Just rewatched Curse of the Black Pearl and I feel like giving a shoutout to Elizabeth’s Dad. She’s in the captain’s quarters and he sits outside and says something like “I’m proud, you made a good decision today BUT sometimes even a good decision if made for the wrong reasons isn’t right” – he totally knew that Elizabeth only accepted Norrington’s proposal to save Will (everyone knew that, Norrington, the crew, it was pretty obvious) BUT he not only knew it, he was circling round to saying “don’t go through with it, I know it’s not what you want” despite the fact that Norrington would be his choice for Elizabeth.

So it seemed to me that he was putting his daughters feelings ahead of what he thought was right for her. Then later when Elizabeth pretends to faint, he realizes what she did and rolls his eyes in a fond exasperated manner. Then he talked about piracy for good reasons and basically forced acceptance that Will was Elizabeth’s choice, that he would go free despite freeing Jack and attacking soldiers etc.

I don’t know it just struck me that especially for the time period, that was quite unusual in fiction. Much more normal (unfortunately) to write a dad that thinks he knows best, and doesn’t respect his daughters opinions. With Elizabeth’s dad it was quite the opposite really.

I also need to give a shoutout to Norrington, who like I said must have realized that Elizabeth was just using him to save Will, that he was her second choice even if she did marry him. He then was embarrassed in front of all his men but dealt with it with dignity and honor “the man that forged this blade would bring such care to every aspect of his life” that was probably the nicest “you better treat her right” threat I’ve heard. He could have gone all macho but he didn’t.

aaaaand I’m going to have the music stuck in my head for ages. I always do. Incredible soundtrack.