1) My opinion of the movie in less than 5 words
Inconsistent, Serenity was mostly better

2) If I approve of the ending
No they stopped it just when it might have been getting interesting. The TV movie ‘wrap-up’ made the show a lot better aside from the character death which I totally deny ever happened.

3) If I ever rewatch it
I don’t own it so I can only rewatch it when it’s on Netflix or Amazon Prime. I have rewatched some of it a couple of times. I greatly prefer some episodes to others. I think it depends on how much focus there is on River and Simon. I’m not very fond of them.

4) Who my favorite character is


Zoe without a doubt!

5) Who my least favorite character is
As previously mentioned it’s River.

6) My favorite scene
I really liked how badass Zoe was when she rescued Mal and Wash. I also liked it when River screamed because Shepherd Brook didn’t have his hair tied back and Zoe said something like if she wasn’t so busy she’d have screamed too. Any scene with Zoe really. It’s hard to pick. I love how badass she is, I love her sass, I love her loyalty and her common sense, and I love how much she loves her husband and how comfortable they are together.

7) My favorite romantic pairing


As you can probably guess Zoe and Wash 110%!

8) My favorite non romantic pairing
Mal and Zoe. They are friends, they are commander and second, they work seamlessly together and compliment each other. Mal can be an ass but then I guess Zoe just has to remind him to listen to her more 🙂

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