I like trying new TV every so often. I got a 14 day trial of NowTV because it’s free and I like free. Yesterday I tried the MacGyver reboot and it was very CBS aka *nose wrinkle* I just tried Elementry and that was better but I wasn’t grabbed. I still have Blindspot to try later but…

Legends of Tomorrow. So thoughts:

– it’s DC Ant-Man

– is that both brothers from Prison Break? Weird if so them teaming up in another role. The erm I forget his name, the one with all the tattoos? I didn’t even watch that show. Anyway his voice in this is strange.

– DC Human Torch

– I’m thinking my dislike of Arrow is going to be a problem if I like it because I’m not understanding a fair bit.

– Gideon with a female voice? Interesting.

– I hope he re-cloaked the ship. Ooops no he didn’t.

Ok who cleaned up the puke?

– the Hawkguy and Hawkgirl Egyptian god thing is cool but confusing and I really want to know how they suit up.

– I hope the bar fight didn’t cause temporal issues though the guy that started it deserved it.

– interesting I figured with Kronos murderous ways he was a bad guy but I guess more neutral evil.

– the TimeMasters sound like the Jedi.

– shouldn’t somebody be healing the professor/son of gods?

– oh I like the “changing our fate” speech

And I’m done with episode one.

Well it grabbed me enough to watch another one but I’m a long way from being sure. I love Black Lightning (seriously love it, that show is amazing) but I haven’t got on with any other DC show. Well I didn’t like Arrow or Gotham. I haven’t seen The Flash, are there others? Anyway all the shared universe references are confusing me.

Basically what I like:

– the winged immortal Egyptian god people

– Victor Garber’s character

and I doubt that’ll be enough but I am a sucker for spaceships, phasers and pop culture references so we’ll see 🙂