You know how I said earlier I hoped there wouldn’t be a cliffhanger at the end of The Flash season 6


Mother of all cliffhangers complete with a “to be continued” tag and everything.

So that’s fun.

Now I could google and spoil myself but then I might find out something I don’t want to know like Cisco and Wells leave the show at the end of season 7. Interestingly Caitlin is still a series regular though congrats to the actress on her baby. I was actually looking to see if they had recast the Hartley Rathaway character but I think the actor had just dyed his hair but then I read that Ralph’s actor got fired so I checked the whole cast wiki page. None of that helps with the cliffhanger though.

Seriously so annoying. Ugh!

You know what ignoring that I can’t currently watch anymore I’m going to circle back to Wells. I mean my favourite Wells was definitely Harry Wells (Earth 2) and I miss that guy, but they all had a certain charm. Gotta be honest if I’m ranking Flash characters then Wells tops the list, and Cisco is probably second. So the Flash without them ??? Sad.

Awww man having just said “I’m nearly done with The Flash” I just realised I only have 2 episodes left 🙁

I swear there better not be a cliffhanger!

Still I can then swap to a few shows with less episodes and knock those out, to get some more off my list faster.

I make it sound like a chore. It’s not like that exactly, I mean I do want to watch the shows on the list otherwise I’d just mark them as abandoned and not bother. I do tend to make tasks and goals out of most things though, it’s the only way I ever get anything done, even supposedly ‘fun’ things.

Like I made a goal to finish at least 2 video games this year to 100% or equivalent (I have to take into account my lack of ability). As I’m really good at starting them, not very good at finishing. If I don’t specifically set aside time then time will slip and it just won’t happen, however much I might actually want to do the thing.

Is that crazy or what?

I swear if Amazon Prime doesn’t actually put up Leverage: Redemption on Friday I’m going to… I don’t even know but man I neeeeed it! I need it so bad.

Logic says that they should. IMDBTV is owned by Amazon, we don’t have the former in the UK, so the logical thing for them to do is put it on Prime but what if they don’t? What if it doesn’t air for months? I’ll cry. What if they sell it to Sky? That would be criminally unfair.

*chews nails* Friday is so long away.