Heya sorry to bother you *waves* but you are about the only person I know these days that plays Warcraft. I’ve been trying to do everything in order as I like to follow the story, and I think I stumbled onto a later patch (and I see another one is about to drop eeek) but I totally don’t get how Illidan has returned. I’ve googled several times and I’m still confused. Sorry if it’s a stupid question and you don’t have to answer. I hope you are having a good week!


Hi!  Not a stupid question at all ! :D.  Apparently Illidan never really died in Black Temple the first time.  He was weakened and imprisoned by Maeiv in the Vault of the Wardens back in Burning Crusade and he broke free for Legion.

The Black Temple thing is kind of confusing because there are people who will tell you he DID die there.  But he turned full demon so now he can only be killed in the Twisting Nether.  It is pretty confusing.  But yeah essentially his body  was imprisoned but his soul broke free or something like that.

I’m having a great week, I hope you are too! 😀

Ahhh ok that’s why I was so confused! I’d been googling about “how did Illidan come back from the dead?” and I read that he’d never really died and I scratched my head at that. Because I just got Legion I’d only very very recently done the intro quests, and the Demon Hunter intro etc. and in that I could have sworn that they’d said that Maiev had brought Illidan’s corpse to be imprisoned along with his Illidari.

So alright. It turns out google was giving me the right answer, I just didn’t understand it *roll eyes at me* but fair enough. I mean it did also say in the Demon Hunter intro about how Illidan had a special soul (like a player I guess) which could resurrect upon death. Which would make sense why Maiev would then imprison his body, to stop his soul from being able to reattach and revive. It would be like all those corpse runs where your body is on the other side of the damn wall and you can’t find a way round heh.

Thank you so much for explaining and being so patient with me 🙂 You are awesome!