Just going to share this total brain fail I just had.

I read that Halle Bailey is the new Ariel. My immediate thought – “whaaat? Isn’t she too old?” because I had read the name as Halle Berry /facepalm

Anyway I’m becoming a fully paid up Disney fan to be honest. Currently subbed to DisneyLife (which I hope will become the UK’s Disney+ when that launches but we’ll have to see on that score. I want to see The Mandalorian!!) but yeah I’m watching all kinds of Disney stuff. I saw Toy Story the other night and wow it’s amazing how many jokes for adults there are.

So yeah I’m going to mark this as another “to be watched” movie 🙂

Hope I make someone laugh with this really stupid brain fail. Just goes to show that the brain doesn’t actually always read what things say it just reads a bit and fills in the blanks – silly brain!