I’ve got an anyelle prompt if anyone wants one. I’m been thinking about Shaun from Summer recently because he deserves something good in his life. Seriously I think I wrote in my review that Shaun really needs a Belle! Then when I couldn’t sleep I started wondering what would happen if he met Lacey instead?

Think about it. Shaun is adrift at the end of the movie. He’s looking out for Daniel (Daz’s son) but what else does he have? Daniel was quite worried about him so imagine Daniel dragging Shaun along on a night out at a club. Shaun feels totally out of place, and sort of perches at the bar, where he runs into Lacey who looks at him and decides he looks pretty good. Shaun is stunned and just follows when she drags him home.

Lacey would know the grim reality of life, and empathize with how shitty it can be, at the same time as injecting some fun back into Shaun’s life. Where Belle would want to talk feelings, Lacey would just laugh and probably make a dirty suggestion. Not that Lacey doesn’t feel things deeply (because she definitely does) but she guards her heart carefully. After they’d fallen into a pattern of spending time together, they could do soul searching in the dark in between rounds one and two. Nothing heavy that would scare either of them but enough that something real could develop between them over time.

So yeah not much of a prompt I guess. It’s kinda “what would happen if Shaun met Lacey in a club?” but if anyone likes it then have at it 🙂

Belle, anyelle edition too :p

Awww I love you! Thank you for blowing up my inbox 🙂 For anyelle I can only go off the 14 things I’ve seen. That being said:

OTP: Rumbelle of course, but this is the anyelle edition 🙂 So out of all the anyelle possibilities I would say Rushbelle.

BrOTP: Belle and Barney. I just can’t ship her with him but I think with a lot of exasperation Belle could probably straighten him out.

OT3: Rush/Belle/Gold although I don’t think Lachlan would object to an OT4 🙂

NoTP: Well obviously Hitler or Sergei as they are too evil and don’t get a Belle but as they kinda go without saying, I’m going to go with Renard.

OTP Ask Game

In your opinion, what would be the plot of a rushbelle teacher/student arranged marriage AU ?



I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I have nothing, sorry love 🙁

I was prompted this once and the best I could do was fake dating.

I don’t know how these stack up as possibilities. For canon-ish there’s a visa scam, or an inheritance thing, must be married to inherit. Then there’s canon-ish (not on Earth) of Rush surviving to go to Novus, everyone had to hook up to make kids if they wanted to have a sustainable population.

Or if Rush somehow wound up on an alien planet (not on Destiny) that had arranged marriages, a bit like how Daniel wound up married to Sha’re, now that’s not strictly teacher/student, but maybe he would be revered on this world and be given an apprentice, who he then had to marry.

Then go wild with the AU’s. Rush is a scientist in the past when arranged marriages were a thing, I mean math has been around forever, and he agrees to marry his student Belle for whatever reason you like, avoiding another arranged marriage/her reputation/to keep her in school (perhaps her father wanted to pull her out because it’s not proper for women to be smarter than the men they are supposed to marry).

I mean sure strictly speaking aside from maybe the alien planet stuff, nothing requires Rush specifically, but everything is better with Rush. Maybe the alien world pulls a Firefly (Our Mrs Reynolds) and Rush doesn’t even realize what happened at first. He thought he was agreeing to teach her, not marry her.

I can see Rush agreeing to a wife who was a student because she would be smart, maybe able to help him, or at least know enough to leave him alone to work. He thinks it’s just a beneficial arrangement then bam surprise, he falls in love with her.

Any of that spark anything?



I just had a really random idea.

Belle (in some capacity) has authority or influence in the Stargate program. She has been dating Rush for a while.

Belle promises Rush a week on a ship, the way she says it leads him to believe it’s a week on the Hammond/other 304. However, when Belle drives him there he’s not looking at a 304 underground hanger – he’s looking at a cruise ship.

Basically Belle wants a vacation with Rush and tricked him into agreeing. He flips out, talks about his research, how he has a lot to do etc. Belle reminds him he agreed, not her fault if he didn’t listen properly (perhaps he should pay more attention) and that they are doing this. He needs the time off, they need the time off together.

Rush isn’t an idiot, when his girlfriend has that tone of voice and that expression, there is only one answer because he does love her. Cue Rushbelle on a cruise ship. Can you imagine Rush dealing with all those people?

Like I said random idea. It came from thinking the word ship and realising that could mean a regular ship or a spaceship – which would make for a funny misunderstanding.

Plus they are then trapped on a ship. It’s a different kind of trapped but there are options. Could just be fluffy or there could be a disaster like the Poseidon or Speed 2 movies.

Pool sex. Rubbing sunscreen on each other and lying out getting tans. A really competitive game/s of shuffleboard. An adventure off the ship on one of the stops along the way. Dressing up fancy one night for dinner at the captain’s table. Kissing under the stars while the moonlight sparkles off the waves.

@deariedoo thank you 🙂

Yeah you have the idea. Rush going to one of the quizzes and arguing that they have the wrong answer to something, or that the questions are stupid “because who would know or care about x celebrity”. Rush doing equations in his notebook and the wind stole a page and Belle has to calm him down while hiding her laughter because she had warned him.

Competitive shuffleboard is funny but some cruise ships have a lot of activities that aren’t ‘typical’. You can go zip lining, surf boarding, inline skating, rock climbing, sky diving. There’s crazy golf, ice skating, the casino. Then there’s classes, parades, shows etc. That’s just on board.

I’ve always thought cruise ships are just so ripe for all manner of stories. Everything is contained within a small area, nobody can leave. Just you, and a few thousand strangers. I reckon there could be a cruise ship story for ever genre.

I should have been writing but I made this instead. Photo manip of Rush and SGC Belle on Destiny. I’ll use it as a cover for my upcoming Rushbelle fic – Ripple Effect, when I’ve written enough to start posting.