breathed until it was over.

Anyway having watched Agents of Shield I knew no way the Kree were the good guys so if that was supposed to be a twist then oops. Oh and I think one of those Star Force Agents was the guys that went “who?” To Quill at the start of the Guardians of the Galaxy. I love stuff like that, how it all intermixes together.

Haha movie is still on and Coulson is bouncing on the phone as Nat wrecks some guys. I do love them.

So in summary Captain Marvel is an awesome movie, made even better by the deep connected universe.

Oh and the cat was gross.