I really wish you could make a companion dream team in Swtor. Obviously it would (should) change based on the character. I have my personal favourites though.

T7-01 because you can never go wrong with an R2-D2 styled droid.

Kira Carsen for the Jedi aesthetic (she wields two green lightsabers like Ahsoka)

Bowdaar because wookie (Chewie’s loyalty just predisposes me)

Mako for her tech skills, her light teasing nature, I just think she is cool.

Risha because of all the charm and sarcasm and flirting. She’s smart and sneaky, what’s not to like?

Fortunately I think there’s always been one companion that I could tolerate on each of the classes, though it sucked if the first companion was annoying as they tend to stick around for a while.

Ahh I’m getting nostalgic now. Smuggler is the last class story that I have to play through and then I will have done them all. I have already decided to replay Bounty Hunter as I began that back in 2011 so it’s a distant memory. All the thinking about it though is tempting me to replay Jedi Knight and Imperial Agent.

I remember when I did the Imperial Agent I googled for the correct responses because there are several outcomes for the story and I wanted to be sure I got the one I wanted – independent secret agent. Not that it probably matters in the long run but it’s still cool.

Anyway my smuggler is on Tattooine so…

I’m annoyed that my female smuggler can’t romance Risha because I definitely feel like there are sparks there.

True it’s probably just that they didn’t change dialogue responses so it’s the same no matter the smuggler buuuuut I don’t care what the games intention was – I am seeing potential.

Ah well they can’t stop headcanon

So I rolled a new Bounty Hunter in Swtor (I’ll ramble more about why later) but I called her Tano’ti after Ahsoka and Shaak Ti and gave her the same orange and blue colouring.

My OG Bounty Hunter was a cyborg which I felt was more thematically appropriate (using every advantage available) but I had no other reason to roll a Togruta. Anyway I am headcanoning that she is force-sensitive but got lost in the shuffle of war like Ventress and is disillusioned and cynical by it all. Hardly original I know but the background works for me /shrug

Not that it matters as I don’t always stick to it. For instance I started playing my Jedi Knight as morally grey/in it for the credits as I was thinking she was related to my OG Bounty Hunter but then I got a bit suckered into the whole “Jedi Knight” fantasy and went straight.

Anyway mark this down as reason for liking Swtor, it engages me in the story rather than just mashing buttons.


PSA for Swtor players after the patch in July (last month) medical probes are free to everyone!!! I just found out 🙂 They’ve also removed the cooldown on Quick Travel which is awesome!

But still medical probes. There is pretty much one reason why I barely play Swtor and that is why.

Previously unless you subbed or paid cartel coins to buy just 5 probes at a time, then you had to ress at a medical station which could be a long way from your current location. It was a quality of life thing I guess and it just annoyed me so much that I only ever played swtor for a month here and there when I could afford to buy a months sub.

I bought the game when it came out in 2011, I was literally a Day One player, and I still haven’t completed the base game 8 years later due to this on/off again twice a year playstyle. Everytime I play it, I always ask myself “won’t don’t I play this more? this is fun!” but yeah, that’s why.

Obviously sub has other benefits like rested XP, earlier access to speeders etc. but I have a bunch of Major XP boosts saved up, and I don’t really mind about sprinting everywhere. They aren’t dealbreakers, not like medical probes.

So yeah, galaxy far far away is now playable on demand, not just on the odd occasion a sub can be had 🙂