You know that quote?

“It wasn’t love at first sight exactly more hello it’s you, it’s going to be you”

Yeah I’m still thinking about Eve and Flynn. I’m thinking about how Flynn totally disarmed Eve when they first met in the German steam tunnels. She had never met anyone like him, she didn’t know how to deal with him, but he was intelligent and for all his irreverence she trusted his instructions with the nuke.

Then they fought. “I don’t need her!” “You can’t tell me what to do!” and it was antagonistic but at the same time it wasn’t because Flynn is prickly, he isn’t mean. When they were hiking to the henge he complimented her on taking down those goons at the museum. He noticed. They had a brief exchange and realised how similar they were – two loners, married to their work, pushed everyone else away.

I definitely think that’s when the attraction kicked in. Look how soft Eve’s face is when she looks at Flynn. She has the same softness when she thinks he’s going to die down by the Excalibur stone. He got past all her defences, he was like nobody she’d ever met. Jenkins said that she was his guardian, that if he was drowning she’d save him and he was drowning with the loss of Judson, Charlene and the library. She talked to him, she knew him already “if that was the right thing to do then you’d be doing it – not reading about it”

I always remember the quote from the movie Speed – “relationships formed in extreme circumstances never work out” but with Eve and Flynn they bypassed that because they didn’t jump in.

They acknowledged the attraction, that it was very tempting to be together “wish I could travel the world with you” and they kissed but that was it. They took their time, “I’ll text you, you text me, we’ll text each other.” and so they built a relationship on the best of foundations – mutual respect and friendship.

and a lot of hearteyes.

I got the Spear of Destiny movie today and I just had a shipper moment even though this is 10 years before they met.

Flynn’s mom: I just want you to find love

Flynn: I will, at the right time, the right person.

Me: Librarian and guardian! When you meet Eve whoo

Sorry not sorry.